Amazon appears to no longer be a potential target for domestic bioterrorism

After a recent policy change, discussed here, it seems like Amazon is no longer a target for potential domestic bioterrorists. Everything written earlier about bioterrorism on drone-surveillance must therefore be viewed accordingly.

Amazon is still involved in military affairs, mass surveillance and wokeness. Cooperation with the military can trigger ordinary terrorism, as seen here. Spread of LGBT in particular may also lead to terrorist attacks, as seen in Orlando 2016. But this alone will probably not activate enough disgust to motivate domestic activists in America to use the most deadly and evil weapons against Big Tech.

Many on the Left and Right have complained about filth on Amazon, so the company’s recent policy change in this regard should not be interpreted as necessarily being related to what has been written about bioterrorism here on Amazon has probably changed policy to be more consistent with their own defense of wokeness and leftwing social justice. But the policy change is good no matter what motivated it.

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