The psychology of bioterrorism

WMD terrorism has the last 2-3 decades been the main justification for mass surveillance. But some surveillance critics, like Bruce Schneier and John Mueller, basically dismiss WMD terrorism as a “movie-plot threat” (ignoring the fact that a movie starring Nicholas Cage is based on the 9/11 plot). Naive liberal critics may also disagree with Bill Gates regarding the bioterrorist threat, perhaps because they find it difficult to imagine how anybody can be evil enough to start an epidemic or pandemic. After informing NSA in 2019, I have informally “red teamed” solo or lone wolf bioterrorism – which today is the most likely form of “sucessful” bioterrorism since no immoral virologist or dark student of biotech will ever have so poor op sec that he asks another microbiologist to participate in the evil of bioterrorism. DIY bioterrorism is a very unlikely scenario however. But I’m not going to describe in detail some of the psychological developments that can be involved on the path to becoming a bioterrorist. Will just mention enough about it to dispel the myth that only very rare and extraordinary evil persons will ever be able to enter the pitch black darkness of bioterrorism. It’s important to debunk this myth or else many will think that society is safe when rightwing bioterrorism is actually a real threat today.

Human beings are alpha predators. We kill and eat other living beings. Violence is therefore part of our carnivore nature. If a vegan is about to starve to death she will kill any animal to survive. Our ability and willingness to use violence should therefore not surprise anyone. We all got blood on our hands and we have all caused other beings to suffer because of our own consumption (when buying dairy products, wearing sweatshop clothes or eating chocolate produced by child labor). Nobody is innocent on Earth. But we are sure good at moralizing and pointing fingers…

Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland by Christopher Browning:

” … Except for a few of the oldest men who were veterans of World War I, and a few NCOs who had been transferred to Poland from Russia, the men of the battalion had not seen battle or encountered a deadly enemy. Most of them had not fired a shot in anger or ever been fired on, much less lost comrades fighting at their side. Thus, wartime brutalization through prior combat was not an immediate experience directly influencing the policemen’s behavior at Józefów. Once the killing began, however, the men became increasingly brutalized.” (…)

“Did any similar policy of selection, the careful choosing of personnel particularly suited for mass murder, determine the makeup of Reserve Police Battalion 101?”

“Concerning the rank and file, the answer is a qualified no. By most criteria, in fact, just the opposite was the case. By age, geographical origin, and social background, the men of Reserve Police Battalion 101 were least likely to be considered apt material out of which to mold future mass killers. On the basis of these criteria, the rank and file—middle-aged, mostly working-class, from Hamburg—did not represent special selection or even random selection but for all practical purposes negative selection for the task at hand.”

“In one respect, however, an earlier and more general form of selection may have taken place. The high percentage (25 percent) of Party members among the battalion’s rank and file, particularly disproportionate for those of working-class origin, suggests that the initial conscription of reservists—long before their use as killers in the Final Solution was envisaged—was not entirely random. … But the existence of such a policy is merely a suspicion, for no documents have been found to prove that Party members were deliberately drafted into the reserve units of the Order Police.”

Ordinary human beings can become abhorrent creatures when given orders by evil authorities. The history of organized violence has proven this even though many now question the Stanford prison experiment by Philip Zimbardo, a former president of the American Psychological Association.

A solo microbiologist in peacetime is not part of a hierarchy and does not experience any group pressure, so how likely is it that he will become a bioterrorist? Again, I’m not going to take you through the detailed psychological processes that might lead a person to becoming a rightwing bioterrorist. To give you an idea of the risk that it may occur without any sadistic desire to inflict pain it should be sufficient to mention that only five psychological factors have to be present:

1) boredom; lack of non-woke entertainment for example.

2) a libertine culture triggering disgust, because disgust neutralizes empathy.

3) nerdy hyper-focused curiosity.

4) a moral conviction that a pandemic is an evil necessity in order to destroy the totalitarian surveillance regimes created by Big Tech in America and China.

5) absent-minded distance to the consequences of remotely opening a vial containing a lethal virus (during experiments).

The above may sound a little cryptic, but I leave it at that. It should terrify anyone who knows elementary (forensic) psychology.

Or look at it this way: all virologists in biosafety level 4 labs are aware that they may kill millions of people if a pathogen is accidentally released, but still they choose this line of work. The scientists in Wuhan for example may have accidentally killed over 3 million human beings (at the moment of writing), according to a former CDC director. Read this disturbing article in The Washington Post: Opinion: What if the former CDC director is right about the Wuhan labs? Virologists have for decades known about the risk of deadly lab accidents, as seen in 1978 for example in the UK. They nevertheless gamble on not ending up as mass-killing “error-ists”. In one way it can be argued that this risk-taking is a sign of relative “callousness”: a “Machiavellian” conviction that the end justifies the means. What if a rightwing person with ten percent less empathy than the average virologist becomes a microbiology student because he’s a religious zealot with a misguided understanding of which ends justifies the means? This question is not unrealistic. It only takes the five psychological factors mentioned above to create a state of mind where use of bioweapons appear instrumentally rational. Without this tunnel vision it’s moral insanity, of course, but even if university professors discuss my article here in class (to detect how microbiology students react) it may not penetrate deep enough to emotionally change the mind of a zealot who has learned to hide his feelings/intentions after the US Capitol riot, Jan 06, 2021. He will say to himself that people like me are cowardly philosophers who are all talk but no walk when we sit in our ivory towers and criticize the surveillance regimes of Big Tech. That kind of contempt is just the mentality of energetic zealots…

