A woke and libertine Starlink world can motivate desperate religious and/or nationalistic Romanticists to release a deadly virus in Austin or Seattle/Bellevue

Starlink and other Internet infrastructure will secure that libertine and woke societies in the West can never be changed when Fusion AI surveillance is omnipresent enough to stop all conservative resistance.

Ultra-liberals in Big Tech cities in America don’t care about cultural traditions, so they appear to underestimate the rage and disgust that are triggered in conservative Romanticists when the latter are exposed to libertinism and LGBT in Americanized pop cultures in many states all over the world.

Pop culture is mainstream culture, but this culture of the majority is the same as the ethnic culture of a nation state, so when the American entertainment industry continues to use tv series, movies, online games and libertine Internet videos to change the pop culture of a nation state it’s actually cultural imperialism. It’s cultural warfare against the ethnic majority in a nation state, cf Sun Tzu and the concept of “unrestricted warfare” by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui. Andrew Breitbart: politics is downstream from culture.

The CEOs of libertine woke Big Tech are very naive if they believe it’s possible to fundamentally reshape all cultures on a global level without risking an extremely violent reaction such as bioterrorism or WW3 in a worst case scenario.

Ultra-liberal critics say: if conservatives don’t like libertinism and wokeness on tv they can just switch to another channel. Cultural conservatives are communitarians however. Their first priority is to defend their own ethnic culture against (too much) foreign influence. They want to protect orthodox religion, traditional family values, and old ethnic customs. But all that is undermined by libertine woke Americanization on a global scale via Starlink and other digital infrastructure.

Secondly, a cultural conservative can’t change channel when almost all tv series, movies and games contain woke content, libertinism and/or disgusting vulgarities.

I have stopped watching all tv series and movies from America because I grew tired of enjoying the start of a movie only to discover maybe 5 to 70 minutes later that it contains woke propaganda, excessive lame cursing, controversial product placements, cheap nudity, or disgusting content that serves no other purpose than being disgusting. Not paying for that. Because it’s boring, uncreative and pointlessly faux “transgressive”. Inane, like painting graffiti on Mona Lisa.

I’m not squeamish however. In science mode I eat yogurt while watching surgery videos for medical students. Marcel Duchamp is one of my favorite artists because his real transgressions were creative, but that was a century ago! The Wire is my second favorite tv series, after Breaking Bad. I laughed when hearing all the cursing because it was new, in 2002, almost two decades ago. Infantile and mothball cursing in American pop culture today, in 2021, makes me wonder if Californians have become mentally retarded after eating too much junk food. It’s like the pendulum (in Hollywood) has gone to the opposite extreme of high-strung Protestant puritanism in the past history of the US.

But without entertainment I’m bored. Can’t do much else, because of narcolepsy. Elder Scrolls Online once kept me awake. It’s a game for Romanticists who want to escape the tasteless and ugly high-tech neoliberal world of Big Business and Big Government. ESO unfortunately decided one day to combine the aesthetics of Romanticism with excessive violence, woke propaganda and disgusting dialogues. They took something beautiful and dragged it occasionally through the gutter. As if that is a sign of creativity… Finally had enough when ESO introduced in-game items you could only earn by using a service owned by Amazon. This sleazy libertine company of surveillance capitalism is cancer. Warframe, by the way, even has an Amazon commercial in the game. So, with a feeling of boredom and emptiness I left ESO, but then had to find something else to transcend boredom: red teaming bioterrorism. I kid you not. Discovered that learning how to create a bioweapon is more fun than learning alchemy in ESO. Reflect upon the implication of what I just said: bioterrorism is more fun than a computer game. Learning the evil art of bioweapon tinkering is better than playing the woke version of ESO. That is extremely scary.

I’m old and experienced enough to contain darkness and not externalize it. It doesn’t matter that the abyss stares back at you if you in a “Zen” manner observe the emptiness of the abyss. But cultural conservatives generally lack this “Zen” attitude. If a religious zealot or radical nationalist discovers the fun and excitement of bioweapon engineering – in a disenchanted and disgusting world of superficial libertinism and boring wokeness – then he might in Seattle or Austin open a vial containing a lethal virus in the same casual way as you open a bottle of water.

The solution? Well, a partial one: since rightwing Romanticism is escapism provide Romanticists with enough moderate conservative entertainment to keep their focus away from destructive weaponry. If Hollywood directors and game developers want to find some higher meaning in their pop cultural productions, then make entertainment that inspires both moderate liberals and cultural conservatives. Provide an alternative to the adrenaline kick of militant activism. A bored Antifa rebel will smash a window. A deeply unhappy rightwing activist may start a global pandemic. If deradicalization and public safety are the first priority of the Establishment in the West today, then your first priority should be to pacify and “tranquilize” rightwing Romanticists with some good “bread and circus”.

Personally, I’m no longer really complaining however. Have no problem being a libertine myself if only focusing on getting dopamine kicks from non-Romanticist sources: geopolitics, surveillance studies, bioterrorist red teaming, AI developments, robotics, and environmentally destructive consumption. Adaptability is the advantage of being a Mercurian, unlike dogmatic and radical conservatives who eventually explode when being pushed too far.

Some critics will say: we don’t negotiate with bioterrorists!

Firstly, liberals are fools if viewing “bread and circus” (entertainment) as an object of negotiation instead of simply a tool to pacify their most dangerous enemy: conservative Romanticist escapists. Militant cultural rightwing activists are escapists. Exploit that, to keep their attention away from politics. Not like today when libertinism and wokeness in entertainment are driving conservatives to becoming aggressively political.

Secondly, bioterrorists already know that negotiations with the US is impossible, so they will not make demands but instead try to annihilate or decimate American coastal cities as much as possible, anonymously, without taking credit for attacks. Outbreaks (and wildfires) will just occur, out of the blue, maybe it will also be indistinguishable from natural epidemics.

The wise choice for the elites in American coastal states is to quietly roll back libertinism and wokeness incrementally, without making any public statements about it, without admitting defeat, but instead “hide and bide” until the rightwing troublemakers of Gen X have died in 2040 or 2050. Millennials and Gen Z are much more malleable, partly because the Big Tech infrastructure is so deeply ingrained and etched into the core of their silly pawned minds.

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