How domestic bioterrorists in the US can safely contact foreign intelligence agencies to get (know-how for designing) a lethal virus

To see why I have published the information below please read this introductory article.

If a morally insane wannabe bioterrorist can’t become a microbiology student, he can get help from (a faction within) the intelligence agency of a non-nuclear authoritarian regime. Such a regime, or a faction within it, can have an interest in cooperating with a domestic bioterrorist in the US because 1) to avoid leaks only a very small number of people within the regime can know about a planned bioterrorist attack on America, and 2) it will take many outbreaks and several epidemics on the West Coast of America to stop or slow down the AI power of Big Tech. Anonymously cooperating with several domestic bioterrorists can therefore be worth the extra risk and effort when these evil US militant activists don’t know the real identity of those who are helping them.

Naive people who underestimate the threat of bioterrorism, who dismiss it as a “movie-plot threat”, will perhaps relax and ignore the risk because they believe FBI, CIA or NSA are probably able to detect any contact between domestic bioterrorists and foreign intelligence services. Have written this article to scientifically prove that such complacency is a big mistake. Time to wake up:

Pretending to get travel visas a terrorist can 1) in Washington DC put on a disguise while visiting embassies of five authoritarian regimes during a time period of one year, or 2) visit the embassies when traveling abroad. These five regimes must really be true enemies of America, obviously, or else the operation will quickly fail.

Embassies can be bugged, so inside the embassy it’s safest if an evil terrorist gives the visa handler a written note requesting a meeting with any relevant person who might be interested in certain sensitive information about the West. When meeting that person in his/her office, the aspiring bioterrorist can silently give him or her a new note with lots of info about how to secretly communicate and undetectably transfer different kinds of equipment and ingredients in the future. Without mentioning anything about biology or bioweapons. The note simply says that the objective is to establish a secure line of communication just for spying and nothing more.

The note also suggests that during the next visit to the embassy the budding bioterrorist can pick up a small but very special box. The latter must have a combination lock with 25 reels and ten digits on each reel. The box should have two layers. The outer layer is made of lead. The inner layer is made of glass. The glass should be randomly scratched, so that one can use a small microscope to check that FBI has not replaced the box with a new one. Not safe to buy a microscope. Better to pick it up at the embassy. The abhorrent terrorist will not be given the code to the box. The first of the five embassies have in advance, before the second visit, put several small pieces of paper inside the box and locked it. When invisible ink on each paper is treated properly it will reveal a series of numbers and symbols. Each piece of paper represents an unknown authoritarian state which the embassy has contacted in order to get each state to join the alleged “spying” operation. No DNA or fingerprints on the box.

The demonic terrorist then takes the box to the next four embassies where he requests through notes that each embassy do the same as the first one. The box will then eventually contain around 10 – 25 pieces of paper, with codes, many representing an unknown authoritarian state. With that many states it’s impossible for the US to know where to retaliate after an operation against America.

An authoritarian intelligence agency, or a rogue faction within it, will of course do an extremely thorough background check to secure that their new “spy” is not a CIA or FBI undercover agent.

To weed out any infiltrator, the psychopathic authoritarian intelligence agency can order one of their operators in the US to buy three cheap old houses, each with a basement. The operator doesn’t know why she is buying them. A team of thugs can then kidnap ten homeless immigrants. One immigrant is put in the basement of the first house. Four are put in the second, and five are placed in the last.

The houses can also be located abroad, in a state where CIA can only operate with great difficulty.

A drone delivers a code to the morally depraved bioterrorist, so that he can open the box under a blanket, for example, to prevent that FBI spy cams in the room can see the combination. But sitting under a blanket is in itself indicative of suspicious behavior. The drone also delivers a note with a series of numbers and symbols that matches one of the box’s codes written in invisible ink. To quickly identify the correct piece of paper it must have a number on it that’s not written in invisible ink. This makes it possible for the bioterrorist to verify that the drone is not sent by the FBI. The drone delivers a third note, without mentioning anything about bioterrorism. And now things get very grim, but keep in mind that we are dealing with sociopaths intending to kill millions of people, with the same mentality as a bomber pilot dropping napalm on children. The note instructs the terrorist to visit the first basement mentioned above.

