An opinion in Wall Street Journal turns wokeness into a “religion”

Biden toned down wokeness during a telephone call with Putin, which is good since moderate liberality is only about defending every individual’s basic judicial rights independently of his or her group identity. I support moderate/classical liberality, also when communicating with Russia of course, so it’s good to see indications that Biden is perhaps dropping ultra-liberality. Or is he just “outsourcing” wokeness to private corporations, letting them do the work for him?

It’s fascinating that soberness is not present in some areas of Big Business. Relatively many corporate leaders, but not all, appear to feel that wokeness is a spiritual calling, to such an extent that even Wall Street Journal takes this view seriously enough to let it be printed in their newspaper:

CEOs Lead America’s New Great Awakening

“Their political activism on behalf of voting rights will help bring about a spiritual revival.”

“As they did recently over gun safety, immigration, climate change, social justice and the infamous bathroom bills, major business leaders have protested new voter-restriction efforts in state legislatures. I am proud to have had a role in helping trigger some of this activity. Critics have mocked such civic engagement with headlines like “Woke CEOs’ Foolhardy Bid To Shape Voting Laws” or “Woke and Weak CEOs.” This business awakening shouldn’t be ridiculed but celebrated as the rediscovery of a misunderstood pillar of America’s industrial greatness.” (…)

“Ensuring social cohesion in democracy is part of a CEO’s job of managing the strategic environment. No CEO wants finger-pointing employees dealing with hostile consumers and communities—even if “wedge” issues are appealing to Republican politicians with a divide-and-conquer plan for staying in office.” (…)

“Speaking up is also part of the job. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan all spoke to issues outside the shop. The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer found that 92% of employees expect their CEO to speak out on issues of the day. Surveys have found CEOs are among the most trusted voices in society today.” (…)

“Amid such threats last week, I contacted 120 CEOs to meet last weekend for a rapid-response crisis caucus. Ninety of them called in—from finance to pharmaceuticals, transportation to technology, manufacturing to healthcare, retail to professional services. Despite favoring a range of solutions, their spirit was defiant against politicians trying to muzzle them. They rallied to support one another, especially those with the courage to have stood up first, as well as to fortify their roles in ensuring the harmonious society and functioning democracy that vibrant markets need.”

“Civil-rights legend Andrew Young once told me his successes in voting-rights battles between 1954 and 1963 relied on the voluntary support of Southern business in advance of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. “Believe it or not,” Mr. Young said, “I almost have more faith in business than I have in the church, politics or anything else I do. And the reason is there is more freedom and more courage in our free-enterprise system.””

“American religious history produced four Great Awakenings—and now American business is sparking a fifth spiritual awakening.”

I am biased in this case because I’m a conservative Christian, supporting this initiative by Putin though criticizing all cases of human right abuses in Russia and in all Western states too, including Norway. Listen to Beate Jahn in this interesting video if you want some really hard-hitting criticism of liberal states:

World on the Edge”: the crisis of the Western liberal order | LSE Online Event

Nevertheless, given the general absurdity on Earth plus the overwhelming might and power of apparently irresistible globalized corporations I have now retreated to detached amusement when simply observing the wokeness of some American companies. More unelected chefs and cooks in the political kitchen can certainly make Western democracies more entertaining and perhaps improve them a bit too, in some regards, depending on how you look at it. It can in any case become very interesting when spiritual passion and woke fervor are mixed together. It sends a clear message to rightwing Christians and other cultural conservatives around the world. They probably freak out.

Chilling it with a dream of NZI cyborgs

Whatever you may think about the culture war it’s obvious that immigrants who are tech geniuses are necessary if the US and the West are going to build a Brave New World of cyborgs with AI that can beat China’s 1984. Since a part of me is now a NZI cyborg fanboy, I can from this perspective dig every opportunity to accelerate the progress toward post-animalistic cyborgs that are beyond primitive biology-related dualities such as “libertinism” vs “anti-libertinism”.

