Woke US military can never really weed out hostile anti-woke soldiers and officers

NBC News:

Pentagon orders new steps to tackle extremism in the ranks

“Secretary Lloyd Austin instructed senior officials to update the Defense Department’s definition of “prohibited extremist activities.””

“Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday ordered new steps to tackle the threat posed by extremism in the ranks of the military, including updated screening questionnaires for recruits, a review of the department’s definition of extremism and efforts to prevent veterans from being drawn into violent movements.” (…)

“The secretary also called for updated screening questionnaires for potential recruits to gather information about current or previous extremist behavior ”to ensure that only the best qualified recruits are selected for the services,” according to the memo.”

“The questionnaires, which would be standardized across the armed forces, would also clarify any “demonstrably false answers” that could later hold a service member accountable and form the basis “for punitive action for fraudulent enlistment,” it said.” (…)

“In his memo, Austin said a “countering extremism working group” would oversee the new measures and look at further steps to confront the problem, including possible changes to the military’s legal code, how to track potentially concerning behavior by troops, screening social media or other publicly available data for security background checks, and other reforms.” (…)

“”This is not about being the thought police,“ Kirby said. “It’s about the behavior and the conduct that is inspired by or influenced by this kind of ideology.””

Any anti-extremist strategy intended to detect and exclude military personnel defined as a threat by the libertine woke Establishment in the West today is relatively ineffective, because:

The culture and surveillance war is not between moderate liberals and rightwing extremists. This war is primarily between all moderate cultural conservatives and the new libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes in the West, as explained here:

Why we are at war

74 million voted for Trump in 2020. Tens of millions of them are moderate cultural conservatives, the most fierce and loyal soldiers in any army, cf how Stalin had to appeal to nationalism to win WW2. But these moderates have today the same good reason to fight Big Tech governments as the conservative moderates during the first Cold War had reason to combat regimes like Stasi Germany.

Stating that moderate cultural conservatives are now at war with libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes is just a matter of fact and logic, similar to how it’s just a description of facts when pointing out that moderate neoconservatives and hawkish liberals are basically always in a state of war with authoritarian regimes, as seen in 2001, 2003 and 2011.

The best psychologists in the world can try to create the most sophisticated questionnaire ever, with trick questions and other ways to detect extremists in a manner so subtle that only AI can allegedly notice patterns of extremism, but it will not be very effective because the questionnaire will 1) be designed to expose extremists but not moderate cultural conservatives, or 2) it will detect culturally conservative moderates but that’s not helpful when millions of ordinary citizens fall into that category.

When recruits and soldiers are given a questionnaire designed to probe their inner thoughts and emotions regarding politics they will of course notice which questions can get them expelled from the military. They will therefore lie if they know that they can get away with it. Or downplay their involvement in radical politics. The smart ones, who constitute a real threat to libertine woke surveillance regimes, already know that being too close to a rightwing militia will get them flagged by FBI/NSA, so they either stay out of this subculture or explore it quickly before retreating (to the periphery of radicalism). They can therefore easily hide their intention or downplay it. For example:

Q: Have you ever watched Bannon’s War Room?

A: Yes

Q: Why did you watch Bannon’s War Room?

A: To better understand people I disagree with.

I will answer yes to the first question above because I know that NSA automatically monitors my online activity, but many soldiers are relatively low-informed citizens, so a young and naive moderate conservative may lie, not knowing that the AI of NSA can in many cases quickly detect such lies. But he only lied because he was scared of not being recruited, not because he’s an extremist.

Let’s say that AI measures how fast a recruit answers questions, in order to detect lying since it takes longer time to lie. If a recruit happens to know a bit about how AI works, after talking about it with an acquaintance maybe, he might be slightly “paralyzed” by the fear of not answering fast enough when coming to the most sensitive questions.

How people interpret questions is also a very relevant factor when judging whether they are lying or not. For example if you define “white supremacy” in a different way than the new libertine woke military leadership that now has officers who are maybe influenced by critical race theory, these leaders may think you are lying to the military.

If a questionnaire asks me if I’m a “white nationalist” I honestly don’t know the meaning of that question, unless they spend up to a few pages on defining and clarifying what it means to be a “white nationalist”. This is a very difficult question, not something that can be quickly answered, as seen here.

If a questionnaire asks me if I’m engaged in rightwing politics I honestly can’t answer that precisely if not given time to explain where I stand politically. In today’s politics the distinction between left and right can be very blurry or irrelevant. For instance, is National Socialism a rightwing ideology? Not if you are a Strasserist.

How do you define “racism”? What’s the authoritative definition of “antisemitism” today? What does it mean to be “moderate”? This last question is actually very relative, strictly speaking. For example, if you think the ideology of the KKK is natural, reasonable and healthy, you will define yourself as being “moderate” while thinking that liberals are the extremists.

Question: Have you ever had any type of relation or connection to the Proud Boys? That seems like a question you can’t avoid easily. A militant recruit may still answer “no(t to my knowledge)”. Subcultural meetings and training camps today can have participants that are anonymous and unidentifiable – little green men following the rule “don’t ask, don’t tell” – in order to neutralize the impact of infiltrators. Just the mere existence of a military questionnaire will motivate these groups to remove everything that can identify them. How can anyone then know if an airsoft milsim, for example, is politically correct or not? It’s like trying to determine whether a biker meeting is outlaw or not when all participants have no colors, no insignias and no emblems.

Question: Do you belong to a militant group or cell? Again, how can you define these words in a leaderless resistance movement so decentralized and fragmented that nobody actually knows whether there is a “movement” or not? Is it a “cell” when two friends plan a militant operation? It depends on how you look at it. If the activity is totally informal how can you say that two friends have created a cell?

MTP units, the military thought police, will only “radicalize” people even more, just like a 1/6 commission will do the same.

The New York Times:

After Capitol Riot, Pentagon Announces New Efforts to Weed Out Extremism Among Troops

“Rooting out extremist views from a military of 1.3 million active-duty troops drawn from Alaska to Florida will be an uphill slog.” (…)

“Defense Department officials and enlisted service members interviewed for this article said that the sessions led to some painful conversations. But the process was sometimes characterized by a scripted, forced delivery from some commanders and senior leaders who seemed uncomfortable with their task.”

“The Marine Corps released a video last month featuring top leaders that some Black Marines, in private chats, characterized as seeming forced. In the video, Gen. David H. Berger, the Marine commandant, and Sgt. Maj. Troy E. Black, the senior enlisted leader, both white men, urged Marines to pay attention to the “stand down.” Their awkward presentation prompted Task and Purpose, an online news site focused on the military and veterans, to publish an article with the headline, “Top Marine Leaders Look Like They’ve Been Taken Hostage in This New Video.”

“In other messages to the force, some senior leaders struggled to balance standard rally-the-troops talk with the realities laid bare by the Capitol riots’ exposure of extremism in the military.” (…)

“But while the military is one of the country’s most diverse institutions — some 43 percent of those on active duty are people of color — Defense Department officials acknowledge that the views of its white service members skew conservative.”

“On American bases around the world, televisions are often tuned to Fox News. …” (…)

“While the military can limit what kinds of programs are broadcast in public areas on bases, the Pentagon could run into First Amendment issues as it tries to vet recruits and even active-duty troops.” (…)

“Experts note that asking someone if they are an extremist is hardly the solution.”

Task and Purpose:

Top Marine leaders look like they’ve been taken hostage in this new video

When a military has to screen the emotions and thoughts of its own soldiers it only proves that the society of this military has fallen apart, more or less. It proves that libertine woke multiculturalism doesn’t work.

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