Emergencies can force Big Tech to be innovative (in a way perhaps “aligned” with conservative interests)

WW2 forced scientists to speed up the creation of nuclear technology, during the Manhattan Project. Emergencies have always forced human beings to be innovative. The Cold War motivated engineers to create the first version of the Internet. The Washington Post: “The Internet, born as a Pentagon project during the chillier years of the Cold War …”

But when new major inventions also create negative circumstances that are unavoidable one can either whine about it forever or look at the silver lining and learn to take the good with the bad. AI drones and (military) IoT surveillance are now practically unavoidable because these systems have already been deployed in the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 2020. Since people refuse to build alternative non-AI military defensive systems, we just have to reluctantly accept that AI networks are here to stay. This reality has led to a paradigm shift on drone-surveillance.info (DSI), so now I try to focus on the (indirect/unintended) positive effects that will perhaps be the end result of Big Tech’s absurd quest for AI cyborgs.

Big Tech’s desire to create AI cyborgs will probably result in either one of these two future scenarios: 1) if the quest is a complete success it will most likely lead to NZI cyborgs sooner or later, presupposing that it’s technically possible, because only NZI can remove suffering caused by biology, or 2) the drive toward AI supremacy in Cold War 2 ends in WW3 or a similar cataclysmic event – perhaps WMD terrorism against Big Tech, a manmade synthetic pandemic for example – so that surviving remnants of original humanity have to rebuild afterward.

Digression: when trying to find ways to really go beyond biology-related suffering it’s helpful to reflect upon the word “dukkha”, a very nuanced concept referring to all kinds of suffering and dissatisfaction. Even conservative Christians can use this concept taken from Buddhism if viewing the latter as nothing more than a non-religious psychological guide for secular meditation, as described in The Bodhisattva’s Brain: Buddhism Naturalized by the atheist Owen Flanagan.

The creation of NZI cyborgs is totally incompatible with cultural conservatism based on the old paradigm of Romanticism, cf The Roots of Romanticism by Isaiah Berlin. Fortunately, there is a version of cultural conservatism that is not earthbound and not attached to Nature: rightwing Christians who only focus on Heaven, who claim that we are in the world but not of the world (John 17:15-21). From the viewpoint of this high-minded and rather detached version of conservative Christianity it’s not entirely bad if Big Tech creates NZI cyborgs, because NZI is post-animalistic and therefore beyond libertine wokeness.

It’s ironic that Big Tech undermines or transcends it’s own ideology of libertine wokeness by trying to create perfect cyborgs, because if this invention is technically possible the nature of the mind will eventually force scientists to gradually remove all psychological suffering (dukkha) until we finally end up with NZI. The latter is close to pure mind, almost without any biology at all, except the brain that cannot feel physical pain. This purity is in one way actually “aligned” with protestant puritanism.

The other possible outcome of Big Tech playing God is that it all blows up and maybe kills over 99% of humanity in a worst case scenario. But hundred million (or ten million) humans will then still survive. They can rebuild after a pandemic or a nuclear winter. This will be a return to very traditionalistic conservatism: the Stone Age. Just protect the last Bible. As seen in The Book of Eli.

Because of 1) or 2) described above the fatalist in me doesn’t care that much if great emergencies force Big Tech to accelerate to a reckless high-speed development of AI cyborgs.

From the viewpoint of 1) and 2) mentioned above it’s no point getting upset if ultra-liberal Big Tech increases the spread of libertinism and LBGT on a global level. Instead look at it fatalistically in this way:

The increased global distribution of libertinism and spread of LGBT will predictably cause a rightwing reaction, increasing the risk of ultra-conservative WMD terrorism. The employees of Big Tech will therefore work extremely hard to develop better surveillance and more effective defensive AI drones that can stop bioterrorism. But growing tech power in the West creates a security dilemma which motivates China and Russia to spend more resources on the R&D of AI cyborgs. This additional threat from the East will inspire scientists and engineers in the West to work even harder on winning the global AI race. All this frantic activity will probably lead to either NZI cyborgs or trigger a cataclysmic event destroying Big Tech (and today’s decadent civilizations). Consequently, you can in one way claim that the absurd tragedy known as the libertine and woke “fourth industrial revolution” in the West might in the future be a “win-win situation” if you are a highly reflective and very stoic conservative survivalist focusing on long-term developments. It might not take that long at all if the AI-tech arms race related to conflicts in Ukraine and Taiwan spin totally out of control. We can be back in the Stone Age before you know it:

Ready for nuclear holocaust with Russia over Ukraine?

The complexity of bioterrorism makes it basically impossible to calculate the probability of a manmade outbreak happening, but given new developments in 2021 it’s reasonable to assume that the annual risk is either relatively high, maybe 50%, or pretty low, around 1-5%, depending on which variables you take into account. Knowing the exact percentage is not that important in our context. The main point is that Big Tech is already in a relative state of emergency after Bill Gates said that climate changes and bioterrorism are the two next crises he worries about in the future. The fear of rightwing bioterrorism will be enough to accelerate high-tech developments related to all kinds of countermeasures: street surveillance, anti-virus chips in the body and so on. But all this innovation presupposes that the leaders of Big Tech and the CEOs of the Western entertainment industry don’t simply end the culture war between woke libertines and cultural conservatives. Since it’s this war that significantly increases the risk of bioterrorism in the first place. But many corporate leaders appear to view wokeness as a spiritual awakening, so it’s very unlikely that hyper-polarization will be reduced in America and Europe. All the extreme risks associated with hyper-polarization will therefore be with us for a long time. Since nothing can be done about it, moderate conservatives may consider the wisdom of putting their own cultural aspirations on ice while this absurd transition in human history plays itself out. Because no matter the final outcome the end result will probably be relatively “aligned” with some aspects of the conservative mentality, such as NZI “puritanism” beyond animality and biology.

On the other hand, it’s so difficult to predict the future that maybe the chance of developing NZI cyborgs is only around 16.66 %. The risk of dying when playing Russian roulette with a revolver that has six chambers is 16.66%. Perhaps this number is also the probability that the human race will self-destruct if the AI cyborg experiment fails catastrophically.

Or maybe humanity ends up in a limbo state of misguided tech developments which trap everyone in unescapable suffering caused by AI governing a perfect 1984. So if you don’t share my new naive optimism regarding the possibility of one day creating NZI cyborgs it might be “smart” to jump into the culture and surveillance war right now, and “fight like hell”, but I doubt it will improve anything (unless you think burning everything down to the ground is an improvement).

It’s strange times when some conservatives sing along to Chumbawamba: Give the Anarchist a Cigarette.

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