Dang, dang, E. Musk got Asperger’s, but I like outcast Aspergers, so what now?

Being an outcast forever I naturally sympathize with autists. Autonomy and autism are two words sharing the same root meaning, which is cool, especially if you are an independent misfit who gets rashes and starts to sneeze when being in a group. It’s therefore deeply disappointing and tremendous shock for my enteric microbiota to detect that Saturday Night Live was hosted by an Asperger. What!?

A megalomaniac billionaire referring to his own high-functioning autism on mainstream television: is that like the CIA and the US military trying to drape waterboarding and carpet bombing in the gender minority flag that the Establishment elites now fly high in the West to legitimize mass surveillance, imperialism and undemocratic destruction of national cultures?

Anyway, I’m not going to stop liking Aspergers just because a tiny minority of them betray the idiosyncratic code of eternal misfits when joining Big Tech in Silicon Valley, cf NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman.

When being an “anarchist” in the early 1990s I thought “progress” and “enlightenment” meant that citizens would gradually become more independent in a decentralized society where each truly autonomous individual could freely seek psychological enlightenment (like Zen monks for example). But in the 1920s we had the dictatorship of the proletariat while in 2021 we see the unprecedented global inequality of a powerful hierarchy of Big Business and Big Government run partly by “socialists” who once decided to infiltrate and march through institutions instead of dismantling them. When Aspergers join this hierarchy they are part of the problem, not part of a human solution. The devil is in the hierarchy.

The SNL intro by E. M. was good. Then it just became weird in a negative way, a bit like static noise, so had to turn off the show and watch a video about geopolitics in the South China Sea to calm my nerves.

Royal we have reason however to be more optimistic about the prospect of Big Tech one day creating NZI cyborgs now that we know that Neuralink is run by an Asperger, and not a Machiavellian like the fictitious CEO Raymond Sellars at OmniCorp. Have earlier compared the potential negative consequences of Musk’s transhumanism with the suffering caused by Mengele, which appears at first glance to be a very unfair comparison, but Mengele was perhaps not as monstrous as many believe today. The New York Times:

How Did Josef Mengele Become the Evil Doctor of Auschwitz?

“Although many of these deeds were indubitably cruel and cavalierly murderous, Marwell, like other biographers and scholars before him, insists upon stripping away the exaggerated aspects of the Mengele legend. Despite his innumerable crimes, Marwell writes, “what is known about Mengele’s time at Auschwitz is more trope than truth. … Mengele’s outsize reputation as a medical monster is in inverse proportion to what is known and understood about what he actually did.””

If the transhumanism movement of Big Tech is a success in the future and does not end up as the eugenics movement, during the bio-arms race of Cold War 2, then Elon Musk will be remembered by future cyborgs as one of the great saviors of post-primate conscious life on Earth. From the viewpoint of the new NZI paradigm here on drone-surveillance.info the disillusioned realist in me now supports Neuralink, even Starlink if it contributes economically to subsidize Neuralink.

Starlink and other similar online infrastructure have killed cultural conservatism. Today’s libertine and high-tech infested Earth is therefore garbage from the perspective of the Romanticist tradition. But nobody is stopping it, so as a Christian I’ve become a harmless nihilist only in regard to the partly fallen domain of Earth. It has always been a partly diabolic place, a dimension which is partly the result of demonic design, according to unverifiable Christian dogma. From the viewpoint of domain-specific benign and passive nihilism I’ve stopped caring about what happens to life on Earth. If WW3 occurs, then I’ll just observe it neutrally. If Neuralink somehow manages to create NZI cyborgs I will simply describe it mindfully without any passion for or against it. Being for or against it is none of my business. Malignant nihilists or desperate religious zealots will disagree, but their destructive activity can also be described in a clinical fashion.

Musk revealing on SNL that he’s an Asperger was a clever recruitment stunt in the tech arms race during Cold War 2. If you are a tech genius with Asperger’s, or high-functioning autism, do you not want to work for a cutting-edge trans-primate corporation where the main boss is an Asperger?

Tim Pool says he likes Elon Musk. That part of me which is not nihilistic cannot concur however, because power corrupts, so it’s insane and moronic to let any single individual have as much power as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos. But now I have flip-flopped to being a nihilistic observer, an inert and quiescent “son of anarchy” enjoying the decadence of neoliberal Western mafia states, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein and Mafia Democracy by Michael Franzese. Many talented Aspergers will also not pay that much attention to the dark side of the Musk empire if they can get relatively rich working for it. Axios:

AI talent appears open to working on defense — with caveats

“A new survey offers some evidence that most artificial intelligence experts are positive or neutral when it comes to working with the Pentagon on AI-enabled projects.”

Once the talents of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) have become habituated to the comfortable life of working for Big Tech it will be easy for them to rationalize away and sweep cognitive dissonance under the carpet. They might say for example: The US military is dark gray but China is pitch black, so it’s best to help CIA and NSA. That kind of moral relativism is similar to arguing that working for Franco is better than working for Hitler. But I’m not moralizing. Far from it! Being a newborn nihilist, more nihilistic than Turgenev, I will instead welcome tech-geniuses with Asperger’s to the club of human and demonic scumbags. It’s warm and “nice” here.

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