Libertinism spread through Starlink is the death of cultural conservatism (in the West), but will anybody destroy this infrastructure before AI surveillance grows too strong?

Starlink plans to send 12 000 satellites into low orbit, so that the online web covering the entire planet can give everyone Internet wherever you are on the globe. Russia may try to block it, but this attempt at stopping ultra-liberal (“American”) cultural imperialism is not credible when Russian rockets launch a UK alternative to Starlink into space. The fines that Big Tech on the American coasts have to pay Russia are also little more than just symbolic sums. America will most likely win the AI arms race because the West controls semiconductor manufacturing, denying Russia and China access to it: China’s Taiwan problem – The Geopolitics of Tech. Ultra-liberal and libertine Western AI will eventually hack through and bulldoze the AI of Russia and China.

The Internet is basically a porn channel, with porn only one click away, so Starlink is covering the world with instantly accessible porn, and this alone is automatically and per definition the (slow) death of cultural conservatism. From a scientific viewpoint I’m not condemning porn. Atheism is the worldview best supported by today’s empirical science. It’s nothing wrong with consensual adult porn from an atheistic perspective. Cultural conservatism however is a communitarian worldview that is fundamentally incompatible with an online infrastructure like Starlink and other globalized entertainment infrastructures that broadcast porn. Because libertinism erodes Romanticism. It erodes traditional family values and orthodox religions. Any scientist denying this fact only proves that he or she has no clue what cultural conservatism is all about.

Again, I’m not moralizing against porn here. Scientifically, porn is simply a phenomenon like any other object which a scientist can study. Nothing special. For example, when I claim that the Internet is basically a porn channel this statement is based on science, not motivated by culturally conservative ideology. Research shows that “10 to 15 percent of [Internet] searches are for porn”, according to Psychology Today in 2016. That is actually a lot when considering how many hours people spend on the Internet every day. They spend over 6 hours a day on the Internet. Average individuals must therefore have been extreme sex addicts if the percentage had been higher than 10-15% of all Internet searches. It’s a lot of porn when almost 1 in 20 websites are X-rated. Here is the most relevant info from Psychology Today:

Dueling Statistics: How Much of the Internet Is Porn?

“But if the 10-percent figure is true, how do Ogas and Gaddam explain conservatives’ consistent contention that one-third to half of Internet searches link to porn? Ogas and Gaddam say that those figures come from the earliest years of the Internet (1997–1999) when the vast majority of web users were young adult men. In 1999, 40 percent of web searchers involved porn. But as web demographics have expanded to include most of the population, the researchers note, the proportion of porn searchers has fallen substantially.” (…)

“To be fair, I also have questions about the study showing that the proportion of men using porn has increased by only 2 percent during the last 30 years. Before the Internet, porn consumption involved furtive trips to seedy theaters or out-of-the-way sex shops. Porn was available, but not very accessible, and it cost money. Today, billions of porn pages are just a click away for free. It doesn’t seem possible that in 30 years, the proportion of men accessing it has risen by only 2 percent.”

“Nonetheless, the Ogas-Gaddam estimates, reached through rigorous studies, seem to be the most credible—4 percent of websites are X-rated and 10 to 15 percent of searches are for porn.”

Ultra-liberality aka libertinism has won the culture war (in the West). Cultural conservatism is basically dead already in America and Europe. Now we are just waiting for boomers and Gen X to die within 2040 or 2050. The only thing that can save cultural conservatism are cataclysmic events destroying Big Tech in the West:

1) an intercontinental war originating in Taiwan or Ukraine.

2) a military revolt in the West, as reported by BBC in 2021: Anger as ex-generals warn of ‘deadly civil war’ in France

3) a string of very lethal biological attacks in Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle/Bellevue.

Bioweapons are tragically on the table because of new AI weapons. Using bioweapons against Fusion AI surveillance and WMD swarms of killer bots is similar to using nuclear weapons against Nazi Germany or Japan in 1945, but that does not mean that I support the use of bioweapons in any way, since I consider the use of nuclear weapons or bioweapons to be a demonic tactic. But if a psychopathic solo microbiologist or a rogue non-nuclear state is morally insane, similar to Curtis LeMay in America and Bomber Harris in Britain, then we may perhaps see a manmade pandemic the next 1-10 years, in a worst case scenario.

