Online radicals not a major threat to American Big Tech coastal states

There are three types of radicals:

1) smart combatants, who have the capability to be a major threat, but they are too smart to be on platforms like Gab.

2) dumb terrorists, who can once every 1 – 25 years commit an atrocity like Timothy McVeigh did, as a result of being “radicalized” online, but they are too stupid to be a major threat.

3) radical talkers, who constitute millions of people in relatively fringe online forums and chat rooms, but they are all bark, no bite.

The only way that 3) can be an indirect serious threat is if some of them read a website like (DSI), take some of its most tactically and strategically relevant info out of the context of nonviolent sabotage, and then spread it through word of mouth to 1). But this offline communication doesn’t really increase the risk of violent attacks on Big Tech, since smart combatants will already have been “radicalized” through other sources of information: tv channels like FOX and Newsmax or books such as The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff.

At the time of writing there is relatively little chance that 3) will spread any info from to 1), because DSI has almost no traffic, just 0 – 20 visitors every day. Probably because citizens in category 3) are either too afraid of visiting the DSI website, in fear of getting even more flagged by NSA, or they dislike the website because of religious or ideological reasons, reasons that in some cases might be very subcultural and irrational.

DSI is actually not “extreme”, and the website is not illegal. If it was it would have been taken offline by now. The website is academic, based on common scientific standards. It’s a very “hot potato” though, because a) I don’t hide the fact that I personally support nonviolent sabotage of Big Tech, and b) I openly discuss some very dangerous topics but in a logical and factual manner. The website is therefore normative because of a), but it’s primarily descriptive, in the same tradition as The Prince by Machiavelli who openly published strategies and sneaky tactics so that everybody can see how people in power operate.

I describe how militant activists (probably) think, and I do it honestly, and that’s likely why Big Tech and intelligence agencies don’t just get rid of me, because they want the info, since relatively few are honest in today’s Byzantine environment. They recognize that I’m an “analyst” in the camp of militant activists, and not a dishonest ideologist, despite having biases and fighting for a cause, just like intelligence analysts working for NSA have political interests too, so they tolerate DSI, for now at least, since the website has little traffic.

Intelligence agencies have noticed that academically militant websites like DSI are not popular, not even in militant subcultures. After I publish this article here on Gab it will not increase the number of visitors to the website.

If Big Tech is ever attacked in a decisive manner it will most likely be done by unknown domestic smart combatants and/or foreign actors.

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