Drought. Is God punishing California?

There’s a lot of talk about extremism and terrorism. But most people are not into red teaming. They are not trying to understand the enemy. For example, how many people have read the writings of Osama bin Laden? It may therefore be difficult for many of today’s uninformed liberals to take it seriously when some mainstream scholars and cultural conservatives like myself talk about how disgust can lead to violence, because in the “progressive” West it seems like only a tiny anachronistic minority of rightwing radicals get very upset when being exposed to what they perceive as disgusting material in tv series, movies and online games. The book Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro reveals that these (over)sensitive conservatives are not actually a very small minority, relatively speaking. But to get a better understanding of why I focus on the role which disgust plays when it comes to triggering conservative militant activism try to imagine a violent version of what this Christian is claiming here:


Many religious conservatives in the Woke Woke West may not be as outspoken as the Christian in the linked video above, but many of them are thinking like him, often silently, without daring to express their opinions in public in fear of woke reprisals.

Biden – the surveillance tzar – is now asking neighbors and family members to snitch on each other. When drought and wild fires force ultra-liberals to leave California and move to Christian states (Jesusland) expect increased social and judicial tensions in the culture war.

If we had lived in the 1970s it would not have been much reason to worry about how disgust is motivating conservative radicals, because the latter were powerless back then. Today, however, we live in the fourth industrial revolution, a time when dual-use biotech can – in a worst case scenario – turn a single cultural conservative into a very destructive force on the global stage. Maybe the elites in California and the other coastal states should take the link between violence and disgust into consideration when making risk assessments?

Do you think conservative religious people want to make a Green New Deal with ultra-liberal surveillance transhumanists when these rightwing people view drought as divine punishment?

So, what is most important to progressives? Will they try to get everybody to support the Green New Deal by creating allies and not alienating religious conservatives? Or will ultra-liberals instead continue to insist on spreading (perceived) disgusting content in our mainstream cultures?

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