NZI may only be created in the next century or the one after that. In the meanwhile the realist in me stoically recognizes that corporations cleverly hide behind political correctness when they in fact just want more immigrants as cheap labor. If the voting laws of real Republicans are cancelled, immigrants can easily vote for ultra-liberal “Democrats” in between long and unpredictable business hours. Some corporations are willing to use economic threats, in addition to flashing the authority and social status of their CEOs, in an attempt to force through political decisions in various conflicts that are beyond their business expertise. Microsoft’s president Brad Smith:

Why we are concerned about Georgia’s new election law

“Just last month, Microsoft shared its decision to invest substantially in Atlanta. …” (…)

“… the law makes it harder for voters even to access a drop box after normal business hours. This will make it particularly challenging for people who work multiple jobs or long hours, who face transportation challenges, or who have multiple caregiving responsibilities.” (…)

“And while people rightly have focused on the impact of this provision on people of color, we’d add its negative impact on employees who sometimes must take unexpected business trips to take care of customers.” (…)

“We hope that companies will come together and make clear that a healthy business requires a healthy community.”

Making life easier for both immigrant tech geniuses and the cheap labor that provide them with food and mundane services is definitely important when the ultimate goal is to create (NZI) cyborgs as quickly as possible. The R&D for replacing original humanity is expensive. It’s therefore good from a NZI cyborg perspective that Big Tech gets more economic power, as seen here for example:

Bill Gates: America’s Top Farmland Owner

Libertine woke corporations know common people better than I do. As a hobby-zoologist I study violent carnivores, not sheep, and therefore I know relatively little about the “silent majority”. Will not categorically deny that spreading libertinism and wokeness on a global scale can perhaps make sense if 1) Big Tech and the entertainment industry on American coasts are reckless gamblers willing to risk war and hyper-terrorism when LGBT propaganda and streamed sexual exploitation of women provoke elites of cultural conservatives all over the world, and 2) ultra-liberal CEOs and billionaires knowingly accept this risk because their first priority is to gradually convert the global “silent majority” to a new lifestyle of libertinism and wokeness.

The Neuralink cyborg program of Elon Musk can take advantage of increased budgets and subsidies if Starlink for example brings in more money through the distribution of libertine content and by catering to all minority groups around the world. In non-Western countries this may perhaps lead to some rightwing attempts at boycotting Starlink, in the beginning at least, but the current generation of conservative “silent majorities” outside America and Europe will gradually disappear by 2050 or 2075. So perhaps it’s rational enough for ultra-liberal corporations to gamble and hope that their libertine woke strategy will be effective in the long run. If this strategy brings in enough money to fund and subsidize cyborg research which may lead to NZI in 2222 for example, then I will for the most part be generally stoic about this absurd but relatively “positive” development.

Woke corporatists are gamblers in an unpredictable game

Leaders of multinational corporations will hopefully not ignore the probability of triggering a violent reaction when getting involved in partisan politics in a hyper-polarized society:

1) stopping new voting laws that are rightly or wrongly perceived as discriminating colored people can be good PR for global corporations that want to sell products to non-white customers. The conflict about voting laws is so intellectually abstract that it alone will probably not trigger enough emotions to motivate rightwing terrorism.

2) supporting mass immigration, verbally attacking white people and asking them to be less white can improve the reputation of global corporations in countries and areas not inhabited by (descendants) of North Europeans while not significantly increasing today’s current risk of far-right (WMD) terrorism, as long as white people remain too pacified to fight like they once did in the past.

3) spreading normal libertine content via global entertainment infrastructure (Starlink etc) may not trigger too much resistance in non-Western people who belong to the “silent majority”, though all real cultural conservatives will be somewhat radicalized by it, definitely increasing the risk of (WMD) terrorism if it’s produced by people linked to illegal libertinism.

4) using games and entertainment to spread LGBT propaganda all over the world is the most risky strategy because it will really provoke radical cultural conservatives, triggering disgust in them – which is arguably the most deadly emotion – and motivate an extremely tiny minority of them to become terrorists, as seen in Orlando 2016.

But if the goal of corporations is to create risky situations that will force common people to think that more surveillance is necessary to stop rightwing terrorism, then it’s instrumentally rational to speed up the libertine woke crusade globally. This surveillance makes it easier to get data which can be used to train AI, and the more you know about common people the easier it becomes to sell goods and services. Generating money and increasing AI power in this fashion may (indirectly) give cutting-edge companies like Neuralink more resources to develop (NZI) cyborgs when they are subsidized by their parent corporations.

Creating NZI cyborgs is a development that a part of me can support 100%. It will therefore be fascinating to see whether libertine woke corporations either succeed or cause violent counteractions (that decimate humanity in a worst case scenario).

