The rationality of corporations being woke/libertine, and why that’s arguably a “good” paradigm

To understand this article first read about the paradigm shift on if you have not done so already.

Glenn Greenwald:

Big Corporations Now Deploying Woke Ideology the Way Intelligence Agencies Do: As a Disguise

“By draping itself in the finery of political activism, the corporatist class consolidates political power, corrupts democracy and distracts from its real functions.”

Firstly, being shocked that high-functioning psychopathic CEOs of corporations are Machiavellians exploiting every PR opportunity to get money and power is like being shocked that lions eat zebras.

Have for over two decades argued that one must do more than just verbally complain about oppressive corporations, because it’s like having a civil disobedience protest in front of a pack of lions. They will naturally ignore it and keep eating zebras right in front of the shocked protesters.

I’m done with passive and affluent protesters in the West, be they left- or rightwing, who not only seem to find pleasure in moral outrage but sometimes also get money and fame if writing articles and books about the bad and evil corporations of the world.

Leftwing Greenwald and rightwing Tucker Carlson are basically not changing anything. Because it’s human nature that ca 1-3 % of the population will always be “dark triad” individuals (narcissists, psychopaths and Machiavellians), while roughly 80% constitute the “silent majority” and approximately 1-3% are true idealists like Snowden and Manning for example. The rest of the population either work under the dark triad or try to follow in the footsteps of genuine idealists. In other words, ca 10% of the population belong more or less to the elite hierarchies of the dark triad. In various degrees they don’t mind working for the dark side. The other 10% are the white hat elite of heroes and good guys. These two elites always fight, while the 80 percenters, the sheep, basically just want to be left alone, because they only focus on lawful work and family life. The sheep however are smart or opportunistic enough to usually follow whoever happens to be in charge of the majority. They obey the dark triad when tyrants have power, and they obey the good guys if true idealists manage to climb up the main hierarchy of a society. Tragically, power corrupts, so almost nobody is a genuine idealist any longer once he/she has reached the summit of power in a state.

Human beings are carnivores, the “alpha predators” on Earth. We are apes, living in flocks (tribes), according to science today. You are therefore in denial of reality if being actually shocked when observing 1) the relative aggressive and violent behavior of dark triad individuals, and 2) the relative passivity and indifference of the “silent majority”.

Realistically it’s likely that the best social structure that humans can ever create are constitutional democracies such as the peaceful society we had in Norway in the 1970s. But peace and tranquility is “boring” if you are a highly energetic black hat or white hat individual. It was therefore not strange that also Norway eventually moved away from the provincial peace of a small nation state in the 1970s to becoming a globalist corporate market state engaged in wars abroad and fighting organized crime, immigrant gangs and rightwing terrorists at home.

The rationality of libertine woke Big Tech depends on your goal and perspective

It’s no surprise that global corporations embraced wokeness the moment that the top-down influence of mass media, education and entertainment gave elites the impression that woke libertinism had become the ruling mentality in the West. In one way that was a miscalculation, because we now have a culture war in America and Europe. If the goal is to create peace, stability and freedom in the West it’s irrational to push libertine wokeness into the mainstream culture of the US/EU. A return to moderate liberality and moderate conservatism, in the traditions of Locke/Mill and Edmund Burke, is the wise move, if the objective is to reduce violent conflicts in the West. But when Big Business and Big Government insist on spreading libertinism and wokeness all over the world, no matter how dangerous it is to do that, especially now that educated rightwing terrorists can have relatively easy access to WMDs, it gives one reason to think that maybe this new corporate woke policy is actually rational enough if globalist elites have another goal than rebuilding peace and liberty in America and Europe.

If you look at what Elon Musk and Xi Jinping are doing it seems like the main objective of Big Tech and the Davos elite is to create a global AI cyborg society that will eventually include Mars. This costs money. Libertinism generates a lot of easy money. Giving uneducated and low-information people around the world the impression that corporations stand for “tolerance”, “diversity” and non-white “minority rights” is another way they can attract customers on a global scale.

Educated people know that corporate wokeness is hypocritical, just as it was hypocritical when merchants used Christianity and then liberality to justify the European imperialism that started in 1492. But despite its destabilizing effects in Western states it’s rational enough for global corporations to support wokeness and criticize “white people”, because 1) descendants of North Europeans constitute less than 1/8 of humanity, and 2) the purchasing power of white people has weakened significantly. Consequently, when the goal of global corporations is to sell goods in China, India, Africa and the Middle East it’s effective PR to criticize the perceived oppressors of colored people: ordinary white citizens and their traditional cultures. It takes focus away from the real oppressors, i.e. dark triad elites of all colors and of various immoral shades, be it Genghis Khan, Idi Amin, Hitler, Bezos, Gates or Peter Thiel.

