A way to secure Ukraine’s independence and neutrality

Conflicts that can potentially lead to WW3 if hybrid warfare and shadow wars spin out of control will naturally motivate politicians to increase surveillance, in order to detect spies and dissidents who might cooperate with foreign powers in Cold War 2. If you want to reduce surveillance it’s therefore necessary to find ways to solve conflicts like the one in Ukraine today. Here are my 50 cents on how to solve the conflict, by thinking outside the box:

First elect an Orthodox Christian priest as a king having the same power as a president in a constitutional democracy. Climate changes and resource scarcity will force all nations to reduce materialistic hedonism, so expel Western imperialistic corporations from Ukraine. When common people lose the dopamine kicks of consumption it can be replaced by the “opium” (endorphins/oxytocin) of religion. Orthodox Christianity can maintain stability in a state based on pietism and Spartan values. When Russia sees that the leadership and population in Ukraine have a Christian culture that is antithetical to Western imperialistic corporations, then Kremlin will know that Ukraine is not aligned with any expansionist power in the secular West.

Energetic type A personalities and high-functioning psychopaths in Ukraine should be told that they can either migrate to the US or be jailed for life if they cause any trouble by trying to become oligarchs in Ukraine. Being nice to these narcissists, Machiavellians and sociopaths is outdated liberality.

Secondly, the chief of the military in Ukraine should have an informal off the record talk with the presidents from both the US and Russia, together in a private room, where he tells them both that if any state attacks Ukraine it will respond by using bioweapons. Biologically assured destruction will be bad for everyone. But a plague is a divine weapon in Revelation (16:2), and true Christians are not afraid of death, so high-functioning psychopaths in Washington DC and Kremlin will receive the message loud and clear.

Naive liberals who believe in the “international order of ethical conventions and civilized global institutions” will be horrified by my suggestion that Ukraine can rely on bioweapons as deterrence in order to secure the same neutrality as Switzerland. But power corrupts, so just assume that all leaders of great powers are either high-functioning psychopaths or environmentally conditioned sociopaths. These governments are basically like mafia families. Therefore it’s not necessary to formally declare that Ukraine no longer follows the Biological Weapons Convention. An informal “sit down” with the US and Russian presidents will be enough to get the message across.

There are countless undiscovered viruses out there, and that number can be multiplied with the help of synthetic microbiology. The US and Russia can therefore never be sure that Ukrainian scientists don’t possess a new “zero day” virus that will not be stopped by vaccines.

Russia basically just want Ukraine as a buffer zone, against imperialists in the West. A genuinely neutral Ukraine will provide the geopolitical protection that Russia wants. I don’t know how Kremlin thinks, but I assume that all Russian tzars (or presidents) always view international politics from a historical perspective where they remember the Mongol invasion. I guess that invasion has naturally caused the basic rational insecurity that somewhat characterizes Russian foreign policy.

I’m a moderate ethno-nationalist on an idealistic level, but I’m mainly a political realist, in the tradition of Morgenthau, Waltz and Mearsheimer, so from these two vantage points of politics I find it reasonable enough that ethnic Russians get 39% and 38% of Luhansk oblast and Donetsk oblast. Crimea was only given to Ukraine on the assumption that the Soviet Union would never fall apart, so historically it’s “fair” enough that Crimea is formally returned to Russia. That’s also the reasonable solution from the viewpoint of political realism, since the Russian Navy needs the ports there for strategic geopolitical reasons.

The conflict in Ukraine has two layers. The basic level is about real ethno-nationalists in Ukraine defending their country against imperial Russia. Above this level we have the layer or superstructure of global geopolitics and international relations between 3-4 empires: Russia, China, the US and the EU.

I’m a Christian white-skin ethno-nationalist, so I naturally support genuine patriots in Ukraine if they accept that ethnic Russian separatists have ca 39% of Luhansk and Donetsk.

But if the leaders in Kiev align themselves with libertine woke imperialists from neoliberal Washington and the multicultural City (of London), then I will support the Christian white empire of Russia, on this level of global imperial Realpolitik, even when the idealist in me will always support the independence and neutrality of a state governed by real and true ethno-nationalists in Ukraine.

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