The mafia empires of EU, America, Russia and China

The 19th century had robber barons. In this millennia we had this minor crime known as the 2008 financial crisis. The perpetrators went unpunished because of their friends in high places. Washington is run by the most clever and intelligent godfathers: sociopaths who are experts at hiding behind ethics in order to appear good and decent.

I criticize EU and the US a lot here on Some may suspect that I secretly support the governments in China or Russia. It’s a reasonable suspicion because the Internet is a Byzantine cyber war zone of manipulation and deceit. Of course, you should never exclude the possibility that perhaps I secretly work for some sinister power, maybe the FBI, ET (aliens!) or FSB.

But I’m such an outcast, hyper-individualist, that I even think anarchism is oppressive. Have always been an anti-imperialist. From an idealistic perspective I completely reject all empires, which logically includes regimes such as America, EU, China and Russia. Criticizing the latter two regimes is not that interesting however, because everybody already knows that Putin and Xi are dictators. It’s (slightly) more difficult to convince average Europeans and ordinary Americans that the US and EU are run by velvet dictators, because the system of dictatorial power is much more subtle in the West. For example, it was the elites who decided to just roll out the Internet in the 1990s, without any referendum, without informing common people about all the lethal risks triggered by the fourth industrial revolution, such as mass surveillance, infrastructure hacking and synbio terrorism. Real democracy in the West is a myth. Informed people have seen through the “democratic” facades of Washington and Brussels. Timcast:

Putin ROASTS Biden Over His Response To The January 6th Riot, Claims Biden Is Violating Human Rights

To state anti-imperialism very clearly:

Free Native Americans!

Free Siberians!

Free Tibetans!

Free the Sámi, Inuit and Basque people!

All kingdoms and empires are run by the most sophisticated of violent crooks, the most high-functioning of mafioso godfathers. The Old Testament warned about accepting such regimes. How do I know that these regimes are criminal? Look at how they were formed through violence. Observe the wars they start. Study how their elites accumulate wealth and power.

Based on empirical evidence through history my first principles of politics are:

1) Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

2) Organization is elite rule = oligarchy.

3) some high-functioning psychopaths always float to the top and corrupts society.

4) Common people, the eighty percenters, are usually sheep who follow any elite governing their society.

5) When rebels overthrow a ruling elite the rebels eventually become the new corrupt rulers of a state.

The above principles are sobering. Today I’m therefore a 70% realist, and only 30% into idealism. I’m tired of telling people that it’s wise to reject all power, reject all groups, reject all hierarchies, not counting a chain of command based on clear and obvious expertise within a narrow practical field like surgery for example. Reject anarchism and all other isms. I’m instead a voluntary outcast. A wise person will advice people to avoid all herd behavior. I’m not wise unfortunately. Just a loony toon solitary coyote observing deranged wolf packs and occasional repulsive hyaenas. If I had been a wise person I would not have judged them anymore than I care about condemning the conflicts between different tribes of chimpanzees. You can’t change human nature. We are all primitive, unenlightened and unwise.

The realist in me is therefore not anti-America, not anti-Russia, not anti-China. All in all, take the good with the bad. Governments in these three countries change over time. Sometimes they do good things. Even drug cartels in Mexico do good things, helping the poor for instance. But they are unsophisticated criminals, not like the owners of Western chocolate factories that exploit child labor in poor countries.

But if you are a naive idealist in your twenties, ignore my disillusioned defeatism. Go out and fight the good fight. Fight power without seeking power.

Personally however I’m now only engaged in politics as an alternative to computer gaming. If a company in America, China or Russia creates a MMORPG that is not vulgar, not containing any left- or rightwing propaganda, but is instead an expression of true art, then I will retire completely. Gamers don’t seek power. We are not like the players in the so-called “Great Game” of international politics. Their games kill people.

The East is developing 1984. The West is creating a Brave New World. It’s best to support a real constitutional democracy in the Jeffersonian tradition. But if there is no other choice than either a woke libertine Brave New World or a culturally conservative 1984 it will then be my subjective aesthetic preference to choose the East instead of the sleazy and infantile surveillance regimes of EU and the US. By the way, London and New York in 2021 had more surveillance cameras than Beijing, per square mile. The new woke elites in Britain and EU are destroying the white culture of Europe. At least Xi is trying to restore China’s culture, though sometimes expressed in a propagandistic manner that’s a bit over the top:

China Is Invincible Because Every Chinese Can Be Like Him!

The school of political realism teaches that one should primarily assess the power capabilities, and not the intentions, of actors in the political arena. If you want to know who is corrupt simply watch those who have power. I don’t seek influence or power, because power logically contradicts hyper-individuality. But when not playing a computer game I will not hide or excuse it when abuse of power has been exposed, no matter which regime is responsible, be it EU, America, China or Russia.

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