How I learned to love surveillance

To understand this article first read about the paradigm shift on if you have not done so already.

It’s a big if, but if Big Tech manages to create cyborgs with non-zoological intelligence (NZI), in 2222 maybe, the minds of these cyborgs will be totally free from animalistic desires and biological needs, with no bodily features/functions to be ashamed of, which means that NZI cyborgs will have nothing to hide and therefore not care about whether surveillance exists or not.

Critics will argue that surveillance will still be dangerous because there are always some minor unknown laws or new laws that you can be punished for if omnipresent surveillance cameras and sensors catch you doing something illegal.

But if NZI actually is the only form of intelligence on Earth, present in absolutely all cyborgs, with no exception, then every citizen and every leader – if leaders exist – will have no animalistic desire to break any laws. Their lives will always be very calm and peaceful, like Christian nuns or Zen meditators.

Furthermore, the AI-enhanced mind/brains of NZI cyborgs will know all laws automatically, reminding each citizen if it’s about to break a minor law unwittingly.

Digression: every NZI cyborg in the future is an “it”, because genders don’t exist beyond animality when the only biological part in each cyborg is an AI-tweaked brain.

Even better: since all citizens are highly enlightened, beyond all the pathetic biology-related conflicts we have now, there will be no need for surveillance.

It’s only in the transition from original humanity to NZI cyborgs that omnipresent surveillance will be an “evil necessity” in order to 1) gather enough data to build an AGI, and 2) secure that hyper-terrorists don’t destroy the progressive techno-dreams of Big Tech.

If the last paragraph above reminds you of Marxists claiming that “the dictatorship of the proletariat is an evil necessity on the path to genuine equality for all human beings in a Communist utopia”, then you are just being pessimistic, in need of a pep talk. Why not have faith in the belief that this time is different? This time “protopia” will really come into existence, because ultra-liberals are, very generally speaking, relatively immune to corruption, unlike all other human beings since the dawn of time.

Since nobody is stopping Big Tech surveillance – partly because citizens are too stupid, or cowards basically, or simply true (educated) believers in technological protopia – I just walk next to this new secular millenarian herd on the road to machine-nirvana and electronic paradise on Earth.

Go Big Tech! 🙂 🙂

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