Woke libertine Big Tech has won the culture and surveillance war but is not out of the woods yet.

To understand the context of this article here first read:

Why we are at war

And this description of war is not just a metaphor or a hypothetical scenario, not simply an academic theory. Unfortunately, things are beginning to spin out of control in real life partly because of incompetent activists I call “dumb terrorists“:

Man charged with plotting to blow up an Amazon data center

However, being a 70% realist and 30% idealist I have to reluctantly admit conservatives’ defeat in the culture and surveillance war, not because the ethical and cultural arguments presented against Big Tech are wrong in principle but only because of a new reality on the ground right now, a reality that emerged a few years earlier than I had expected. I thought we had until 2025 to reverse current developments, but things have already happened so fast, as explained in this crucial article here, that the realist in me recognizes defeat, which is extremely regrettable from the idealistic viewpoint of moderate cultural conservatism.

In the big picture of things, the next decades or 1-2 centuries:

Given the new tragic circumstances described in the linked crucial article above I think from a purely secular ethical perspective that the only way to make at least some lemonade out of the lemon we have been given by new tech developments is to accelerate this “progress” until humanity has made the transition to full cyborgs; cyborgs without the ability to experience any physical or emotional pain, no boredom for example, so that everybody in a distant future can live in a state of artificial “nirvana” on Earth, presupposing that this is technically possible, which it actually might be, in 2230 for example, since this here is already a reality today.

I have only written the last paragraph above because the realist in me has the same attitude as a man who has been crucified by reality but still trying to sing: always look at the “bright side” of life…

All the articles I have written prior to this day (April 12, 2021) should be seen in the light of what I have said here.

Woke libertine Big Tech might therefore celebrate a victory against moderate cultural conservatives, even when many of these conservatives – and especially all the radical talkers and keyboard warriors on the Internet – are not yet aware that they are walking dead, or dead men walking (to use a death row metaphor), already on the scrapheap of history.

But libertine woke Big Tech is not out of the woods. Yes, it’s true that domestic moderate cultural conservatives in the West have lost and therefore generally don’t pose a (major) threat to Big Tech surveillance states, not counting any outliers in the category of dumb terrorists like Seth Aaron Pendley. But despite the pointless horrors caused by such idiots they are basically not even “sand in the machinery” of corporate states. However, as I have said many times earlier, there are other much deadlier enemies out there which Big Tech has to neutralize in Cold War 2.

It’s a possibility that drug cartels and large terrorist organizations abroad will attack Big Tech on the American coastal states, to avoid being annihilated in the near future when Big Tech will have enough Fusion AI drones and IoT sensors (in a cashless) society to completely wipe out terrorism and organized crime, on a global level, in a “soft and humane” version of what is already happening in China.

Like Bill Gates, I worry that a rogue solo microbiologist will release a highly lethal virus. Historically and ideologically one has reason to believe that if this happens the perpetrator will most likely be a morally insane cultural conservative, a religious fanatic. If that’s the case, the target cities will probably be San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle/Bellevue. This scenario is now more likely after Covid-19 and because of this:


A manmade pandemic is also more likely in the future because myopic and dogmatic woke libertines in Big Tech and in the entertainment industry on the American coasts appear to be so outraged and enraged by Trump and Putin that ultra-liberal tribalists will probably keep distributing libertinism and woke content all over the world, through Starlink for example, where it will provoke conservative fanatics, as described here.

These provocations will probably continue, almost deterministically, because when a tribe has been captured by an addictive idea the tribe will predictably just double down and defend the idea even more if people outside the tribe warn them about the dangers associated with such ideas.

I have given up warning today’s libertine woke elites in the West. They will just act in a “predetermined” way, and their most radical opponents will do the same. It’s basically just “social physics”, cf Alex Pentland, when dogmatists or uninformed people crash, like particles in a CERN collider.

Hyper-terrorism is therefore a threat to Big Tech despite the latter having won the culture and surveillance war against moderate cultural conservatives. Because of this threat I guess that FBI/NSA will closely monitor all domestic rightwing radicals in order to prevent that they (unknowingly) get in contact with foreign actors pretending to be Christians while actually being undercover operators sent to America by 1) drug cartels, 2) non-Western terrorist organizations, or 3) maybe a rogue faction within the intelligence agency of an authoritarian regime.

Admitting defeat in the culture and surveillance war I will personally only publish articles here on drone-surveillance.info just to describe new tech-related events that are interesting, but without believing that my articles will serve the cause of cultural conservatism, since that war is already lost. I’m now only a pure spectator and commentator on the sideline of Cold War 2 and other international conflicts related to Big Tech.

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