Nicholas Brock is the Navalny of UK after sentenced to 5 years in a British jail for owning legal books

Woke England reveals its neo-imperial tyranny and multicultural supremacy when imprisoning an innocent person who has done nothing illegal:

British Man Gets 5 Years for Owning 3 legal books, but Holding Extremist Views

What is even more Kafka is that woke BBC is not mentioning that the British state is violating the human rights of Nicholas Brock:

Maidenhead far-right ‘extremist’ jailed for terrorism offences

The West correctly accuses Russia of violating the human rights of Navalny, but the UK is guilty of a similar violation. Remember that Navalny is a fascistoid neoliberal. Workers World asks:

Alexei Navalny: Why is Biden supporting a Russian fascist?

Nicholas Brock should take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. If this court supports the jail sentence it proves that the Establishments in Europe have been infiltrated by Quislings who must be stopped by any means necessary in order to protect the rule of law and our constitutional democracies.

The judge and police officers who imprisoned Nicholas Brock should be sent to jail for violating his human rights.

London had in 2021 more CCTV cameras than Beijing. England is becoming a scary place. I consider original England – prior to the imperialism of Rhodes, Rothschild and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, cf Niall Ferguson’s book The House of Rothschild – to be almost a second home abroad, especially York. So I’m very pro-England, but totally against the globalist rulers in the City of London.

Before anybody accuses me of being antisemitic only because I mention the name “Rothschild” keep in mind that I support all small nation states, including Israel. Let Israel have the West Bank and the Golan Heights, and recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Will nevertheless criticize all oppression and all war crimes, including when IDF and some Jewish elites abuse power, as seen during the Ras Sedr massacre and the USS Liberty incident for example, cf Body of Secrets by James Bamford. But long before Zizek started writing about it I considered St Paul, a Jew, to be the most revolutionary religious thinker, so good luck accusing me of being antisemitic. But I digress, since my point is that globalist multicultural Britain, and not original England, has become a scary place. One can only hope that people will fight this development, but I doubt it. White people, aka Europeans, appear to have become as atomized and fragile as the native populations in India under British imperial rule. Karma is a bitch.

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