Even the most extreme gamble can be instrumentally rational if high-functioning psychopathic CEOs focus on the positive aspects of a catastrophe, for example if they don’t mind that a manmade synthetic pandemic kills 20% – 80% of humanity in overpopulated societies. Depopulation is good for the environment… Never let a disaster go to waste.

We are sometimes dealing with fearless political leaders and financial gamblers (venture capitalists) who are basically in the same category as the Americans who dropped the atomic bomb and created the MAD doctrine, so the risk of ending up in a worst case scenario of rightwing hyper-terrorism might not scare them enough to give up the libertine woke crusade. But if these “spiritually awakened” corporatists are lucky, they may actually save humanity, in a distant future, when having enough data and resources to build NZI cyborgs. So, do you feel lucky?

I’m pretty good at brinkmanship myself, so it will be hypocritical to engage in moralism when pointing out the fact that libertine woke corporations are gambling with the future of humanity (in a worst case scenario). But why not gamble? If woke libertines lose it all, remnants of original humanity can rebuild. So why not risk potentially everything when trying to achieve something completely new (i.e. NZI cyborgs) after dozens of millennia with human suffering in a merciless biological world of pain and death?

If entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have a 16.66% chance of creating NZI and a 16.66% risk of annihilating humanity when rolling a dice, it will be very exciting to watch how it goes, especially when the risk of extinction is perhaps much higher.

At my age I’m in it for the excitement, at least until enough people stand up and resist Big Tech, a “reactionary” dream that will probably never come true, since people of our generation are too selfish or just cowards. The second best option is then to hope that NZI cyborgs will be created in a distant future. Naively indulging in happy thoughts about this utopia is my guilty pleasure today. Tech escapism is just as good as any political dream about “great spiritual awakenings” presented in Wall Street Journal.

Fear the violent reaction to a spiritual crusade

After excessive musings in this article please remember one thing: even though I have sincerely changed my view of Big Tech it has of course not changed the fact that rightwing authoritarian regimes and activists who are still moderate or radical cultural conservatives will see it as an escalation in the culture war when Wall Street Journal published an opinion article that basically turns wokeness into a religion, a spiritual awakening. This mix of politics and spirituality can lead to a crusader mentality. Compromise is less likely when you bring (secular) religion into politics. Describing a political project as a spiritual awakening creates the impression that adherents of this project are missionaries. People expect that from rightwing Christians. The wisdom and prudence of classical liberals can defuse zealotry, but moderation is probably not on the horizon when ultra-liberals believe that wokeness is a spiritual goal or a secular utopian objective.

That the article in WSJ starts with referring to Milton Friedman – one of the academic fathers of crusading neoliberalism; a man who cooperated with Pinochet to create the first instance of deregulated and globalized “market states” in the 1970s and onward – makes the new development of woke corporatism pretty disturbing if you happen to be a cultural conservative opposed to the destructive creativeness of this borderless extreme “capitalism” that only ends with corporations ruling the world, as described here (or use this link here if the other one doesn’t work).

Michael Shermer, the editor of Skeptic, has written the book Heavens on Earth where he criticizes the secular “religion” of Ray Kurzweil and other singularitarians who believe that humanity can be transcended via computer technology. Kurzweil wrote The Age of Spiritual Machines, a bestseller translated into 9 languages. Wikipedia:

“He maintains the news website, which has over three million readers annually.[7]”

“Kurzweil has been employed by Google since 2012, where he is a director of engineering.”

Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff criticizes the utopianism of Big Tech and its faith that progress is inevitable: “Silicon Valley is the axis mundi of inevitabilism.” (The Age of Surveillance Capitalism).

The spread of Big Tech infrastructure is not inevitable. But when highly energetic type A personalities and mono-manic geeks from all over the world decide to work together in Silicon Valley and Seattle/Bellevue, then it’s difficult for dispersed cultural conservatives and the unorganized “silent majority” on Earth to stop this very intense and focused onslaught.

Combine the happy cult of tech with the spiritual awakening of wokeness and the result is a workforce that will almost act like pre-programmed machines when trying to conquer the world. Ultra-liberal tech supremacy is a mega-trend similar to when Christianity spread across the planet. Average cultural conservatives are too atomized and fragmented to stop it. If a counter-force ever stops libertine woke Big Tech it will probably be cataclysmic. I honestly don’t have the stomach for that. It’s like selling your soul to the Devil. Better to just observe it all.

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