If libertinism and wokeness attract immigrant AI talents to America, then let’s have more of it

After the paradigm shift on drone-surveillance.info my new sweet fantasy (despite criticism of AI hype) is that Big Tech in the West or East create NZI cyborgs.

So even though the Romanticist in me dislikes tacky libertinism and one can from an ethical viewpoint criticize the dangerous polarizing effect that wokeness has on societies I will nevertheless focus naively on the big and grand picture of the GT-MAFIA hopefully designing NZI cyborgs in a distant future, maybe 112 or 911 years from now.

In order to create NZI cyborgs as fast as technically possible we need AI geniuses and talented biotech engineers who can realize this utopian dream. But many of them are on the Asperger (autism) spectrum or relatively close to it, cf NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman. Many others are just somewhat (extra)ordinary neuroscientists, statisticians, psychiatrists etc. A majority in this distinguished class of tech geniuses and impressive academics are not into Romanticism but instead prefer the materialistic Enlightenment tradition where libertinism is a concept referring to physical objects (organic bodies) in non-reproductive transactional motion. Especially male scientists enjoy that and some are willing to pay for it. We also observe that some of these libertine academics can arguably appear hypocritical and self-contradictory when at the same time defending or not speaking up against wokeness and the “safe spaces” of today’s feminism. But we are all hypocrites. I’m awfully hypocritical myself. Will therefore simply point out and describe irrational ape tendencies in all of us without throwing stones in a glass house. The only thing that’s important from the perspective of creating NZI cyborgs is that Aspergers and other relevant scientists in Big Tech get the social habitat they need in order to be happy, safe and relaxed when opening up their minds to creativity. If they need to live in a society of libertinism and wokeness to function optimally in this regard, then I will curb my Romanticism, in a disillusioned and realistic manner, since a post-conservative West seems unavoidable in any case. But this post-human sanguinity presupposes that educated woke libertines with high IQ deliver what they promise in a distant future: cyborgs that are more or less in the vicinity of NZI.

Without searching much around I have so far not seen clear undoubtable proof that China or Russia is trying to sow discord in America by “weaponizing wokeness“, though one can assume it happens, more or less (maybe similar to Russia supporting the alt-right). But from the perspective of the NZI paradigm there is perhaps reason to focus on the advantages if or when this kind of meddling actually occurs:

1) to motivate intelligent primates and trigger energy in them it can to some extent be helpful to give them an enemy, abroad or domestic, which can only be defeated if you are very creative when designing technical countermeasures. Elon Musk, for example, says that the purpose of Neuralink is to equip humans with the ability to stop dangerously advanced AI in the future. Trump is an ape intelligence today which can activate enough adrenaline in lefty “snowflake” Aspergers and politically correct tech engineers to boost their will to creativity. For them, in today’s hyper-polarized society, a single news clip of Trump is like a microdose of adrenaline, an alternative to Red Bull.

2) ultra-liberal Big Tech will soon have enough surveillance power in a (relatively) cashless West to crush and weed out all conservative resistance, so if China (and Russia) at the same time contribute to spreading libertinism and wokeness in America, but without managing to balkanize and destroy the US, then it may eventually create an environment where AI tech geniuses can safely flourish like never before.

One drawback, a bit of a downer: California spreading libertine wokeness all over the planet to areas where it enrages radical conservatives with WMD aspirations is like playing Russian roulette, but the worst that can happen when moving fast and breaking cultural things in a way that infuriates some people is that we end up at square one: the Stone Age. The Romanticist in me can live with that, kind of.

Fortunately, the behaviorists and organizational psychologists at Big Tech are smart enough to give their highly talented workers much pep and “uppers” while shielding them from unsafe and perhaps a bit demotivating websites like drone-surveillance.info In a cancel culture where you risk getting fired if being politically incorrect online it’s easy to nudge people away from occasionally dreary facts and the not always upbeat arguments here on DSI, and that shielding is really a good thing in our particular context, as described in this article, because Big Tech and I now share the same goal basically: keep AI tech geniuses happy and very motivated, so that NZI cyborgs may one day populate the Earth.

If you get a feeling that what I describe above is absurd, then you have a healthy response to Big Tech developments today. I’ve reluctantly decided to go along with it, since not enough people mobilize against this Brave New World anyway. But when assessing how my sincere NZI dream is tainted with irony please remember that I’m not the one who has created 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution), not the one who jokingly declares himself emperor of Mars when seriously trying to colonize this relatively small desert planet with a mean surface temperature of -82 °F, −63 °C, though it can reach about 20 °C, down to −153 °C or -243 °F at the poles. Tim Pool think Starlink is cool, but Martin Rees is not full of joy:

Be wary of Elon Musk despoiling the ‘vault of heaven’

Elon Musk’s plans for life on Mars are a ‘dangerous delusion’, says British chief astronomer

But our fallen Earth has always been the lunatic asylum of the universe, since the dawn of time, with no golden age except perhaps (nomadic) tribal life in the Stone Age before all continents became populated. So now I’m in the mood for something new. Escapism in the Romanticist tradition would still have been my first emotional choice, deep down, but this path has been derailed by vulgar high-tech modernity. If you prefer the Enlightenment tradition however the best option is to teach children an agnostic and apolitical version of vipassana meditation at school instead of educating them to become economic machines and consumer junkies. The woke techno-enlightenment of Silicon Valley is like crossing the river to drink water: an unnecessary detour if the goal is real enlightenment (non-religious nibbana). Because the secular and psychological principles of this path was basically discovered 2500 years ago, in Bodh Gaya (India). On the other hand, since people seem to believe it’s almost a natural law that Big Tech in the West & East shall rule the entire world, and the billionaires of the GT-MAFIA want to play “Bodhisattvas” saving humanity through electronic rewiring of future brains, then that’s very new too. The utopia of National Socialism ended in millions of deaths. The dream of a Communist utopia also killed millions of people. But now it’s different because we have Musk and Zuckerberg to guide us. Third time lucky.

In a way you can say WW3 is the worst outcome if the 4IR experiment fails, but wars happen and humanity has in common with cockroaches that we always survive, so I’m game if the high rollers in Big Tech corporations put everything on the line in a great tech leap forward into cyborg paradise. Even cynics however should worry about what might happen if we don’t realize a digital “protopia” and don’t start WW3 but instead go down the slippery road to an inescapable global prison of surveillance run by tyrants and failed narrow AI. The first step in this direction is militant woke thought police in courts and “programmable money” in the new global economy:

Warning: The Currency Reset Is Happening


The Rise of Totalitarianism in the West – Lessons from Survivors of Soviet Persecution

Canadian Dad ARRESTED For Not Using His Own Child’s’ Pronouns, This Is INSANITY

Norway’s Supreme Court sentences 50-year-old woman to 36 days of prison for hate speech

The first terrorists were “liberals” during the French Revolution. Robespierre gave his opponents the option to choose virtue or death. For more on this read Choosing Terror by Marisa Linton (Oxford University Press, 2013). But militant or militarized wokeness (in the court system) is different from a moderate version of it that doesn’t involve physical violence or imprisonment. It’s also different from consistent criticism of power. If libertinism and moderate wokeness is the new culture that our brightest tech minds need to feel safe and blossom, then I’m not going to waste time and energy on pointlessly trying to stop this mega-trend in the West. As long as cultural conservatives don’t get their act together it’s better at my age, with no kids, to simply let curiosity trigger dopamine when exploring what might happen next and enjoy dark humor when being on the Big Tech rollercoaster.

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