Should the Goebbels Award go to Elder Scrolls Online?

If you initially don’t understand why this article is relevant, on a website about surveillance, read to the end. The short answer is that I’m here writing about the escalating culture war, and this war is one reason why governments increase surveillance. You may not agree with my subjective political views and subjective aesthetic preferences in the culture war, but this website will nevertheless be relatively valuable if you want to understand 1) what causes today’s social conflicts in the West, and 2) how corporations and governments use these potentially violent conflicts to justify the existence of the largest surveillance states in world history.

Ultra-liberals in the Western entertainment industry are copying the tactics of Goebbels when using tv series, movies and online games to spread woke propaganda. If you doubt that read the book Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro – who is a rightwing Jew with Hollywood connections – or take a look at this from The Independent:

Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

“On television, we found more than 1,100 titles received Pentagon backing – 900 of them since 2005, from ‘Flight 93’ to ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and ‘Army Wives’”

Propaganda backfires, because people hate to be manipulated emotionally. Ultra-liberal propaganda radicalizes cultural conservatives. It breeds conflict, even bioterrorism in a worst case scenario if the most dangerous of religious fanatics are disgusted by perceived decadence and LGBT propaganda distributed by Hollywood and the gaming industry. The ongoing and escalating culture war, which is potentially extremely lethal, can then be used as an excuse for implementing mass surveillance, in order to stop people who “ironically” have been partly radicalized by “progressive” top-down corporate propaganda. This is not an exaggeration. A very intelligent and now university educated former Nazi in Norway once got so mad when watching Hollywood propaganda that he destroyed the television in a fit of rage. He was already radicalized, but the propaganda enraged him even more.

I have never been against LGBT people. Have rented Hollywood movies knowing the story was about gay people, and enjoyed it. But I really hate all propaganda. So now I really dislike the LGBT lobby that uses its new corporate and government power to distribute gay content in movies, tv series and computer games. I’m opposed to this manipulative elitist lobby but don’t judge or condemn ordinary LGBT individuals. I don’t care what they do in private.

I’m a moderate nationalist however, not because I belong to any group but simply because I subjectively like the aesthetics of original “anarchistic” nationalism. This subjective preference is idiosyncratic, kind of illogical (depending on your viewpoint), plus anomalistic, and that’s precisely why I like it. But traditional family values are a core component of nationalism. So I’m therefore opposed to LGBT becoming part of mainstream culture. I’m also against that rightwing minority values should influence popular culture. A constitutional democracy will be more easily destabilized if right- or leftwing minority values are allowed to enter mainstream culture, as already seen in today’s hyper-polarized states in the West.

It’s better that LGBT individuals have the same judicial rights and protections as everyone else in a Western constitutional democracy. We have laws against physical attacks and harassment. These laws already protect LGBT people and all other citizens, so we don’t need special laws for any left- or rightwing minority group.

The LGBT lobby is evil when using the power of multinational corporations to spread propaganda in favor of their own values. They will of course deny it’s propaganda. But if a rightwing minority group had used entertainment as a political platform to subtly spread an ideological message, such as anti-abortion ideas and pro-life values, then everyone knows that woke people would have immediately labelled it as propaganda.

The LGBT lobby is claiming that they are only using entertainment to 1) educate citizens, and 2) make LGBT more visible in society. They also claim that LGBT is part of reality, and that entertainment should reflect reality. But these arguments can be used by all propagandists. If an anti-abortion lobby had power in Hollywood it could have claimed that their propaganda was “educational”, only intended to make anti-abortion groups more visible in society. These groups are part of reality, so it’s therefore natural that they appear in many movies, tv series and computer games, in a positive or neutral way. But leftwing critics would have quickly rejected these arguments and correctly labeled it all as rightwing propaganda.

Mainstream entertainment should not be politicized. The goal of mainstream entertainment should be to make content that everybody enjoys. Mainstream tv series, movies and online games should therefore not try to make Christian pro-life groups more visible, for example. Because leftwing people don’t like that. Similarly, mainstream entertainment should not feature LGBT individuals, because cultural conservatives are definitely not entertained by it. To entertain as many different people as possible the producers of mainstream games, movies and tv series should follow the principle of respecting the lowest common denominator: creating content that most people will enjoy regardless of their group identity, regardless of their cultural values. Both leftwing and rightwing citizens can then have a good time when paying for mainstream entertainment. If you want something else that caters to your own special interests buy or rent a subcultural indy production.

Movies and tv series are often made in two versions. One version is more family friendly while the other is uncensored or director’s cut. One option therefore is to make one version of a game, movie or tv series that appeals to woke people, a second version that attracts (4chan) libertarians, and a third edition that cultural conservatives like. Only then are you respecting the true diversity we see in society today. Unfortunately we have instead a woke elite forcing their subjective taste on many customers who expect apolitical entertainment but get propaganda after having paid for a movie, game or tv series.

Goebbels said that propaganda must be discrete and subtle. He wrote: “Good propaganda need not lie, in fact, must not lie. Propaganda which makes use of the lie … cannot have success in the long run. … But a right idea must also be set forth in the appropriate way.”

