ITIF: Corporate Monopoly Has Not Grown

ITIF, a pro-Big Tech group, has published this:

Whether agreeing or not with ITIF it’s good to publish their articles so that my currently 0 – 3 daily readers can see other narratives than just tech criticism.

Robert Atkinson at ITIF has written Big is Beautiful (MIT Press).

Why am I “promoting” ITIF? Because it’s scientific to show both sides of a debate. I’m not a free speech fundamentalist however. But the less Big Tech in the West facilitates the spread of values that violate even the norms of moderate liberals, the less will I be opposed to Big Tech on the American coasts, partly because this reduction of disgusting content will reduce the risk of rightwing bioterrorism, a risk that is also a threat to me living in Norway. There are other dangers arising because of Western Big Tech, like cyber attacks and mass surveillance, but much of that is not as acutely risky as rightwing bioterrorism motivated partly by disgusting ultra-libertinism spread (indirectly) by some corporations. So, as I view it subjectively, free speech is justified in all cases which are not so disgusting that it can contribute to triggering a culturally conservative bioterrorist attack, and that’s why I “promote” ITIF instead of wanting to cancel and censor their writings.

I’m also cynical and disillusioned in such a degree that I view politics as entertainment, as long as today’s ultra-liberal elites curb their desire to spew out disgusting and vulgar content in the mainstream culture. If it’s entertaining, and not boring and not relatively puke-worthy, I’ll “promote” it, almost no matter which ideological group benefits from it. Why this aversion against relatively disgusting material? Well, it’s just not entertaining (anymore), so see no reason to cover it.

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