Is the pipeline theory of why there is war in Syria just a conspiracy theory?

This article is not directly related to drones and surveillance but I publish it to show that I’m not dogmatically anti-Washington.

If you follow great and biased channels like Timcast and The Jimmy Dore Show you will sometimes hear theories claiming that wars in the Middle East are motivated by oil interests. That’s maybe true. The fact however is that outsiders can’t really know the true intentions and intricate plans designed by globalized CorpState leaders behind closed doors. These leaders may not be as smart and clever as many think. It’s a very good chance that their plans for the future are based on ignorance, hubris, occasional paranoia and very dreamy ideas about what is possible in real life. Or maybe they are better at scheming than “skeptical” liberal thinkers assume. Perhaps they are betting on many horses at the same time, with many different contingency plans, so that they at least don’t lose too much power and money if things go south in places like Syria. Personally I think most wars involving Washington can be explained with reference to greedy and violent corporations in the military-industrial complex. That’s the simplest explanation, cf Occam’s Razor.

Read books: Corporate Warriors by Peter Singer, Spies for Hire by Tim Shorrock, and How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything, by Rosa Brooks.

Oil and gas in the Middle East are probably always part of the schemes cooked up by the Machiavellians in Washington, but at the end of the day this factor may not be essential in all their conflicts. I’m basically clueless about what is happening in Syria, but found these articles interesting:

The ‘Pipelineistan’ conspiracy: The war in Syria has never been about gas

A tale of two phantom pipelines and Syria

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