External AI threats will probably unify Pentagon, making it easier for America to weather domestic US sectarianism

The New York Times:

Why Political Sectarianism Is a Growing Threat to American Democracy

“American democracy faces many challenges: New limits on voting rights. The corrosive effect of misinformation. The rise of domestic terrorism. Foreign interference in elections. Efforts to subvert the peaceful transition of power. And making matters worse on all of these issues is a fundamental truth: The two political parties see the other as an enemy.”

“It’s an outlook that makes compromise impossible and encourages elected officials to violate norms in pursuit of an agenda or an electoral victory. It turns debates over changing voting laws into existential showdowns. And it undermines the willingness of the loser to accept defeat — an essential requirement of a democracy.”

Since people today don’t support non-AI military alternatives to the AI defense system proposed by Washington and Big Tech it’s likely that new AI drone warfare abroad (seen in the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 2020) will be an external threat keeping the US military together despite hyper-polarization in America. The military will then also keep the United States together. We might see an American version of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, maybe even a domestic low-intensity war (defined as one thousand people killed annually in a conflict) but our generation of white people are so egotistical, spoiled and atomized that a full-scale civil war is probably not going to happen (unless a beyond extraordinary divisive event occurs in America).

If no major disaster stops business as usual in America, then one can predict that the culture war in the US will gradually disappear within 2040 or 2050 maybe, when old traditionalists have died. Cultural conservatism is probably on a path to extinction. This destruction is most likely unavoidable despite John Mearsheimer’s claim that nationalism usually prevails over liberalism:

The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities | SOAS University of London

If current trends of mass immigration continues while the mega-trend of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) seems unstoppable it’s almost “predetermined” that if no large war, new pandemic or biological attacks are able to destroy Big Tech in today’s fragmented world disorder of libertine 4IR multiculturalism then we’ll see even more clearly in the West that real ethno-nationalism is eroded from within, becoming an empty shell of nationalism, replaced by the tribalism of ultra-liberal woke “civic patriotism”. Wikipedia:

“Civic nationhood is a political identity built around shared citizenship within the state. Thus, a “civic nation” is defined by not language or culture but political institutions and liberal principles, which its citizens pledge to uphold. Membership in the civic nation is open to anyone who shares those values.”

The Internet may become temporarily splintered during Cold War 2, but American coastal states are likely to reach AI supremacy first. Libertine woke Big Tech will then conquer the world and re-unify the Internet (if China or Russia doesn’t just blow it all up in a nuclear war).

Big Tech on the American coasts may experience setbacks, or what may appear to outsiders as being a weakening of Big Tech, as seen here, but 4IR developments during Cold War 2 will not be (significantly) stopped by regulations, since Big Government and Big Tech have merged in the West, more or less.

The truth is the first casualty in war, so we can’t necessarily trust Big Governments when they say in corporate media that Big Tech in America and Europe will be properly regulated during Cold War 2, at least not regulated in a significant manner that undoubtably favors privacy or cultural conservatism. Though antitrust measures will break up Big Tech if more competition is deemed to give Western corporate states an advantage in the global 4IR arms race.

If no cataclysmic event destroys libertine woke Big Tech one can say that human beings are now almost “destined” to become cyborgs living under a global AI surveillance regime. Because if nobody stops 4IR developments it’s only a question of time before tech engineers create advanced cyborgs and superior AI, if that is technically possible, and they will conquer the world, in a way similar to how humans replaced Neanderthals. But original humanity is brutal, red in tooth and nail, so it might in some ways be an improvement if we manage in a distant future to gradually upgrade the mind/brain more and more until scientists have finally created NZI cyborgs.

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