Universal basic income is dangerous without enough entertainment (bread and circus) that can pacify cultural conservatives

UBI in a jobless and robotic society will be a very boring life for many citizens, and/or it will feel rather pointless when many people notice that their everyday life has no significant goal or important purpose within a society where millions of ordinary citizens have become redundant: not contributing with anything meaningful to their own community, because robots are doing almost everything, including different types of social work.

If our unwise leaders decide that a policy of UBI and robotification should be implemented, they better offer people some very good “bread circus” (entertainment) that can give citizens a feeling of meaning in their everyday life or else it’s likely that rebellion will occur.

Cultural conservatives who have UBI will also have enough spare time to study politics and even engage in rightwing militant activism if a high-tech society of mass unemployment can’t keep them satisfied and content.

I doubt that neurologically conditioned Romanticists who are naturally, i.e. neurochemically, attracted to cultural conservatism will be happy in a robotic AI society. But if Big Tech want to build a Brave New World they must at least try to avoid rebellion (insurgency) by creating a high-tech society which also respects the neurodiversity of cultural conservatives. The latter seek to 1) transcend primitive animalistic desires, and 2) protect the purity of the sacred, as defined by Christian chivalry or any other religious branch in the Romanticist tradition. This makes cultural conservatives more susceptible to experiencing disgust when living in a libertine and woke society (unlike psychopaths who lack much of the ability to detect that something is disgusting).

I’m not saying that the ultra-liberal entertainment industry in the West should be “cancelled”. Not arguing that judicial laws should ban the free expression of libertines or woke progressives. I don’t support any “moral majority” project (like the one we saw in the 1980s). To keep all citizens sufficiently happy when having UBI in a jobless society I’m instead suggesting that:

1) interactive entertainment, i.e. computer games, should be high-quality in such a degree that it constitutes a new form of art.

2) each computer game, movie and tv series should be created in three versions. One version should have dialogues and visual content that fit the values of woke people. Another version should cater to the interests of libertarians. And the last version should reflect the values of cultural conservatives.

When buying or renting a movie you sometimes have the option to get the unrated edition or not. A similar option should be available when buying online interactive art (high-quality computer games). The principle of “play as you want” should make it possible for cultural conservatives to download a version of a game that’s in harmony with their values. Progressive individuals or rightwing libertarians should have the same freedom to enjoy a movie or game version that’s in line with their own ideology.

There are two problems however. Making three versions of each movie or game is not that expensive, since you only have to cut scenes that upset (over)sensitive cultural conservatives or change some of the dialogue in games, but it will be an extra expense, and someone has to pay for it, so perhaps the government should subsidize it, as a way to secure stability in a jobless UBI society. This external intervention may also be necessary because the current leaders of the Western entertainment industry are often woke libertines who have a need to use movies, games and tv series as propaganda. They hope that this propaganda will convert cultural conservatives to woke libertinism. One can therefore assume that many of these ultra-liberal CEO missionaries will lack interest in creating a version of their own entertainment that doesn’t provoke and enrage cultural conservatives. Consequently, it may be necessary that either governments or non-woke Big Tech companies get involved in order to finance and design non-propaganda versions of games, movies and tv series.

Intel has now created a software program that protects minority individuals from online harassment during gaming. It should also be possible to make a mod, addon or app that customizes interactive entertainment in a way that keeps cultural conservatives happy and not alienated.

either online interactive art or maybe UBI = rightwing insurgency

Standalone games are too short to provide enough long-term meaning and purpose in a robotic society of mass unemployment. The latter will often cause idleness, boredom and ultimately depression in many cases. But ordinary citizens – the silent majority – are sheep, so they will not rebel. Poor people are literally dying of poverty in Africa and still they are not rebelling against domestic dictators and foreign economic imperialists. So, forget about poor people. In a woke libertine AI society worry instead about relatively resourceful cultural conservatives. They are the aristocrats which the new global tech emperors should pacify, using all means: carrots and sticks. Carrots usually work best. That’s possible because rightwing people in the cultural Romanticist tradition are escapists. One can therefore use art to maintain a relatively high level of contentment and also keep them too busy with first class (VR/AR) gaming to seriously think about rebelling against Brave New World.

But to get cultural conservatives on the hook, the online interactive art have to be extremely good. MMORPGs can provide long-term meaning and purpose if 1) the storylines are written by authors who are Nobel laureates, 2) the graphics are made by world-class painters, and 3) the music is created by famous or renowned musicians. Online interactive art is the only new format of art in this century, so it’s actually strange that highly respected artists have not embraced it. But the format suffers because it’s still associated with being nothing but a ton of inconsequential computer games (played by kids, 4chan tweens and other citizens who just want an alternative to watching an action movie).

Governments should encourage creative geniuses to develop (VR/AR) MMORPGs into a new art form. Let authors who write storylines for RPGs get a Nobel Prize in Literature if it’s equally good as the plays written by Ibsen or Beckett. Louvre and MoMA can show the original drawings and paintings which are the templates for the animations in a high-quality MMORPG. The Royal Academy of Music should allow students to experiment with this new sound format.

Online interactive art must be independent of the entertainment industry and not associated with any politicized Big Tech corporation. Many cultural conservatives will never play a game developed by their political archenemies in Silicon Valley or Seattle/Bellevue.

I doubt that coastal Americans today are mentally capable of producing anything beautiful without making it partially disgusting, since these mothball faux “provocateurs” appear to think it’s a sign of “shocking” creativity to be occasionally vulgar. It’s not “shocking”. Just pathetic. China and Russia therefore have a chance to replace American cultural imperialism with real art. They should have the manpower and economic means to create MMORPGs that easily beat Elder Scrolls Online.

