Starlink world annihilates cultural conservatism

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Libertinism spread through Starlink is the death of cultural conservatism (in the West), but will anybody destroy this infrastructure before AI surveillance grows too strong?

Starlink and other similar Internet systems in the sky will in principle kill cultural conservatism in the West and probably in Russia too eventually, but maybe not in China, but who wants to live in a Chinese 1984 on steroids?

Cultural conservatism will still kind of “survive” in pockets here and there, but in our new Starlink world these pockets can be compared to a person wanting to preserve a Stone Age lifestyle by living in a cave within the Central Park of New York. It’s pointless. Either adapt and live like other New Yorkers or leave the city or destroy it. Covid-19 forced many to leave NY, so a new pandemic can destroy American coastal cities, plus Austin, but you have to be a real f… monster – like Bomber Harris or Curtis LeMay – to choose this morally insane option.

We cannot escape from the new Starlink world however. Everywhere you look up at the sky there will be an electronic system distributing both legal porn and the most disgusting criminal filth all over the planet if you want to stream or download it (from the dark web).

Christians seeking refuge on a social media platform like Gab is comparable to living in an anachronistic cave surrounded by online garbage. It’s laughable. It’s naive. It’s reality-denial. Especially when Gab members focus on the most disgusting elements you can find online: endless news about illegal ultra-libertinism. If you want to see disgusting news content, visit Gab. It’s a “cave” relatively filled up with news about ultra-libertine nauseating filth.

The New Testament is not about being squeamish however. Jesus hang out with sinners and wasn’t concerned about hygiene and cleanliness. Francis of Assisi gave a leper a hug and ate from a food bowl owned by a leper. This aspect of Christianity is kind of related to the Enlightenment tradition, in the sense that it doesn’t judge the world but instead forgive all sinners, unconditionally. It’s very “tolerant” in its own way but without blurring the distinction between good and evil. It therefore survives everywhere, in a Roman prison or in a brothel. This makes it different from cultural conservatism which tries to make something aesthetically positive out of life on Earth.

Moderate nonviolent cultural conservatism has always been the best form of escapism, in my subjective opinion. It’s the best calming and stabilizing high-quality “opium” (endorphins and oxytocin) for the people, instead of the splintering and cheap excitatory cocaine (short-lasting dopamine) sold globally by Hollywood, Austin, Silicon Valley, Seattle/Bellevue and Washington DC.

The above cities and urban areas were relatively okay in earlier times but with neoliberalism and globalization they have become the online sewage pumps of the world, literally: earning money by satisfying primitive people’s genitalia fixation. But the neoliberal “mafia” governments in the West actively support it, and common people devour it, so cultural conservatives in America and Europe cannot escape it.

Feminists and women in general are partly responsible too, by clearly not doing enough to stop online porn. Feminists just bark and complain about it. As if that is helpful. They are pathetic fools. Cowards.

Western societies have become decadent beyond the point of no return. Neoliberals are like Caligula, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Therefore speed up the decay of the current system. Let it fall apart quicker than the Roman Empire. And then rebuild.

Start by buying sex robots. Walk in sex robot parades. Demand that MI6 put up a sex robot flag. I’m going to buy myself a sexy Sophia.

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