I guess however that 1) – 3) are not going to happen. Nor is it probable that American coastal states will ever push all Internet porn down to the dark web, because there is too much money in porn; money that can be taxed. We must live with porn governments in America and Europe. These corrupt politicians are the killers, coup makers, election meddlers and godfathers – as biased Trump or biased Noam Chomsky put it here (04:53, 06:34 & 09:50) – in mob “democracies”. Libertinism has therefore won (in the West). No point fighting this development. Stopping the ultra-liberal version of the Western Internet (aka the porn infrastructure) is as hopeless as trying to stop NATO or car traffic on highways. It can’t be done. Maybe the only “hope” is to accelerate this decadence until it creates so many contradictions, internally and externally, that a catastrophic event destroys 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution).

Will continue to describe the real war between ultra-liberals and cultural conservatives, but personally I think it’s better to put cultural conservatism on ice in the basement and forget about it (until the libertine version of the Internet is destroyed one day, but that will probably never happen). So from now on I view the culture war as “entertainment”. But I’m a nobody with no influence. Me stepping down and admitting defeat, because I’m a 70% realist and 30% idealist, doesn’t mean that other cultural conservatives will give up. Over 99% of them are pacified already, but the remaining hardcore of rightwing rebels may still contribute to exciting and interesting times in the next decades.

If we actually are close to extinction it’s better from a Christian perspective at the end of times to stop improving life on Earth and instead hope that there is an afterlife in Heaven. Christians view Earth as a dimension where one can experience and know the difference between good and evil. Unlike Buddhism and other karma-religions we don’t believe that Earth is a place for self-development. Not work but only God’s unconditional forgiveness can save us from a universe which essentially is partly diabolic. Inherently we are all sinners in this fallen place. Stop reproduction. Let everything biological disintegrate.

However, if you are an atheist or agnostic believing in a shiny distant future of NZI cyborgs, then biological life on Earth today is only a transition period, which means that you can live as a libertine, as much as you want, in total indifference (and boredom), since biology basically doesn’t matter in the long run when we are gradually shifting to machine bodies. The Center for Security and Emerging Technology at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service (Sep, 2020):

China AI-Brain Research

” … One need not subscribe to an AGI scenario to appreciate that AI research alone can entail challenging risks. Here is one scenario, for example, which is plausible over a shorter term—and comes directly from a credible Chinese source:”

“Speaking of the brain-computer interaction of tomorrow, we will move from intelligence [of one type] to intelligence [of another] (从智能而来,到智能而 去). The future is not about replacing human beings with artificial intelligence, but making AI a part of human beings through interconnection and interoperability. A blend of human and computer without barriers is the inevitable end of the future.”

Clinically speaking in an atheistic world you can revel in libertinism, because nothing is special or valuable when the whole of existence is absurd (despite all silly talk about creating your own meaning within a meaningless homicidal universe). But Christianity view earthly life as being partly fallen, so despite religious talk about the body being a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) it’s probably just meant as uplifting talk for romantic couples, encouragement in marriage, because in the big theological picture of things the human body on Earth is partly cursed. In Genesis it’s said that birth is a “punishment” for the first act of sin: “To the woman he said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children.” … To Adam he said … “Cursed is the ground because of you;” …” (Genesis 3:16-17). Birth is disgusting. Once talked with a non-liberal young woman who said that in her non-Western Christian country more people had started realizing that it was not a good idea to have the husband present when giving birth because it’s a risk that it can traumatize him and repel him on a subconscious level, so that he later may feel less physically attracted to his wife. If you love someone there are biological acts you prefer not to see. Earthly life is partly diabolic, partly evil, a “prison” where we get what we asked for: knowledge about good and evil, which includes knowledge about meaninglessness and the absurd when God is (almost) never visibly present. Since earthly life is to a large degree an ungodly “matrix”, a relatively painful “illusion” or “simulation” designed for those Faustian curious souls who want to know good and evil, there is deep down no metaphysical reason to view sex or reproduction as anything but a mundane and fallen phenomenon. Consequently, if you want to revel in sinful libertinism, go ahead. There are much worse sins: murder, torture, genocide. All sins are forgiven if you believe in Christ = a god who has unconditional mercy. Forget about “self-development” or perfected “virtue”. Jesus befriended sinners, not virtuous people. Earth is too messed up and demonic for virtue to survive (in the long run). Earth is a place designed to be destroyed at the end of times, together with our fallen bodies. On Earth – but not in Heaven – we are all “straw dogs” (to use a Daoist concept). Liberation is only possible in Heaven or after we inhabit a new Earth, if there is a biblical God.

