Are LGBT people CIA spies?

The Independent:

CIA mocked from all sides over new ‘woke’ recruitment video

Daily Mail:

MI6 flies the transgender flag at its HQ for the first time as boss ‘C’ say trans and non-binary spies have made the secret service stronger

The New York Times:

State Department authorizes U.S. embassies to fly the Pride Flag.

Glenn Greenwald (who is gay btw):

Big Corporations Now Deploying Woke Ideology the Way Intelligence Agencies Do: As a Disguise

British LGBT Awards:

“When MI5 was named the most gay-friendly employer in Britain by Stonewall, it made us reflect on the fact that up until 1992 LGBT people were banned from becoming intelligence officers. We now have an active LGBT Network with over 130 members” (…)

“We have shared our Allies guide with other intelligence agencies, government departments and the other diversity networks.”

When intelligence agencies of non-Western regimes read the above how do you think they will react toward LGBT individuals who live within non-liberal states? They probably assume that CIA and MI6 are trying to recruit LGBT people inside authoritarian regimes. This may then increase the oppression of this minority.

CIA probably doesn’t care that ordinary LGBT citizens get even more oppressed inside authoritarian regimes as long as their pro-LGBT campaign makes it easier to recruit spies. Big Tech probably has a similar attitude. Alan Turing was gay. Computer geniuses often like woke culture. To win the AI Cold War it’s therefore very smart, at first glance at least, when American coastal states now flash the LGBT signal all over the world. Military power today is determined by AI and semiconductors, so from a military perspective it’s arguably clever to spread LGBT propaganda on a global level. Because it will draw many highly talented geeky and woke immigrants to America and Western Europe. They will then be the smart fools and minions of our new corporate tyrants in the West.

Here are the drawbacks of using top-down CorpState propaganda to “nudge” mainstream societies in a LGBT direction:

1) LGBT individuals will not get more friends when people associate LGBT with propaganda.

2) LGBT individuals will not get more friends when people associate LGBT with CIA waterboarding and UK mass surveillance.

3) LGBT individuals will not get more friends when people associate LGBT with 1984 thought police. The Times:

Hate speech policing is Orwellian, warns judge in trans tweets case

LGBT people risk ending up as the “court jews” who were despised by many common people in earlier times.

Rightwing opposition to (perceived) LGBT supremacy will make it easier for non-liberal states to recruit conservative spies within the new woke West.

What’s my personal view regarding all this? It depends on the perspective. From the viewpoint of national stability I don’t think it’s wise that mainstream culture should be influenced by the subcultural values of any minority group, be it leftwing or rightwing. I’m also very opposed to propaganda, so I have changed from being indifferent about LGBT to partly having antipathy toward the lobby pushing LGBT values. However, it seems like cultural conservatives today are pathetic cowards just whining and complaining, without doing anything, so inside the West it appears like they have basically lost (this aspect of) the culture war. To some degree I have therefore withdrawn from the whole conflict and now often view it from a more enlightened perspective where it’s just a sign of mental primitiveness to link your own identity to (trans)gender and (trans)genitalia. Go beyond the duality of being for or against LGBT. Or freely decide not to go beyond the primitive dualistic conflict between binary and non-binary. Do whatever you like. But please don’t be boring.

Or to put it differently: after it became illegal in New York to not use a pronoun that suits a LGBT person I have decided to violate such authoritarian laws as often as I can, in the name of liberty, but I respect the courage and hyper-individuality of Chelsea Manning and will therefore make an exemption in her case.

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