Honest libertines, moralistic hypocrites and cowardly conservatives

In one way I give libertinism a lot of flak on this website, and I factually describe how cultural conservatives are at war with libertine woke Big Tech, so readers who don’t know me will perhaps assume I’m a judgmental moralistic zealot, but that is definitely not the case.

After 30 years I’ve become so disillusioned with both leftwing idealism and culturally conservative idealism that I’m now a 70% realist and 30% idealist. The realist in me, the scientist, is driven by curiosity, exploring everything, without moral or aesthetic judgement, like a zoologist in the jungle or a pathologist in the morgue. Libertinism is therefore just a phenomenon among other objects one may study. It’s nothing special.

I never judge any individual on a personal level. Because I’m a sinner. Not healthy for sinners to throw rocks in a glass house. On a societal level, however, I do prefer some cultures more than others. Aesthetically and religiously I subjectively like the old cultures of Northern Europe. On a political level I want them to constitute the mainstream cultures in this part of the West, but since I’m a moderate I’m not against letting libertines and left- or rightwing minority groups exist freely in subcultures.

An acquaintance of mine is an outlaw biker. We had a good time drinking in a heavy metal pub in Oslo. I don’t judge him on an individual level. Politically I nevertheless support that Bandidos, and all similar clubs, should be expelled from Norway. It’s nothing personal. It’s politics, a difference of opinion regarding which type of culture should be allowed in a society. If many individuals in an organization within a subculture sell drugs, expel it.

Don’t consider myself to be a good person, just an honest sinner. Appreciating honesty and consistency it’s natural that I will in one way have less against an honest libertine than a cowardly conservative.

When seeing today that Western cultural conservatives, with few exceptions, are at the moment of writing not willing to make significant sacrifices to defend their own alleged core values, then the cynical and disillusioned realist in me thinks:

No point arguing in favor of cultural conservatism, because it’s practically a walking dead, so in relation to the ruling ideology of ultra-liberals in the West today one might as well think: if you can’t beat them, join ’em.

From an idealistic viewpoint I always reject defeatism, even when the realist in me feels like a fool defending what appears to be a lost cause. But have found a way to reduce the tension between idealism and realism. I will only continue writing articles on this website as long as I don’t have better entertainment. Libertine woke entertainment dominates now in the West, and it’s trash, so guess I’ll be writing articles here for a very long time. Which is fun, because today’s high-tech society is absurd and surreal, the elites are marvelously clownish, so I roll with the frictions, contrasts and pure craziness when reading stories like this one from the New York Post:

Ex-CIA director believes UFOs could exist after pal’s plane ‘paused’ [at 40 000 feet]

Am I the only one feeling punk’d when reading the news nowadays?

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