Russian Secretary of the Security Council accuses US of bioweapon shenanigans

Kommersant (with a Google translate):

“We hope that common sense will prevail in Washington.”

“Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev on the crisis in relations with the United States and ways out of it”(…)

“- The mission of the World Health Organization (WHO) found no traces of the artificial origin of the virus. Nevertheless, the version is still widespread that China deliberately provoked the pandemic.”

“- I suggest that you pay attention to the fact that more and more biological laboratories under US control are growing by leaps and bounds in the world. And by a strange coincidence – mainly at the Russian and Chinese borders. They are assured that these are research centers where Americans help local scientists develop new ways to combat dangerous diseases. True, the authorities of the countries where these objects are located have no real idea of what is happening within their walls.”

“Of course, we and our Chinese partners have questions. We are told that there are peaceful sanitary and epidemiological stations near our borders, but for some reason they are more reminiscent of Fort Detrick in Maryland, where Americans have been working in the field of military biology for decades. By the way, one should pay attention to the fact that outbreaks of diseases uncharacteristic for these regions are recorded in the adjacent areas.”

“- Are you saying that the Americans are developing biological weapons there?”

“- We have good reason to believe that this is exactly the case.”

“- And what do the Russian authorities intend to do about it?”

“- We will work with our partners, primarily in the post-Soviet space. Conclude agreements with them on cooperation in the field of biological safety.”

When assessing bioweapon threats my first premise is that nuclear empires like China, Russia and the US are deep down rational actors that will not risk WW3 by using a biological weapon. If you always have this as your basic premise when assessing WMD threats it’s easy to not get caught up in speculations about which one of these empires is maybe responsible for a deliberate release of a virus. Because none of them are responsible. Period. End of that discussion.

Things you should worry about are 1) lab accidents, and 2) rogue factions or a solo microbiologist.


1978 smallpox outbreak in the United Kingdom


Poor methods weakened FBI investigation of 2001 anthrax attacks, report concludes

Why do I discuss bioweapons? Because it’s the perfect excuse/reason for massive surveillance. But the risk can be reduced significantly if the entertainment industry in American coastal states stop provoking rightwing radicals by distributing libertine woke content all over the world:

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