In a surveillance state it’s a moral duty to lie about yourself while being honest in science

When living in a surveillance state, like we do in the West today, you arguably have a moral duty to mislead corrupt governments, and especially intelligence agencies, in how you act and talk about yourself, but when doing science don’t lie at all, be 100% honest, except when it comes to data about yourself.

For example, if you are anti-woke be woke, if you are against libertinism act as if you are a libertine, or if you are liberal pretend to be conservative when debating topics online. Mix up all personal data about yourself. It’s easy once you get into the habit of being a perspective-based realist, i.e. a philosopher who has the mental agility to constantly juggle different perspectives, including the Humean, neuroscientific or Buddhist perspective that you cannot empirically observe any unchanging Self during introspection. If you are not naturally a Mercurian from birth then hone your deception skills by taking acting classes in the tradition of Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner (or just read books about them to learn a bit about method acting).

AI relies on data to learn things, so feed it with wrong data about yourself. It’s personal security through obscurity. For instance, I’ve decided to be a conservative on Mondays, a libertine on Tuesdays, apolitical on Wednesdays, very woke indeed on Thursdays, fanatically religious on Fridays between 1618 and 1638, a free market Big Tech capitalist on Saturdays, and a pro-surveillance idiot on Sundays. Occasionally I will randomly change calendar however, using the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, for example.

Kant showed that pure reason can prove one thing just to change perspective the next second in order to prove the opposite thing. You can therefore make “quantum leaps” from one paradigm to another, back and forth, deliberately flip-flopping in order to confuse both Fusion AI surveillance systems and silly intelligence officers who find meaning in monitoring other people.

CIA and MI6 and (some) other intelligence agencies in the West today are woke, into gender philosophy, constructionism and postmodernism, so take this biased and non-neutral bureaucratic/corporate ideology to the extreme, take it ad absurdum, by pretending to be a chameleon. Don’t be a chameleon, just pretend to be one. Intelligence officers are afraid of ending up as the CIA paranoid lunatic James Jesus Angleton, so play on this (subconscious) fear. Always keep them guessing who you are. BBC:

The Crown: Was Harold Wilson suspected of being a Soviet spy?

“Also, in the early 1960s, a Soviet defector called Anatoly Golitsyn had told his debriefers that [Britain’s prime minister] Wilson was a spy and that Hugh Gaitskell, Wilson’s predecessor as Labour leader, had been assassinated to make way for him. The claim was rejected by MI5’s director general – but it was believed by Wright, as well as CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton.”

John le Carré:

The Madness of Spies

“And M.I.5, assailed by the Angleton theory, rose superbly to the challenge. It was not content with spying on its own members; a cabal of middle and senior officers also found time to spy on Harold Wilson, the British Prime Minister, an episode in M.I.5 history that was documented in a dubious memoir put out by one of the conspirators. The author, you may remember, was Peter Wright, another poker pal of Angleton’s. Strenuous efforts by the British government to suppress the book assured it a wide readership.”

The perceived online and networked chaos that follows as a result of adhering to a spiteful and deliberate “faked fake persona”-policy is not a problem from the perspective of (DSI) because this website is based on two paradigms, so you can freely decide whether 1) you want to act according to the first initial paradigm of burning down Big Tech anonymously, which means that your personal identity in public is totally irrelevant, or 2) you want to defend the pro-NZI paradigm, but NZI is pure mind beyond all identities, so from this viewpoint your personal identity is also irrelevant.

One advantage or positive side effect of this smoke and mirror tactic in a surveillance state is that it also makes online bullying and ad hominem arguments totally worthless in any debate since nobody in the public sphere can know your real persona when often shapeshifting as if the whole Internet is just a theater, a video installation or a roleplaying game. For instance, are you able to verify that any personal information is true in this article here?

The Internet is a cyberwar zone in addition to being full of hackers and criminals. In a war, or in a criminal banana republic, it’s a waste of time to sue everyone who defames you. Here is just a microscopic fraction of all the disinformation you can find online:

Woman suing Black Lives Matter Sacramento for libel

White supremacist group poses as Antifa online, call for violence

Newsmax Issues Retraction and Apology for 2020 Election Coverage

Minnesota High School Student Wrongly Accused of Sending Racist Messages, City Says

Instead of people suing every accuser spreading online disinformation, which all in all can cost billions of dollars when all of them are hiring lawyers, it’s better to create public awareness that the Internet is an untrustworthy place where no accuser has defamatory power. Or as Valuetainment and Newsmax recently said it:

Reaction to Jay Z Fearing ‘Cancel Culture’ is Here to Stay

Time to tune out socialist hypocrites

With this in mind I now have to come out of the car trunk and openly confess that I’m an African Jewish lesbian white supremacist from Mars. However, if you see me as white it’s only because the light here on Earth shines and reflects differently on my real dark Martian skin. The first Africans were actually two blond curly-haired primitive Nazis from Mars, prototypes of a failed genetic experiment beamed down in South Africa by an evil carnivore alien who needed to dump them somewhere when speeding away from our galaxy, cf Richard Dawkins:

Why Would Richard Dawkins Say That Aliens Created Life?

