LGBT 1984 in UK is radicalizing conservatives, woke Disney becoming less Kafka

This is England:

Preacher locked up for hate crime after quoting the Bible to gay teenager

White Christian hit by multicultural police, as seen in this video published by the Daily Mail:

Christian pastor arrested for making ‘homophobic statements’ after preaching from the Bible says he was treated ‘shamefully’ – and was ‘doing what my job description says’

School Chaplain Reported to Terrorist Watchdog for LGBT+ Policy Sermon Sues School

Harry Miller: My Free Speech High Court Victory Over Alleged Anti-Trans Tweet & Police Investigation

The Times:

Hate speech policing is Orwellian, warns judge in trans tweets case

“Police have been urged to rewrite the rules on hate crime after a judge likened a force to the Gestapo over its handling of a businessman who tweeted about transgender people.”

The Telegraph:

Police compared to Stasi and Gestapo by judge as he rules they interfered in freedom of speech by investigating ‘non crime’ trans tweet

The Guardian:

Police who warned man about ‘transphobic’ tweet acted unlawfully

“But trans rights activists reacted with disappointment to parts of the judge’s ruling. Helen Belcher, co-founder of Trans Media Watch, said trans people would fear “open season” on them as a result. She added: “I think it will reinforce an opinion that courts don’t understand trans lives and aren’t there to protect trans people.”” (…)

“Deputy chief constable Bernie O’Reilly, executive director at the College of Policing, said he was pleased the court had recognised the guidance on recording non-crime hate incidents was “both lawful and extremely important in protecting people”.”

Ok, so the court in England says that monitoring non-crimes is lawful. That alone is persecution, a violation of civil rights. Don’t LGBT people realize that more conservatives are going to hate them for real when using the violence (physical force) of the state against non-woke dissidents? This aggressive wokeness makes it more likely that some ethically insane individual will commit an act of terrorism against the LGBT community, cf Orlando 2016. And these guys will strike without warning.

The primary source of “radicalization” today is not “extremist literature” but either 1) academic books published by respected scholars/journalists like Douglas Murray, or 2) news coverage of rightwing victims of aggressive woke overreaction.

If I had been a rightwing terrorist I would have been very happy with how the police and LGBT are handling the culture war in England. I would have hoped that LGBT became even more offensive, hopefully with the total support of MI6 and MI5. Such overreactions reveal the “true Stasi face of socialism”, thereby making it easier for white radicals to recruit non-woke people. So, all LGBT people out there, don’t back down.

But I’m definitely not supporting violence. Nobody should be the victim of crime, no matter their identity. In fact, their identity should be completely irrelevant.

Disney in the US appears to have come a little more to its senses. Timcast:

Disney LOSES $600M Dollars, Get Woke Go Broke, Removes Wokeness Training Amid Major Backlash

If I had worked for China or Russia while living in a Western ultra-liberal country I would have reported any incident of anti-woke “hateful non-crime” to the police and tried to get outspoken conservatives fired from their jobs by using social media to start a boycott campaign against them.

Weatherman fired for alleged on-air racial slur sues news station

Today is the best of times for being an agent of pandemonium.

Pet Shop Boys:

Oh now look what

you’ve gone and done

You’re creating


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