Don’t support Western police or any “liberal” system that doesn’t stop online illegal libertinism

The major distributor of tv channels in my country created a video containing illegal libertinism. I reported it to the police, but they did nothing, no trial. Have also written about this company in the newspaper Aftenposten. To see all my articles there just google my name + Aftenposten. But the company didn’t change its policy and the public didn’t boycott it, and that’s when I understood that Western people today have become decadent and selfish in such a degree that I can no longer support it, despite having tried for years to view this general hedonism from a positive perspective.

When Amazon distributes products made by people involved in illegal libertinism but bans Parler because the latter allowed citizens to use words to freely express their political opinions, then it broke the social contract.

(Digression: Amazon and other Big Tech corporations have merged with neoliberal states that outsource even military security to companies, thereby creating CorpStates, which means that Amazon for example is de facto not a private corporation. It’s part of the new market state system, so what it does in public has an impact on the social contract.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it only shows that you have not been following what is happening on the Internet and in our democracies. Go and research it yourself. Take some responsibility. This website is not about illegal libertinism as such, so I’m not going to discuss it at length. This one article here is sufficient. Especially because the police, intelligence agencies and corporations already have all the info. They know very well what is happening, but do little to stop it.

When neoliberal Big Tech created a global Internet that facilitated the spread of illegal libertinism and made it easier for other criminals to violate laws, without the police in the West shutting down this borderless online infrastructure of crime and terrorism, then it leads to the conclusion that the police and justice system in the West have become corrupted by corporate interests.

If Big Tech had created an Internet that made it impossible to distribute illegal content then I would have supported it. I’m therefore not against online systems, but when people basically accept a system that facilitates crime and they tolerate it for no other reason than convenience and entertainment, then it’s impossible to claim that ethics is on their side.

Critics will object by saying that the Internet we have today facilitates the spread of science, and it can help the poor in developing countries when allowing them to sell their goods more easily.

But common people in our decadent generation would have accepted and used the kind of Internet we have now even if it only provided entertainment and no science.

And science today is usually Big Science owned or controlled by unethical corporations and neoliberal states. Playing the science card to justify the current Internet is therefore not very convincing, generally speaking. We did science long before the Internet came along.

Citizens in developing countries would not have been in poverty to begin with if the global economic system had been fair. But who supports this unfair system? Big Tech and other multinational corporations.

Western police and intelligence agencies defend violent and/or oppressive corporations that operate in authoritarian regimes such as China and Saudi Arabia. If the police and intelligence services in the West had been honest about their contribution to upholding crime-facilitating global systems it would have been consistent, not hypocritical. But these woke globalist “liberals” pretend to have better morality than other people. That’s when I wave my finger like Trump and say: no, no, no! Western police and intelligence agencies need to get their act together before lecturing others about right and wrong.

But what about me? Am I not a hypocrite too? Yes, I am, and I’m totally open about it, but I don’t seek power, and that’s the difference. As a scientist I’m only observing the hypocrisy in me and other people/institutions and then describe it factually. I’m not claiming to be better than other people. I’m a sinner, and that’s why I don’t seek power, unlike those psychopaths and Machiavellians you find in corporations and judicial systems:

The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

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