Hollywood and the advertising industry in liberal cities like New York and Los Angeles are the heirs of evil methods developed partly by Goebbels and Edward Bernays, the manipulative nephew of Freud. If you dare to trust Wikipedia read this about tricky Ed:

“His best-known campaigns include a 1929 effort to promote female smoking by branding cigarettes as feminist “Torches of Freedom“, and his work for the United Fruit Company in the 1950s, connected with the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of the democratically elected Guatemalan government in 1954. He worked for dozens of major American corporations including Procter & Gamble and General Electric, and for government agencies, politicians, and non-profit organizations.”

I’m fascinated by con artists, so in honor of their profession let me introduce the brand new and sleek Goebbels Award. I nominate the developers of Elder Scrolls Online, because they deserve to become the first recipients of this infamous award. They have really played the long con when making ESO. First they created a game which naturally attracted cultural conservative people. Secondly, they waited two years until people had spent a lot of time and real money on this very expensive game. Then they started to introduce LGBT content in the game. Imagine how leftwing people would have reacted if a culturally conservative corporation had done something similar: first published an online game that attracted liberal people, then encouraged liberals to spend real money on the game, before finally introducing Christian anti-LGBT content in a new expansion, two years after the original game was released. This is “bait and switch”.

Additionally, it’s bait and switch when ESO in Europe was introduced as a game rated for teens age 16 but then changed two years later to 18+. This clearly disrespects all those customers who had committed to playing a less violent and less disgusting game. Other customers than just me have objected to the new offensive dialogues in ESO. Today I play the PvP content of ESO without listening to what is being said in the PvE part of the game, to avoid repulsive content. We really live in rotten times when entertainment corporations think that people will pay for watching or listening to disgusting material. Some may like it (after having been gradually conditioned as Pavlov’s dogs) but it’s not my cup of tea.

Imagine being a leftwing pro-choice supporter playing ESO. After two years of gaming, and after having paid hundreds of dollars for cool items in the game, you notice that several new quests is about pro-life activists fighting the evil of abortion. That’s realistic in a game like ESO, but liberals will of course claim that it’s political indoctrination, a way of influencing the youth playing ESO, and they are right, because it is propaganda, just not the kind of indoctrination that woke leftwing people support.

ESO is clearly woke in some cases. But its propaganda can be “subtle” too. Ultra-liberals would have immediately noticed that ESO does in fact present “subtle” propaganda if the game had quests such as 1) rescuing the wife of an arms dealer from prison after she got jailed by weapon prohibitionists, 2) protecting a coal miner from violent environmentalists, and 3) uniting an anti-gay couple so that they can continue to live as a traditional family.

Anders Behring Breivik played World of Warcraft. In court and in his manifesto he also complained about the libertinism of Hollywood. Elder Scrolls Online has a theme that naturally attracts nationalists, even Nazis. One guild in the game was called “White Power”. I reported it to ESO, because I’m against all politicization of mainstream entertainment. Imagine the rage created in an unstable and radical cultural conservative after he has spent a lot of money and energy on a game only to one day be exposed to LGBT content in his favorite game. He will perceive it as an insult. It will make him more aggressive than he already is. It increases the risk that he will use violence against the LGBT minority. LGBT propaganda does not make the world safer, especially not in a game like ESO.

I’m a Christian, but I will be viscerally opposed to any corporation that uses mainstream entertainment to subtly (subconsciously) trick people into accepting Christian values. Because that’s how the Devil operates. (Writing a Christian novel openly intended for a Christian audience is okay, because then people know what they are buying.)

As long as Elder Scrolls Online or any other mainstream online game contains LGBT propaganda, fight it by opposing LGBT in real life. Teach these manipulators that propaganda is counterproductive, that it backfires. Don’t be afraid of their harassment and bullying techniques. In fact, I get unhappy and depressed if a day goes by without being smeared by woke hypocrites. But never verbally or physically attack any individual who is LGBT. Respect all human beings, no matter their identity. Forgive everyone. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Because we are all sinners. Therefore forgive those who sin in a different way than you do. Try to have unconditional mercy with everyone, including propagandists.

I consider Chelsea Manning to be a hero. He is the only male I will call a “she”. Only because I respect her bravery and hyper-individuality. I also respect Glenn Greenwald. Have to mention this to make it clear that my opposition to LGBT in the mainstream culture does not mean I’m against individual human beings who are not part of mainstream society. I’m an outcast myself. Actually think that the LGBT lobby is betraying real outcasts by trying to become “normal” and “mainstream”.

I’m against “hate crime” laws since they are biased, even “racist”, because they give some social groups special protection based on skin color or gender identification. I’m tough on crime however, so if anybody physically attacks or harasses an LGBT person, then I would have given the perpetrator max jail time if I had been a judge, the same max sentence I would have given if the victim had not been LGBT.