When the corporatist network uses manipulative PR campaigns on a global level to sell more goods they get money to build everything from AI cyborgs to spaceships. This woke PR campaign is very dangerous, like playing Russian roulette, since it can motivate rightwing hyper-terrorists to start a manmade pandemic in an attempt to destroy libertine woke Big Tech and the ultra-liberal entertainment industry. But high-functioning psychopathic CEOs are fearless. Neurologically they lack much of the ability to experience fear. Their amygdalea trigger initially only a sharp but quick spike of adrenaline, as a warning sign or heads-up that a situation is dangerous, but then all fear disappears. Billionaires who are bored and emotionally shallow therefore probably get a kick out of playing Russian roulette, especially when they can live safely on a Pacific island if their global libertine woke AI experiment fails and instead leads to intercontinental war or hyper-terrorism in the West.

Stoic about AI cyborgs

No point being angry or upset when dark triad leaders play dangerous games. That is just what they do, and have always done since psychopaths were fearless hunters killing mammoths in the Stone Age. Personally I’ve learned a long time ago to be relatively stoic about this tragic and bloody fact. Now I try to look at the positive aspects of the new high-tech goal that drives the elites of Davos and Big Tech. For some absurd reason they are obsessed with replacing humans with AI cyborgs and traveling to a barren monotonous planet almost half the size of Earth. Which means that it will not solve the problem of overpopulation and environmentally destructive over-consumption on Earth if billions somehow manage to travel all the way to Mars. But for the elites it seems like that these projects are more fun than collecting stamps. So… in the midst of all this frantic activity one might as well look at the bright side of what Big Tech is doing.

When global elites are fixated on AI, and cyborgs too, it’s a relatively “good” probability – maybe a one out of six chance – that if it’s technically possible to create highly advanced cyborgs, in 2222 maybe, then the result will be positive. The more neuroscientists and bioengineers remove the violent tendencies of human beings, and disable their psychological suffering, by turning off the ability to experience the cortisol stress of boredom for example, the closer will we get to realizing non-zoological intelligence (NZI). After having spent over thirty years studying violence and oppression in human societies and Nature in general I will from a purely secular perspective actually support the creation of post-animalistic intelligence.

Nature is brutal. Red in tooth and claw. Serial killers are the sickest when torturing victims for weeks or months. From a Christian perspective one can say that Earth is a fallen place and that Nature is therefore partly demonic. Christians hope that God will intervene, at the end of days, but in the meanwhile it’s rational and realistic from a secular viewpoint to support the transition to a basically post-biological world, if that is technically possible.

The evil aspects of Big Tech and other libertine woke corporations are undeniable, and that’s a good reason to criticize them, but as long as nobody is actually stopping these companies it’s arguably “better” to accept reality and naively hope that the utopianism of Big Tech will one day, in a distant future, lead humanity to a state of mind beyond animality.

Given the so far irresistible power of ultra-liberal Big Tech one can say that libertinism and hypocritical wokeness are phenomena we just have to endure in the transition from original humanity to something else. In lack of effective resistance to Big Tech why not hope naively that this “something else” is better than biological life today?

Can’t stop libertine woke Big Tech when it becomes the new main foundation of Western militaries

If you disagree with this article, you are of course free to complain about Big Tech as much as you want, on platforms like Gab for example. There you can spend your entire life complaining. Or you can become a dissident journalist and spend eight hours a day on writing complaints. But will all this keyboard activity – on keyboards usually sold by Big Tech – change anything? Probably not.

However, if genuine left- or rightwing idealists manage to create a viable alternative to the AI military defense system proposed by Big Tech in the NSCAI report, an alternative, such as the cobalt atomic defense system, which can stop this threat here, then the realist in me will back down and I’ll return to being an idealist again in the good fight for original humanity.

Having a viable alternative non-AI defense system is crucial because constitutional democracies will not remain free for long if we are not able to deter the new AI-based military force of China and other authoritarian regimes.

The problem with allowing Big Tech on the American coasts to build a new AI military defense system is that mass surveillance in civilian life can probably not be avoided. You can never really know if (factions within) corporations and governments decide to secretly engage in surveillance when private Big Tech companies have merged with the military. The need to detect spies and the fear of being attacked by hackers and domestic (conservative) terrorists will motivate corporate states to increase surveillance, doing it secretly if necessary, with reference to laws like the Patriot Act.

If or when Big Tech is the new main foundation of police forces, intelligence agencies and militaries in the West, it will become impossible to resist the libertinism and wokeness spread globally by the entertainment industry which Big Tech partly controls in America and Europe.

Nevertheless, without a viable non-AI military system it’s just realism to reluctantly take the good with the bad when recognizing that the only defense option left today is the one provided by Big Tech.

However, show me realistic alternatives and I’ll change my mind.

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