Normative and descriptive statements, perspectives and language games when writing about Big Tech and its critics

Elon Musk and I are scumbags. The word “scumbag” is meant to be seen from several different perspectives. For example, it’s a neutral description of how libertine exploiters of the weak are seen from the perspective of moderate Romanticism or moderate liberality. But this word is “not even normative” if used within the language game (Wittgenstein) of atheistic absurdism. Seen through the eyes of a psychopath the word has no emotional impact. Biologically it refers to our fragile soft bodies which are bags of scum and nasty fluids.

If you are a Christian with a nonviolent nihilistic attitude only toward the Satanic food chain on Earth, a place where you can violate all values as long as you live on Earth and don’t get caught, then it’s just a social fact that human beings are scumbags aka sinners. Christians try to unconditionally love all sinners nevertheless, but are realistic enough to say under pressure in a dangerous situation: give to the emperor what belongs to the empire and render to God the things that are God’s, cf Matthew 22:21. Mammon (evil) belongs to (economic) imperialists in the fallen realm of our universe.

When scientists neutrally observe the craziness and stupidity (irrationality) of apes and humans, and their bodies containing nasty or toxic fluids, then sometimes you can’t accurately describe situations like the MAD doctrine in the nuclear age without using words such as moronic, for example. Because normative emotions are already inherent in these situations, from beginning to end.

For instance, when people are freaking out, the best way to neutrally describe this strange and hysterical situation is to label it as freakish behavior.

But to maintain neutrality when using concepts that oscillate between being normative and descriptive one must apply them in a non-partisan and non-moralistic way.

For example, when I say that Musk is a moron it’s descriptive because all humans, including myself, are morons = not intelligent enough sentient beings who often do silly things in a universe we don’t understand.

I don’t know if I existed prior to birth. I don’t know why I’m here on Earth. And I don’t know where I’m going after death. This ignorance proves that I’m a clueless idiot.

Elon, you and I are partly evil = causing suffering when eating killed animals and/or exploiting the poor in developing countries. You have many times exploited slave labour just by eating chocolate or wearing sweatshop clothes. The difference between Musk, you and me is that Elon got immense power.

There are three types of people in the world: 1) those who seek power, 2) people following the elite, and 3) difficult and annoying contrarians who reject all power. Try to give me power and I will just run away screaming. Will not touch power with a ten-foot pole. This does not make me wise or better than other people. It’s precisely because I’m a moronic scumbag that I don’t want power. If all human beings had realized that they are also clowns, then nobody would have sought power.

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