But when the LGBT lobby cooperates with oppressive multinational corporations, and uses the top-down power of oppressive Big Government to change the majority culture in the West, as we have seen the last 50 years, then I view this lobby as the enemy. However, as a Jeffersonian or nationalist “anarchist” – don’t tread on me – I will also view any conservative Christian group as the enemy if it gets power in the West and uses Big Business and state institutions to “nudge” society in a Christian anti-gay direction. Leave common people alone. Don’t manipulate them from above.

Militant methods to stop LGBT propaganda

How can one stop LGBT propaganda? Violence is not the solution, because it’s not effective as long as the majority of cultural conservatives are not willing to start a bloody war to defend their own core values. Terrorism, in other words, is not an option, simply because it doesn’t work. Bioterrorism, in the form of an epidemic, is effective, but it’s demonic, so no human with normal empathy will use this psychopathic method.

However, if culturally conservative radicals have already dogmatically decided to use illegal militant methods in an attempt to stop LGBT propaganda, then I will encourage them to use nonviolent hacking as a method, against entertainment companies that spread propaganda, because this kind of hacking is more effective and ethically better than using violence.

Entertainment is a central part of the ultra-liberal economy in American coastal states, so nonviolently sabotaging this industry is arguably the best way to attack where it really hurts the elite of rich hypocritical “liberals” in the West.

If a radical conservative dogmatically insists on nonviolently sabotaging woke corporations of propaganda, then at least follow a few rules in order to minimize unnecessary damage and avoid counterproductive results:

Firstly, do not hack online services that is already up and running, because common people will not like it if online games or streaming services are suddenly not available. Better to hack the production of a movie, tv series or game before it has been published, so that an ultra-liberal propaganda company has to spend a lot of money fixing its products before releasing them.

Secondly, don’t hack the emails of employees working for ultra-liberal entertainment corporations. Disclosing the private emails of your political opponents, in an attempt to smear them on a personal level and cause a scandal, is hitting below the belt. It goes against the conservative principle of reticence and the conservative principle of respecting privacy. Don’t fall down to the primitive and creepy level of LGBT people who are working for the NSA or MI6. Be like Peter Thiel, not Gawker.

Thirdly, don’t hack the computers of ordinary LGBT individuals. If you have already decided to engage in militant activism, then only hack the corporate distributors of LGBT propaganda. Hit those in power, don’t attack powerless individuals.

Furthermore, if any non-Western ransomware hackers want to improve their reputation it might be wise to hack ultra-liberal entertainment companies that distribute propaganda instead of harming innocent people when hacking infrastructure. Sabotaging large corporate distributors of LGBT propaganda will improve how American and European conservatives look at hackers from non-Western countries.

As always however I will encourage all conservatives to explore all legal means before doing anything unlawful. But everyone knows that rightwing radicals will not listen to such advice anyway, so when I mention nonviolent sabotage here it’s only because it’s a much lesser evil if militant activists or ransomware criminals hack an entertainment company instead of becoming terrorists or destroying vital infrastructure. Such advice might therefore serve as a lightning rod. However, I might be wrong, so I welcome serious academic counterarguments here on

Some ultra-liberal critics will perhaps argue that I’m trying to create a conflict when I’m objecting to LGBT propaganda. But everybody knows that this conflict already exists. I’m therefore not “warmongering” here. Just pointing out the fact that today’s elitist LGBT policy in the West is an anomaly from a historical perspective. In earlier times – even as late as the 1980s for example – this policy would have triggered a mass rebellion, and also wars if the ruling elite had not changed its disruptive policy regarding mainstream culture. But atomization, surveillance and a confusing Byzantine fourth industrial revolution appear to have so far neutralized an effective rightwing rebellion today, in 2021.

Corporations and governments still have time to roll back their new propaganda policy, before the conflict escalates beyond control. We have entered an era of brutal climate change, overpopulation, massive disinformation and a high-tech arms race between global powers. The LGBT lobby is therefore playing a very dangerous game in this unpredictable environment.

But no group will give up power voluntarily (unless its allies force it to curb its ambitions). So it’s possible that the LGBT lobby will double down and bet everything on creating a gay surveillance state that nobody in the West can resist. This is gay Titoism: using the top-down power of the secret police, MI5 and CIA, to keep new multicultural “diversity” states together, in order to prevent balkanization.

If you are a blind believer in human “progress” it may seem reasonable to conclude that humanity has reached a stage of nonviolent wisdom where woke diversity is a realistic possibility. But if that had actually been the case, why all the unprecedented surveillance in Western states today? Why the prison Gulag in the US? Open up your eyes. Look around you, observe the world. Do you see much wisdom and enlightenment?

Massive drought in Western America, probably related to climate changes. A potential WW3 over Taiwan or Ukraine. A pandemic maybe caused by a lab leak. An increased risk of bioterrorism. Unprecedented inequality. Fake news even from Biden, the surveillance tzar. Migration out of control. And don’t forget growing rightwing populism. In this very dangerous and volatile environment it’s fascinating to watch that the LGBT community, a vulnerable minority, decide to act as high rollers in global politics. At least it’s entertaining. It’s better entertainment than the propaganda they serve in Hollywood movies and in woke computer games. From this cynical viewpoint it’s good if the LGBT lobby doesn’t back down, because it sure creates interesting times.

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