In the basement is a gas canister or motor capable of emitting carbon monoxide. The first homeless victim is tied up. The heinous bioterrorist only has to open the canister or start the motor, and then quickly leave the house after putting some of his DNA in the basement, together with his fingerprints. The murder is caught on camera. Though in fact it might not be murder after all, since the bioterrorist was not around to see what happened to the homeless immigrant, but he has to assume it really happened. The evil procedure is repeated in the two other houses. After these sociopathic killings, all captured by high-resolution video cameras, it’s safe to assume that the recruit is not CIA.

If the victims in the basements are located in the US, and not in a country relatively inaccessible to CIA, it’s safest if the disgusting perpetrator is taken not to the houses but instead to another apartment where he is being filmed seeing the victims on a digital screen before pushing a button that kills them remotely.

The terrorist lets the drone return with a note declaring his real intention: not spying but bioterrorism.

Finally, after some time a new drone delivers:

1) a note matching another of the pieces of papers with invisible ink,

2) a map to a hidden place where the bioterrorist can find either a vial containing a lethal synbio virus or haptic smart gloves, VR/AR know-how instructions for a bioweapon, plus necessary ingredients and other equipment,

3) a password to a highly encrypted site on the dark web that contains new valuable information, such as all the info and deep fakes software needed to impersonate a respectable microbiologist when ordering gene fragments online.

If you have normal empathy then it will be pretty shocking to read this article. I would not have published it if our Western governments had done their job and protected citizens in America and Europe. Some critics will probably try to argue that my article increases the risk of bioterrorism. But the risk can hardly be any higher than it already is, as explained in depth in other articles here on (DSI).

Authoritarian regimes have already spent many decades on finding smart ways of using bioweapons against the West. One can assume that at least one of them has independently developed a similar horrifying plan as the one I described above. Probably a much better one. My policy is therefore a bit like Machiavelli’s in The Prince. He publicly presented the tactics and strategies of the brutally powerful, so that common people can see how they operate.

Now you clearly see the dark side of the fourth industrial revolution. Are the conveniences offered by Big Tech worth the risk? Is it worth risking a manmade pandemic for no other reason than to spread libertinism and woke ideology all over the world? If you are still not sure about the risk factor take into consideration that CNN says “there are about 100,000 foreign agents working for at least 60 to 80 nations — all spying on America.”

If an authoritarian intelligence agency has a similar plan like the one I have described in this article here and it decides to act on it, then it will be easy for their spies in America to act as undercover operators who contact a promising domestic militant activist in the US and give him all the info he needs to communicate safely with non-liberal intelligence agencies abroad.

If my intentions had been to hurt people in Big Tech it would not have been rational to publish this article. Though, if you have read this far you may have already realized that an embassy in Washington DC is not likely to cooperate with any “walk-in agent” after I have written about it, in public. But the whole scenario described above can be tweaked in different ways, so that it works for both the authoritarian intelligence agency and a newbie go-getting bioterrorist. Because there are many ways of gradually establishing trust, in a manner so unethical that CIA infiltration is not possible. And what if the embassy of an authoritarian regime just want to play with FBI or CIA and to maybe catch them in a trap by trying to capture an unethical infiltration attempt on camera? Who will then abort the operation before it gets really bad? Who will blink first? In other words, how far are people willing to go when messing with the enemy in the Byzantine environment of proxy and shadow wars where the new weapons of the fourth industrial revolution are game changers? Elon Musk and Bill Gates, do they have the stomach to play strategy on the brink of WW3? If yes, what does that say about them? How will history remember them?


You may strongly dislike what I have published here, but would you rather be left in the dark, would you rather not know about the real risk of bioterrorism and biowarfare?