If you think university professors and intelligence officers are able to detect a student’s dark intentions during teaching hours read how The Order acted to avoid detection:

From the Past, a Chilling Warning About the Extremists of the Present

“The Order sought to burn it down. A key takeaway was how much time it took federal authorities to recognize the significant threat, Mr. Manis and others said. Law enforcement agents, focused on more visible, outspoken groups, were initially blind to the level of organization behind the Order.” (…)

” … many of the members did not particularly stand out in northern Idaho, given that residents pride themselves in rugged individualism.”

“Peter Robinson, who helped to prosecute the case as an assistant United States attorney, said the defendants struck him as completely ordinary — up to a point.”

““I had the impression that these were normal guys who you could have a beer with in a bar and you would not notice anything unusual about them — unless you talked about race or about Jews,” said Mr. Robinson, now an international criminal defense lawyer.” (…)

“The men who disbanded the Order believe that any contemporary group with similarly dangerous aspirations would also likely be hidden. Members of the Order shunned publicity to concentrate on crime. “Everything that they did was covert,” said Tom McDaniel, a former F.B.I. agent who moved to Montana in 1984 to pursue the case and never left.” (…)

““I feel that if there is an organization today from the extreme right that is following in the footsteps of the Order,” Mr. Manis said, “you will not know anything about it until it is too late and they have already done something dastardly.””

The anthrax used in the 2001 attack was so advanced that it was one of the reasons why FBI’s main suspect was an Army biologist at Fort Detrick. This proves that highly advanced biological terrorism is a reality, since it has already occurred. A reason why it has not happened again the last two decades is maybe that rightwing people have not perceived the continental and global situation to be dire enough to justify the use of bioweapons. But the perception of this situation has changed in the aftermath of the US Capitol riot in January, 2021. Some evil extremists, more or less in the same cold-hearted category as Curtis LeMay, Bomber Harris and MAD strategists, will perhaps be motivated to get a university degree in virology to create a weapon that can prevent Western societies from becoming: unprecedented surveillance states where traditional family values and moderate nationalism are forever destroyed because of multicultural governments spreading LGBT and libertinism in a very overpopulated world getting hotter as a result of climate changes in Cold War 2. This situation leads to an apocalyptic mindset in many religious groups, including ISIS which has already used chemical weapons.

I’m not “scaremongering” however. Instead I’m – in theory at least – open to the possibility that the whole bioweapon threat is maybe a myth or “hoax” to increase surveillance and military budgets, since Western governments appear very complacent about this threat when they deliberately provoke cultural conservatives by pushing LGBT and libertinism into the mainstream culture of growing surveillance states. One can assume they would not have been so careless unless 1) they are relatively uninformed and unreflective “happy-go-lucky” gamblers, or 2) they have secretly developed vaccines that can stop the most deadly viruses but without telling people about it in order not to motivate China and Russia to create new bioweapons. For the record, I don’t take 2) seriously, but mention it to show that I’m scientifically exploring all hypotheses instead of presenting an ideologically biased scaremongering scenario.

If you think I’m irresponsible when writing about bioterrorism then you have no idea of what hazardous info about bioweapons you can find by simply googling it, without going on the dark web. Amazon bans books that criticize LGBT and it also banned Parler, but this is not about public safety because, at the time of writing, you can on Amazon find a DIY “cookbook” on how to make WMDs, a book sold by Amazon in the United Arab Emirates, of all places. After informing the intelligence community I bought online a very expensive scientific article to double-check some of the most dangerous content in this “cookbook” and it appears (somewhat) reliable enough, but can’t confirm it with certainty of course, not without creating a WMD, something that is not an option, naturally.

Do not search for info about DIY WMDs unless you want to be put under relatively heavy surveillance. It’s no point searching for it anyway because you need a university degree to create a genuine WMD. If an evil chemistry student uses TOR and a fake ID the extra info you can get via Google may be darkly helpful however. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the crazy dangerous world created by Big Tech and Big Science. That’s the dark side which naive citizens ignore when blindly following our “great leaders” in the West and East. These leaders wrecked the financial system in 2008, destroyed countries like Iraq and Libya (and Syria), and maybe accidentally caused the death of over 3 million people if the novel coronavirus was actually released by mistake from a lab, a risk which every national leader knew about in advance. These wise leaders have also created universities where people can spend five years on studying virology and dual-use biotech in order to create vaccines or a biological weapon of mass destruction. Now common people are stupid enough to let the same leaders build surveillance states that make a former Stasi boss green of envy. Fusion AI surveillance is one of the main factors which can trigger bioterrorism, but our enlightened leaders and their followers ignore it, so far, probably because it doesn’t fit their security narrative. This human folly should make you speechless, but instead we keep supporting corrupt insane political and economic systems. At least it’s entertaining and exciting. Who needs Las Vegas or Monte Carlo when you are right now in the middle of a global Russian roulette game?

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