Not to complicate matter any more but perhaps it should be mentioned that my computer has now been so thoroughly hacked by intelligence agencies and/or other actors that often when I type each letter appears visibly delayed on the screen. Maybe because of too many keyloggers on my device. Scrolling lags too. It might be caused by a virus of course. But the point is that you can’t even know if it’s me, an AI bot or a hacker who has written this post. Maybe the real AW has been meditating in a cave the last six months and therefore not noticed that somebody or something is writing in his name, using the handle AndreasWinsnes. But does that matter as long as all the facts on this website are actually true regarding surveillance, technology, culture etc? If the arguments on are scientifically valid does it matter if a shy anonymous impostor or runaway bot presents them? No. Well, it might matter for the real AW but he is pretty enlightened when meditating in a cave, so he doesn’t care anyway. If he cares, he surely should meditate some more, in order to transcend such unenlightened caring. For more info about getting lost and not ever finding yourself read The Art of Disappearing by Ajahn Brahm. Or follow the lazy and chill path of St Paul, a road for those who don’t care about spiritual self-development.

Anonymity is impossible in militarized cyberspace (unless you go to extraordinary length to achieve invisibility). Lying about yourself, but not about all other facts, is an alternative to anonymity, because obscurity is a form of security. For example, if NSA knows with 99.99 % certainty that you have committed an online crime, such as hacking, and all jury members plus the judge agree that this evidence is true, you can still deny it and claim that NSA fabricated the evidence, since no educated person has faith in the NSA. People outside the courtroom have no way to check the evidence which the jury and judge saw. You can therefore claim that the jury and judge are biased by politics, as many Republicans claim in voting election court cases and the Chauvin trial. This is how Putin operates. NSA may know that FSB is responsible for hacking, and FSB knows that NSA has caught them red-handed, but NSA can’t prove it to outsiders, which gives Putin a very cheeky “plausible deniability”. To be a bit hyperbolic: even if the jury in a surveillance state can see in court that the sun is up and shining, deny it. No matter how ridiculous it sounds to deny the obvious truth in the court room of a surveillance regime, just deny it, again and again, if it’s prudent and necessary, but only if it pertains to your own person. Or rely on reasonable doubt: ” – That person on the AI facial recognition CCTV picture may look exactly like me, but it’s fabricated or it’s somebody who looks like me”.

Christianity will not condemn it if you lie to evil liars. Lying to feed evil AI wrong information about yourself is necessary when this AI is operated by high-functioning psychopaths who want to build an historically unprecedented security state with more surveillance power than Orwell imagined in 1984.

Kant dogmatically said that lying is always wrong. Lying isn’t good for humanity in the long run, one might argue. But there will never be any free human beings anymore when Big Tech creates an unescapable panopticon (inhabited by Neuralink cyborgs in a distant future). Nor will there be any humanity at all if the fourth industrial revolution leads to the extinction of humanity.

The Internet is a joke. If you take the Internet seriously, and not just as infotainment, then the joke is on you. And I say that despite being a nerd who is addicted to discovering new true facts about everything. Because of narcolepsy I use the Internet to keep my nerdy brain “awake” by not focusing on the discomfort of chronic sleepiness, but people who are not sick will have it better if living a simple life, offline: helping beggars or repairing an old motorcycle. Then you don’t have to worry about online disinformation.

But if I online lie about small things (myself) how can people trust me regarding big things (science etc)? Firstly, all non-personal facts can to a large degree be verified, either offline or online. If claiming for example that 2 + 2 = 5, then you can check that it’s wrong. Secondly, I basically don’t care if people don’t trust anything I write, partly because I don’t try to influence many people. I’m not on Big Tech social media for example. Each day only have 0 – 8 visitors on this website here. My main audience consists of people who can access my computerized scribbling without reading it online, if they care about it at all. I just publish it online for the record. One reason for my “cavalier” or “Zen” attitude to online writings is that I’m really a nobody with no influence. Whatever I write here will not change any of these 3 tectonic mega-trends:

1) the Cold War 2 between empires (in Ukraine and Taiwan).

2) the Western culture war on the verge of perhaps becoming a civil war. BBC: Anger as ex-generals warn of ‘deadly civil war’ in France

3) a solo evil microbiologist engaging in bioterrorism or a (rogue faction) within an authoritarian regime starting a biowar to prevent that ultra-liberals in the West develop superior AI WMDs = swarms of unstoppable killer bots:

The good news if agents of influence, i.e. not me, somehow manage to convince common people that you can basically never trust online news about politics, morality, ideology and other controversial social matters is that a majority will then not trust any fake news from China or Russia.

It’s a good thing if everyone starts to treat RT, NYT or Facebook feeds as nothing more than the X-Files, the Onion and the Babylon Bee.

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