A new paradigm different from both cultural conservatism and libertine woke Big Tech surveillance

To better understand this article first read about the paradigm shift on drone-surveillance.info (DSI) if you have not done so already.

It’s only because of the new military situation, described in the linked article above, that I have reluctantly decided to fundamentally change perspective on surveillance and libertine wokeness. But a change of paradigm will always go very deep, since it’s a change of perspective at the roots of things, so this article will be philosophical and metaphysical. If you are not interested in going that deep you can just skip what I’m writing below.

The new paradigm of DSI is to kind of focus more on the positive aspects of surveillance, but this focus is different from both 1) endorsing Big Tech, and 2) being anti-surveillance, because the new perspective is based on the stoic/detached worldview of absurdism, i.e. the apolitical recognition that earthly life is absurd. This view of the earthly world doesn’t exclude the possibility that existence can have deep meaning if there is an afterlife. Religiously I’m still a conservative Christian. Just saying that a fallen Earth is a very absurd place.

Christianity teaches that a worldwide conflict at the end of days is unavoidable. This final war is predetermined, a part of God’s plan. Whether you believe in this religious dogma or not is entirely up to you. I’m simply saying that only life in Heaven is not absurd, which logically implies that even God’s plan here on Earth – if there is a God – involves experiences that will always be partly absurd because of our partly fallen surroundings.

For example, if there is a deeper divine plan behind important developments on Earth, such as the evil rise of Big Tech surveillance, it’s basically little we Christians can do to prevent this development if we really are at the end of days. But this predetermined helplessness can easily be perceived as being absurd, from a human perspective, though Christians will find comfort in it too.

If you have conservative Christianity as your basic worldview it’s not self-contradictory to claim that Lucifer can provide some degree of light in addition to offer many experiences that modern humans on Earth will perceive to be good and positive compared to brutish life in earlier times. Lucifer wants to compete with God and prove that his own fallen realm is equally attractive as Heaven. It’s therefore not strange or inconsistent that a purely evil being can have an interest in giving humans a lot of cool and tempting experiences in order to create the appearance that life on Earth is good. So even from the perspective of a conservative Christian worldview it’s not a problem to just state as a matter of fact that Big Tech surveillance can in some ways also be positive. It can reduce crime for example.

A fallen place like Earth today has its modern comforts and high-tech conveniences which can easily appear good compared to a more primitive lifestyle. Evil men can also do arguably good things. Hitler built the Autobahn. Mussolini destroyed much of the mafia. The 1984 surveillance system in China makes it possible for women to walk safely in the streets at night. Similarly, it’s no point denying the fact that libertine woke Big Tech in American coastal states can have many positive aspects (depending on how you define “positive”).

Christianity is primarily about faith on the deepest emotional level of the heart. Christians therefore don’t view human knowledge as essential. Consequently it’s not a problem from a Christian perspective to play with all kinds of scientific theories and even other worldviews too, but just on a purely intellectual level. You can have deep emotional faith in Jesus being the only savior of humanity while simultaneously having intellectual doubt about it from a scientific perspective.

Science is per definition skeptical about everything, including all religions and all other worldviews, so when you put your science hat on you logically have to be skeptical of Christianity too. That’s just one of the basic rules in the game of science.

Digression: on a religious level I believe that an eternal Hell exists, if Christianity is the correct worldview. If God’s beings have free will and Heaven is eternal, then each being must always have the option to live completely independent of God, so a totally non-divine realm outside Heaven must exist eternally, in the name of free will.

On an intellectual level the scientist in me recognizes the similarities between 1) how conservative Christians describe a fallen Earth, and 2) how absurdists like Camus and Beckett describe life on our planet. To a large degree it’s therefore intellectually possible to switch between these two perspectives while always being emotionally rooted in the Christian faith. Absurdism and Christianity don’t have to be contradictory when only describing earthly life, though these two worldviews can be incompatible on a deeper metaphysical level since absurdism is usually based on atheism.

Digression #2: Beckett “was once asked, when testifying in a libel case, whether he was a Christian, a Jew, or an atheist. “None of the three,” he replied.”

To sum it all up, I have on drone-surveillance.info changed away from the paradigm of culturally conservative Romanticism and ethically inspired militant activism (cf The Roots of Romanticism by Isaiah Berlin). However, it’s not a shift to the paradigm of the Enlightenment tradition. It’s a “quantum leap” to Christian absurdism, a third way beyond Romanticism and Enlightenment.

If there is a God, and if St. Paul described God correctly, we Christian sinners don’t have to worry about anything. No matter what happens, Christ will save us in the end. Everything will be forgiven if you believe in the unconditional love and mercy of God. In the meanwhile here on Earth we can smile and joke about the amusing children slaving for Big Tech in their Enlightenment attempt to eradicate all human suffering on our planet. Intellectually, the scientist in me is always doubtful and skeptical of everything, so from this viewpoint I doubt Christianity, and I doubt that the Enlightenment project will succeed, but science always demands an open mind on an intellectual level, and therefore I have to be open to the possibility that Big Tech might one day be able to create NZI cyborgs. If that happens, in a distant future, we just have to congratulate Big Tech in advance.

It’s in the nature of paradigm shifts that older paradigms may not become fundamentally obsolete. The paradigm of culturally conservative Romanticism and ethically guided militant activism is therefore still relevant and valid in principle, depending on your perspective of course. This paradigm will always be the main enemy of ultra-liberal Big Tech as long as original humans have not been totally replaced by (NZI) cyborgs. Sometimes I will therefore continue to factually describe the war between moderate cultural conservatives and libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes while I personally stay out of this conflict, because of the reasons mentioned above.

The scholar in me view it as the equivalent of a Dadaist spectacle when one observes in America that believers in demons crash with believers in AI cyborgs. Tristan Tzara and Marcel Duchamp would have given it standing ovation.

If being an educated aristocrat your tolerance for bad taste and the surreal has to be very high to mindfully endure life today. Shifting paradigm to anti-natalist absurdism (in the traditions of Beckett and St. Paul) can make it easier to endure it. At least until enough people start to create an alternative to libertine woke Big Tech, an alternative which has to include an effective non-AI military defense system that can withstand all future AI attacks launched by authoritarian regimes, as explained here.

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