Cyborgs with non-zoological intelligence (NZI)

Non-zoological intelligence (NZI), is the same as post-animalistic intelligence, a conceptualization of AI-enhanced mind/brains that is meant to be a philosophical/ideological alternative to woke transhumanism while still having the goal of changing original humanity by we one day becoming highly advanced cyborgs in a distant future.

It may take two centuries but that’s just a blink in the history of biological life. The first significant steps to becoming cyborgs have already been taken:

I’m well aware of tech hype and glad people expose it, as seen in this 2021 article for example:

I have one of the most advanced prosthetic arms in the world — and I hate it

“Being a cyborg is cool right now, thanks in large part to gee-whiz media coverage. But actually using a bionic arm can really suck.”

Nevertheless I feel reasonably confident that neuroscientists and bioengineers will have the ability to turn humans into very advanced cyborgs in around 2222. By “advanced” I mean two things:

1) brains and neurological systems tweaked in a way that makes it impossible to experience psychological pain such as the cortisol stress of boredom, thereby calming the mind, which in itself can help people to quickly enter deep meditation or prayer, like jhanas for example or the rapture which Teresa of Avila experienced.

2) having bodies where only AI-tweaked brains are made of organic biological material while the rest is non-organic, so that people can receive warnings when being in danger but never experience physical pain.

1) and 2) will make all animalistic desires unnecessary, since there will be no need to engage in acts of eating or reproduction. Sounds boring? No, because the ability to experience boredom will not exist. Jhanas are better than sex, better than psychedelics. Everyone will be like enlightened Zen monks or Christian nuns, for example. There will be no gender, since all bodies are machines. There will be no races, because machine bodies don’t have organic skin color. Almost all forms of domination and oppression will disappear when cyborgs have painless machine bodies without animalistic desires. Basically, this will be a relatively good post-biological world, arguably a great way of living, depending on your perspective (but it presupposes that Big Tech is willing to create AI cyborgs with the qualities and characteristics recommended here).

If you don’t like the cyborg future described above don’t complain about it to me. I’m not the one building AI cyborgs. Big Tech is doing it, for some unwise reason, but since it’s happening and nobody stops it one might as well go along for the ride, giving positive advice instead of pointlessly complaining about it.

Now I want to accelerate the process toward creating AGI and cyborgs, partly because my “higher self” likes the Christian anti-natalist theology of St. Paul who recommended people to live in celibacy. Non-animalistic cyborgs will not even reflect upon celibacy since natural reproduction will be a thing of the past, something only unprogressive and unenlightened humans did centuries ago.

It is the transition period between original humanity and NZI cyborgs that will be difficult, but either we screw it up big time and fall back to the lifestyle of original human beings (in a post-apocalyptic society after WW3) or maybe we reach the goal which genuine techno-progressives dream of: a cyborg society on Earth without suffering and oppression. The realist in me doubts that high-functioning psychopathic CEOs and Aspergers in Big Tech will be able to reach any type of “protopia”, but since that is the direction they are taking us, without anybody rioting against it, why not enjoy this absurd and surreal ride, as long as it lasts? Being all doom and gloom is monotonous and boring too, so I will instead cheer on all the neuroscientists and AI engineers who are upgrading humans, hopefully in a post-animalistic direction. Since I have always viewed earthly life as an absurdity I can give Big Tech a friendly LOL when I now sit on their bandwagon into some kind of AI cyborg future.

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