The American way of ESO and other similar games is to make them into cash machines. ESO is a politicized game: woke propaganda. You never know when you will encounter vulgar dialogue in ESO, and it doesn’t make it better that the developers don’t care about creating enough new content. Large-scale PvP, which is the signature of ESO, has not seen new content since 2015… Many veterans have therefore left ESO. All gamers who want something more than just Call of Duty have waited many years for someone to create a new high-quality MMORPG. The market is therefore open for China and Russia. Give the American entertainment industry some real competition. That will force American developers to improve their products.

Why write about online interactive art on a website about high-tech surveillance? Because repressive mass surveillance will be the only way to control rightwing activists if the latter are not happy with living in a woke libertine AI society where there is no escapism for cultural conservatives. How do I know that? Because it takes one to know one:

I decided on May 19 (2021) to withdraw from politics and stop writing articles here on drone-surveillance.info. Naively hoped that new or improved online games had appeared since the last time I used computer games to take focus away from the discomfort of narcolepsy. But it was disappointing. Unfortunately, the so-called “Great Game” of international politics has better storylines, more content, it’s free and has better provocations too. I’m therefore reluctantly back in the political arena IRL… (To the joy of the intelligence community I’m sure.) Would not have returned to politics if a game like ESO had been as creative as it initially was in 2014. But the American entertainment industry has dropped the ball. It has moved so far from a stabilizing “bread and circus” model to an ultra-monetized woke libertine propaganda model that international politics in real life is much better entertainment.

But isn’t it irresponsible to view politics as entertainment? No! Seriously, individuals who observe politics in the fourth industrial revolution are fools if not viewing it all as a surreal show. When Washington Post for example is stealth editing its own articles, a bit more subtly than Stalin did, then it’s comic Kafka. Timcast:

Media REWRITES History By Stealth-Editing Headlines, Tom Cotton Story SHIFTS In Real Time


Cultural conservatives who have UBI will also have enough spare time to study politics and engage in rightwing militant activism if a high-tech society of mass unemployment can’t keep them satisfied and content.

It’s going to be very interesting times in the Brave New World of the West if leaders like Musk ignore the above. Boredom breeds strife and conflict, followed by mass surveillance. China and Russia are also shifting to a robotic AI society, so they too will struggle with unrest if their hyper-tech 1984s can’t provide cultural conservatives with meaning and purpose in a robotic UBI state.

How to create meaningful online interactive art

To keep cultural conservatives slightly content in a jobless world of AI start with basically copying ESO, or at least make one version of it that’s not woke, not occasionally vulgar, with these additional features:

1) always create enough new content that makes it possible to meaningfully engage with a captivating storyline, up to 5-8 hours each day.

2) let the game have a very good reward system, unlike ESO where you don’t even get a decent reward after having spent years on getting the highest rank in PvP. In each zone (map) let there be a tiny chance of finding the best loot (gear and items) from all higher-level zones, so that it’s not completely predictable what you can find in a particular zone.

3) no or little grinding.

4) a search option that makes it easy to find guilds which fit your values: wokeness, libertarianism, or cultural conservatism.

5) servers without lag and microstuttering.

6) hard mode in challenging dungeons is good but don’t create unique game content that only the very skilled can master. Let hard mode rewards be a ton of gold instead of rewarding hard mode gamers with unique items that nobody else can get. Have easy mode for beginners, with AI companions as seen in ESO, but let these companions be helpful and valuable in the upper medium difficulty level which average gaming enthusiasts enjoy. This difficulty level should be the primary level, a bit similar to how the (upper) middle class is the main basis and goal for most people in a real society (in a well-functioning constitutional democracy). ESO in comparison is more of a game for either newbies or Olympians (reflecting the US Democratic Party which has become the party for the very poor and the very rich).

7) a very customizable HUD, so that one can freely change color, size, shape and also the location of each HUD element, including an option to disable any HUD element you don’t like.

8) no gimmicks. ESO is too full of boring gimmicks. Being a thief for example is boring, repetitive, not challenging at all.

9) design a level system of skill and character progress that never stops, so that one can always look forward to leveling up and become more powerful or better in the game. Copy the dynamics of GW2 which automatically downgrades your skill and character level when moving from a high level zone to a low level region of the game.

10) and finally one advanced option we might see in the future: some degree of city-building and terraforming, including an option to change all the names of places and NPC characters, thereby making it possible to create your own world if you want, though each location and each NPC must have a common underlying identifier of course, in order to facilitate shared game play.

In a MMORPG it’s less important to have the most GPU intensive graphics. Instead focus on creating atmospheric landscapes and lots of new exciting storylines. Half-Life 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R are still great games today, despite not having GPU intensive graphics, because the games are very atmospheric. Good artists can therefore make great games without relying on the most advanced semiconductors.

Some readers may not see the point of enjoying online interactive art. But the moment you are out of a job and feel superfluous in an extremely streamlined and well-regulated AI surveillance society it will be excruciatingly boring. Gaming will then be a relief. Forget about rebellion, because at that time it will be impossible. We either destroy the fourth industrial revolution now, in WW3 if necessary, and then let original humanity rebuild afterward, or we accept the “deterministic” fate of technological progress toward a robotic society where humans are not needed anymore. If we let our unwise (Asperger) leaders take us into this boring 1984 or Brave New World, you will soon want to occasionally seek refuge in online interactive art, unless you instead want to become a master of meditation or prayer. Knitting is also an option.

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