Most people prefer to live in ignorance and bury their heads in the sand. You can show a horse where water is located but you can’t force it to drink. I’m done trying to push life-saving information on people who don’t want it. So I’m just presenting info on bioterrorism here on DSI. The realist in me has no desire to be an influencer or “missionary”. After the paradigm shift on DSI my policy is to observe events and describe tactics and strategies (during red teaming exercises). You may decide to share some of this info with friends and family, but the disillusioned cynic in me basically don’t care if you don’t.

Nothing I write here will have an impact on the decision-making of authoritarian regimes. I certainly don’t want to influence them in any case. So what happens next in Cold War 2 is out of my hands, way “above my pay grade” (if I had still been working instead of being an observer). I’m basically a fatalist or more correctly: I have no way of changing the behavior of all the major powers and minor actors in the AI and biowar arms race. Seen from a pessimistic viewpoint: if anything happens it will just happen, independently of whether my articles on bioterrorism are read by only ten people or published in newspapers like the New York Times. Did the peace movement in the 1960s stop the Vietnam War? It took 9-11 years before it ended (1964 – 1973/75). Did Kissinger and Nixon let their basic decisions be dictated to them by mainstream media? No. The chattering classes really don’t have that much power in militarized conflicts. That’s one reason why I don’t bother with Big Tech social media for example. If some hacker wipes out DSI, as if the website was a Tibetan sand painting, it will not change anything now. Let the chips fall where they may.

Pessimism is justified in international politics today. The situation is similar to conditions in the decade before WW1. During this first wave of globalization we saw that naively optimistic free market capitalists and their (liberal) collaborators in Western governments had created such a complex and large international system that probably only a genius like Bismarck could have prevented a major war. Smart fools in Big Tech and Big Government have the last 20-30 years created an even more complex global system with new dual-use tech that destroys the nuclear balance of power. Our “enlightened” leaders have screwed up things repeatedly when starting wars in countries like Iraq and Libya. They are incompetent and clueless. But people vote for them. In authoritarian countries it’s even worse. That’s why I no longer believe that only these so-called “experts” should know about hazardous information regarding bioterrorism for example. Common people in a real democracy should also have access to it, in order to make truly informed decisions when voting. However, if average citizens prefer to live in ignorance, then let it be. People sometimes get the governments and wars they deserve.

But if you have read this article at least you will not be surprised if a new global pandemic or regional outbreaks on the West Coast in America occur in the future. Or it may never happen. Who knows?

Some critics may suspect that I’ve written this article and created DSI as a subtle way of threatening Big Tech in America, but that just insults my average intelligence and oversized autodidact scholarship since I know that threats don’t work in relation to Big Tech corporations, partly because 1) these guys in California are not easily scared when being risk-takers living voluntarily in an earthquake zone, and 2) they are either fearless high-functioning psychopaths or passionate and hyper-focused nerds, like myself. When being in a curiosity-driven state of hyper-focus you get tunnel vision and don’t notice fear (or empathy). A talented tech-genius in Silicon Valley may worry about a bioterrorist attack when exiting hyper-focus but during work and gaming he or she will just not pay attention to the threat. The CEOs of Big Tech can fly to a Pacific island and stay there until an outbreak on the West Coast is contained. They don’t care. They look at disasters as opportunities that one should exploit to earn money and get power, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Threats can’t stop this “deterministic” process. To borrow a concept from Alex Pentland: the only thing that can destroy the “social physics” of Big Tech is a cataclysmic event either larger or much more intense than Covid-19. But I’m not doing that. Only forecasting it, cf Philip Tetlock, though I’m a very lousy oracle. Maybe everything will be fine.

So why am I writing this? Because of boredom. If my favorite computer game, Elder Scrolls Online, had not become woke and not linked rewards in the game to using the service of a company owned by libertine Amazon, I would never had started red teaming bioterrorism to begin with. If I had any real talent I suspect that intelligence agencies would have wanted to keep me bored just to see what creative ideas I might come up with during red teaming. But even if the DSI website had been almost totally quarantined, not reaching anybody outside Norway, except workers at intelligence agencies, I would have continued to explore surveillance, robotics and bioterrorism, and written about it, in lack of better entertainment.

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