Tim Pool is tired of being a Jeremiah, so he recommends leaving woke “police-defunded” cities


Rioting ERUPTS After Derek Chauvin Found GUILTY On All Charges, Conviction Is NOT Justice Say BLM

Tim got it easy, since he’s a freethinker leaning toward rightwing libertarianism, so without much ideological friction he could simply leave “Democrat” cities and set up shop in a rural conservative area. Lots of that in heartland America, depending on how you define “conservative”. But if you are a conservative Christian in Western Europe, in secular neoliberal Norway for example where not even rural people care about cultural conservatism, then you have to learn Russian and get a (dual) citizenship in Russia to live in a state without libertinism and wokeness.

Have tried to learn Russian, but it’s very difficult, and in some regards I’m such a brazen hyper-individualistic and idiosyncratic wild card that maybe the Russians don’t want to be associated with me. Russia is Norway’s neighbor, and I support all cultures in Northern Europe – especially the Sami nation that should have its own state if it wants to – which means that living in Russia is in harmony with the kind of northern “pan-nationalism” that I personally happen to like subjectively and idiosyncratically.

But how can an hyper-individualist live in authoritarian Russia? A genuine freethinker can live in any community without losing his/her independence. Lots of free spirits in Russia under the tzars: Kropotkin, Bakunin and Turgenev. For some unknown reason I subjectively prefer a Christian jailbird called Dostoyevsky, the greatest author in world history. Solzhenitsyn is also an Orthodox Christian hero, an Old Believer to put it more precisely.

Damn, I wish I was a libertarian. But some are neurologically born as Romanticists, with a chemistry that can never co-exist with libertine wokeness, no matter how much you try to combine the two. Consequently, if almost nobody in the West are combatting ultra-liberal CorpStates, then either abandon Romanticism completely and never look back or become a citizen in Russia.

What about surveillance in Russia? I discuss this here:


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