Romanticists are deliberate escapists. They clearly see that the world is partly disgusting and that is precisely why they hide this grossness by deliberately not focusing on it. Be attentive to art and poetry instead. But shallow university academics like Richard Dawkins and other emotionally retarded ultra-liberals think it’s necessary to display in full daylight the disgusting, depressing, gruesome, horrifying and ultimately very boring aspects of earthly life. Fine, let’s pornify everything. Let’s all have orgies in the streets, 24/7. Let it all hang out. And then we get bored and apathetic and pathetic. When everything is equal without any difference you only end up in a state of indifference.

Let’s have free and paid sex, do it like animals. In the big (theological) picture it doesn’t matter, nothing here on this fallen Earth matters. Our planet is just a bus station where we are waiting (for God). Birth and reproduction? Stop it, said St. Paul. Live as monks and nuns. But if we all do that, humanity on Earth will go extinct. Which shows that earthly life basically sucks even from a Christian perspective.

To speed up the process toward Judgement Day, if such a day exists, don’t fight libertinism, wokeness or mass immigration. Encourage it. Accelerate it. Let ultra-liberals have everything they want. Things will then fall apart quicker, if the Bible is correct. Let’s be done with it, once and for all, either because of a total collapse (when ultra-liberality self-destructs) or through a transition to very advanced (NZI) cyborgs.

But I’m only willing or able to adapt to our relatively new libertine mob environment because I’m a two-layered cultural conservative: a cultural conservative on a deep emotional level while being a Mercurian freethinker on an intellectual level, unlike monolithic cultural conservatives who think dogmatically in an axiomatic way similar to how chemistry and microbiology also follow from basic principles, so that this rigid and inflexible thought structure increases the risk of a chem/bio attack on libertine coastal states in America.

A two-layered Mercurian cultural conservative is able to compartmentalize emotions, up- and down-regulate them, with intricate granularity (to use fancy psychology jargon) and put them on ice when the environment requires it. When in Rome behave as the Romans do, cf St. Ambrose and Acts 22:25. But a majority of cultural conservatives are made of one block of rock, more or less. Many of them are axiomatic and monolithic in their thinking and identity. This fits an axiomatic science such as chemistry or chemical biology. It’s therefore not strange that intelligent but one-dimensional radical conservatives sometimes get advanced university degrees in the hard sciences or math-based engineering. It only takes one such person with a degree in virology to start a manmade epidemic or pandemic.

Like any other individual with normal empathy I feel and therefore also view the use of chem/bio weapons as being a demonic or diabolic tactic. But an intelligent Christian zealot may think that these weapons are angelic. In Revelation 16:2 we can read in the King James Bible:

“And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.”

New International Version tells the story in a slightly different manner:

“The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.”

I write about the risk of bioterrorism because the Internet is already recklessly full of information about it and because I’m open to the possibility that starting a very lethal outbreak is maybe extremely difficult even when having a master’s degree in relevant virology and biotech, since Western intelligence agencies don’t appear to be worried about it when deliberately provoking cultural conservatives, as seen here and here.

On the other hand, there are so many incompetent and overconfident gamblers in CIA and MI6 – as revealed in all their failed harebrained wars from Iraq to Syria – so it does not surprise me at all that these guys are so fixated on genitals and bedroom politics that they no longer notice or care about the growing chem/bio risk.

SIS is the Sociopathic Insecurity Service in England fighting to secure the decadent prosperity of the City of London. When corrupt intelligence agencies have whacked priorities don’t expect that their threat assessments or policies will have improved after mistakes in the past, cf Why Intelligence Fails by Robert Jervis. However, if they are repeatedly lucky when playing Russian roulette, humanity may one day realize an Eden for cyborgs. Yay. In the meanwhile indulge freely in the Western corrupt democracies of porn. When governments don’t care about global risks, not even after Covid-19, why should you? Let it rot until it implodes under its own weight.

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