Replacing white people leads to conflicts that elites can use to justify surveillance

The more chaos in a society the more surveillance you need to restore order and prevent balkanization. Here is one inflammatory example taken from the ongoing culture war, reported by The New York Times:

The Anti-Defamation League calls for Tucker Carlson to be fired over ‘replacement theory’ remarks.

“Mr. Carlson, in an appearance on Fox News on Thursday, referred scornfully to the term “white replacement theory,” which describes a racist conspiracy theory popular in far-right circles, while arguing that the Democratic Party was “trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters, from the third world.” He added that naturalized citizens were “diluting” the political power of him and other Americans.””

““Everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it, ‘Ooh, the white replacement theory,’” Mr. Carlson went on. “No, no, no, this is a voting rights question. I have less political power because they are importing a brand-new electorate. Why should I sit back and take that? The power that I have as an American, guaranteed at birth, is one man, one vote. And they are diluting it.””

While Tucker is correct in his assessments it’s true that some far-right groups can sometimes express ideas poorly or mix good arguments with policies that are very outdated or just strange. Ultra-liberal media loves to focus on such “scandalous” political ideas because global corporatists know that it discredits moderate nationalism, i.e. the archenemy of corporate globalists. Here is one example where The New York Times deliberately puts white replacement theory in the worst light possible:

‘Replacement Theory,’ a Racist, Sexist Doctrine, Spreads in Far-Right Circles

I support the original feminism that Norway had in the 1970s, and I support that societies should be less overpopulated, and that’s why I disagree with some of the right-wing solutions criticized in a biased way by The New York Times in the last article above. NYT is biased since it forgets to mention that it’s in the interest of corporations to have as many hardworking employees as possible, which means that it’s bad for business if females, half the population, enjoy the luxury of being at home (instead of sitting 1-2 hours in traffic jams every day to get to work). Timcast:

Women Increasingly Confess REGRETTING Missing Family Time On Their Deathbeds, This Is SERIOUS

The concept of “white genocide” doesn’t communicate well. It sounds exaggerated, because common people associate genocide with mass murder and the legal definition links it to the relatively quick cultural destruction of an ethnic group. But the core of the replacement theory is true enough. Very roughly there are 1 billion white people on the planet while the rest are colored, so if globalization and multiculturalism are not stopped it’s just a question of time and simple math before interracial marriages and partnerships will lead to the extinction of all white people, when all humans gradually become light brown, in globalized states of “racial communism” where everybody looks the same basically.

If you can’t do simple math, listen to Michael Shermer, the liberal editor of Skeptic, who writes that:

“What race is Tiger Woods? Today we may view him as an unusual blending of ethnic backgrounds, but a thousand years from now all humans may look like this, and historians will look back upon this brief period of racial segregation as a tiny blip on the screen of the human career spanning hundreds of thousands of years.”

“If the “Out of Africa” theory holds true, then it appears a single race migrated out of Africa (probably “black”) that then branched out into geographically isolated populations and races with unique features to each, and finally merged back into a single race with the onset of global exploration and colonization beginning in the late fifteenth century. From the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries the racial sets became fuzzier through interracial marriages and other forms of sexual interaction, and some time over the next millennium the fuzzy boundaries will be so blurred that we will have to abandon race altogether as a means of discrimination (in both uses of the word). Unfortunately, the human mind is so good at finding patterns that other criteria for dividing people will no doubt find their way into our lexicon.”

Michael Shermer: Why People Believe Weird Things. Henry Holt and Company, 2002.

The New York Times:

Tucker Carlson and White Replacement

“Replacement of the white majority in this country by a more multiracial, multicultural majority is inevitable. So is white supremacist panic over it.”

When white people in America see that “the military is one of the country’s most diverse institutions – 43 percent of those on active duty are people of color” these gradually increasing numbers tell them that the majority in the US military may relatively soon represent other interests and values than what Euro-Americans support, and that is relevant in state where the military plays a large role.

If you decide to apply Occam’s razor there is no need to assume that a conspiracy is responsible for white replacement, though it’s of course suspicious when global power is highly concentrated. But the top-down multicultural project in the West can be explained by the fact that socialist elites and neoliberal corporatist elites have overlapping interests when it comes to supporting mass immigration. Deep down they also share versions of the same basic values. Both are secular materialists and internationalists who put the economy above traditional cultures while believing in the Enlightenment idea of progress. Communism is basically “state capitalism”. It’s therefore relatively easy for socialists and neoliberal corporatists to cooperate, in a fight against their common enemies: the borders and restrictions set by orthodox religion, traditional family values, and nationalism.

In other words, it’s not a conspiracy but just similar ideological values and overlapping interests that motivate the current woke elites in the West to openly cooperate in projects that happen to destroy moderate cultural conservatism and the white population, in the long run, over several decades, maybe a century or two (if wars, pandemics, climate changes and cyborg tech contribute to the replacement). This destructive development can never be stopped once libertine woke Big Tech surveillance states have created very advanced drone swarms and omnipresent IoT governed by superior AI.

But why care about white skin color going extinct? Firstly, you should care because skin color is a biological marker signifying cultural belongingness. Secondly, it will be boring and monotonous when everyone is light brown, a bit like having a roleplaying game with no separate races. Thirdly, when all differences have disappeared, all citizens become streamlined cogs in the corporate fascistoid machine.

I’m not against the natural and slow immigration that happened on a continent in normal peaceful times prior to modern transport. And I respect the basic human rights of all individuals regardless of whether they are of mixed race or not. I have friends who are in interracial marriages. But I’m against mass immigration. I don’t support the top-down multiculturalism that has been the project of globalist corporate elites that want cheap labor in the name of “diversity”. Tucker Carlson, despite his flaws, is against Big Tech and he supports the working class, so when ADL wants him fired it proves that ADL is actually on the same half of the playing field as Big Tech and globalist elites. I therefore view ADL as the villain in this case.

Have for three decades now listened to the multicultural cliches of neoliberal corporate states, while seeing that economic inequality has skyrocketed and power hierarchies have not been reduced in the West either, so I’m done with all their fake “anti-racism”, manipulative “tolerance”, untrue “equality”, and top-down “diversity” propaganda. I ignore this narrative like it was a dead mythology presented by psychopathic corporatists and annoying white hypocritical “liberals” who had the privilege of going to college, get a nice job within the Establishment and then use mass media to pontificate about morality and throw verbal rocks at other white people without power. That’s so pathetic and absurdly clownish, as being in a bad Samuel Beckett novel. Walk away from these primitive “liberal” apes (and they are in fact apes according to their own scientific theory of Darwinism).

The above should be enough to show that the culture war is very intense today. And this intensity will of course be used as an excuse for increasing surveillance, in the name of “public safety”, in the “war on domestic terrorism”, while the neoliberal elites do nothing to solve the underlying cultural and demographic problems that are the causes/roots of the culture and surveillance war.

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