The new libertine woke NATO: killing for the market state and defending global supply chains

Even as a pacifist in the early 1990s I had to eventually recognize the necessity of having the old version of NATO during the Cold War, in order to stop totalitarianism. After Rwanda and Srebrenica I studied the morality of the Norwegian military forces, and was so impressed by the maturity of it that I actively supported the American invasions/interventions in 2001, 2003 and 2011. But the failures and (criminal) negligence caused by the generals and politicians in charge of these wars have now forced me to become a disillusioned political realist, in the tradition of Morgenthau, Waltz and Mearsheimer, while still remaining a 30% idealist and continuing to support the theoretical principles of military R2P (responsibility to protect) if somebody comes along to make it work, as seen in Sierra Leone, 2000.

NATO is a new entity after the Cold War. It has become an alliance for multicultural and neoliberal market states instead of being a defensive institution protecting the old nation states of Europe.

A market state is only based on global free markets, constitutional democracy, and universal human rights, cf Terror and Consent by Philip Bobbitt. However, that’s lip service, to a large degree. Corporations have crushed real capitalism in the West. And talk about universal human rights has no credibility when multinational companies and Western governments cooperate with authoritarian regimes like China and Saudi Arabia in addition to building surveillance states at home. Democracy is actually weak in the West, as explained here.

Today’s new NATO defends the cheap labor of mass immigration, and the military has become woke, as seen here.

I don’t remember the source but was surprised when I read several years ago that a group of new soldiers in the US had been told by their superiors: this is not the army of your forefathers.

NATO today is led by Jens Stoltenberg, a social democrat that contributed to changing Norway from being a traditional nation state with little crime in the early 1970s to becoming a globalist and formally de-Christianized corporate state with immigrant gangs, organized crime, outlaw biker clubs and rightwing terrorists, plus tv channels distributing libertinism and generally destroying Norwegian culture, as I once wrote in Aftenposten, the most respected newspaper in Norway.

From living in a spartan way based on Christian values Norway has become a hypocritical decadent state.

I’m a moderate white-skin nationalist only loyal to the old cultures of Northern Europe. When my country now has more immigrants than foreigners occupying Norway during WW2 it has become a development I can’t support.

All in all, I reject the new NATO. Such a rejection follows logically from what I’ve written above. I understand that America has been a multicultural society – with Native Americans, Europeans and Africans – since its independence in 1776, but if Euro-Americans today decide to support neoliberal woke NATO then we have a conflict of interest. Because I support the cultures of Northern Europe, and that logically and clearly includes Moscow, if you look at the map.

If Ukraine had remained neutral I would have supported it from a nationalist perspective, but when Ukraine aligns itself with the libertine woke empires of EU and the American coastal states I will support the Christian state of Russia in the conflict between imperial NATO and imperial Kremlin. If you think that is a bad choice you should read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein in order to see the unethical behavior of neoliberal Western states. I would not have made this choice however if there was a third option, a third possibility, that would make the conflict between NATO and Russia unnecessary and avoidable.

If the multicultural globalist government in Norway says I’m disloyal to my own country when not supporting NATO, then I will just laugh, because they are the traitors, especially the main rightwing party (the EU-supporting liberal-conservatives) because the Labour Party can’t really betray a nation state it never supported to begin with.

I’m a 70% realist however, so the realist in me reluctantly recognizes that there is probably little that can be done to change the situation in Norway and the West. Not even cultural conservatives in America are doing that which is necessary to stop the “progress” toward a fully developed AI robotic world of Big Tech surveillance based on libertinism and woke values in Europe and America.

Maybe the only “hope” from a culturally conservative perspective is not something that anyone should ever wish for: a cataclysmic event caused by the intense contradictions that arise because of libertine woke surveillance and/or NATO expansion plus Washington’s interference in East Asia. If such an event destroys ultra-liberal Big Tech, humanity can rebuild afterward. The alternative is that humans eventually “evolve” into becoming cyborgs in totalitarian AI surveillance states. And that’s never an option if you are willing to fight for original humanity.

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