Bioterror and vaccine surveillance in a Cold War 2 scenario

If you don’t have much time, just check out the first five points below where I describe a possible future scenario.

1) NATO in Estonia is 158.8 km from St. Petersburg, and in the Wild West of Ukraine we see that NATO or private military companies are practically 527.2 km from Moscow. If American coastal states are first to achieve superior AI and create swarms of insect drones, the leadership in Kremlin can be quickly eliminated.

(Distance from Narva in Estonia to St. Petersburg is 158.8 km. Distance from Seredyna-Buda in Ukraine to Moscow is 527.2 km.)

2) Climate changes in 2050 will probably force China to move north, so American coastal states (ACS) might allow China to occupy Siberia if Beijing doesn’t interfere when NATO and Big Tech private military forces take Moscow and St. Petersburg.

3) When microbiologists and biotech scientists in Russia observe that Russia is now on the not unlikely path toward being destroyed in a two-front AI automated war, one or more of them might decide to take matters into their own hands, totally independent of Kremlin, by preemptively releasing a highly lethal virus in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Seattle/Bellevue, in order to destroy the AI military centers of the American coastal states.

4) Just the possibility of a hypothetical scenario like the one described above will probably motivate the nervous elites in Washington DC and the edgy CEOs of Big Tech in American coastal states to massively increase pandemic-related surveillance, to contain a biological attack, which is counterproductive, because if the attacker knows that the virus will be relatively contained in Big Tech cities it’s more likely that a bioweapon will be used to destroy the AI elites of ACS.

5) Draconic surveillance will make the Republican states of America (RSA) even more hostile to Big Tech on the coasts, since they are Christian nations fiercely opposed to godless transhumanism.

Are the events described above likely to happen in a relatively near future? Predicting the future, five years in advance, is basically impossible, cf the works published by Nassim Taleb and Philip Tetlock, but I will nevertheless dare to claim that the risk of some kind of rogue and unauthorized preemptive WMD attacks on Big Tech in ACS has increased significantly because of Russia’s vulnerable position between NATO and China.

Russia has reason to fear both China and the corporate states of Western Big Tech, since the fate of Xinjiang and Tibet proves that CCP is willing to do that which is necessary to secure the future of China, when climate changes hit southern areas of this empire. The imperial history of Western “liberals” go back to the British Empire, cf the book Empire by Niall Ferguson.

The second wave of “liberal” imperialism occurred when neoliberals started to conquer the world, especially after the first Cold War, cf The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

Bellicose “liberals” – neocons were liberals originally – started wars against authoritarian regimes in the 1990s, in the name of democracy and freedom, continuing the “liberal man’s burden”. They attacked Serbia, an ally of Russia. They lied to start a war in Iraq and executed Saddam Hussein. Neoliberal corporatists then attacked Libya and got Gaddafi killed, another ally of Russia. Next in line was Syria, a state which is also a Russian ally, located strategically where it can stop energy pipelines from Arab states to Europe. Washington DC supported Georgia too, a neighbor of Russia, and the US coastal elites wanted regime change in Ukraine, despite having promised in the early 1990s not to expand NATO eastward:

NATO Expansion: What Gorbachev Heard

For more info on the war in Ukraine see:

A way to secure Ukraine’s independence and neutrality

The global culture war and rightwing bioterror

The cultural differences between the Christian empire of Russia and libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes in the West are another reason why Russia fears ultra-liberal American coastal states. The latter actively support cultural imperialism on a global level, cf Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro and read this article here:

Washington DC’s role behind the scenes in Hollywood goes deeper than you think

The libertine woke Big Tech corporations that develop military AI for American coastal states are dogmatically supportive of LGBT values and therefore very opposed to Russia which is a Christian state not allowing this minority interest to enter the mainstream public sphere.

Since early 2020 I have many times warned Western intelligence agencies, governments and corporations that if they continue to spread libertinism and LGBT values, in the West and globally, it increases the risk of rightwing WMD terrorism, including the risk of a manmade pandemic, in a worst case scenario. Bill Gates have also recently warned about this (02:10 min):

I Asked Bill Gates What’s The Next Crisis?

But libertine woke entertainment companies and Big Tech corporations ignore the risk of a manmade pandemic because they are economically and dogmatically driven to prioritize the spread of libertinism and LGBT values on all continents, probably also through the 12 000 satellites of Starlink, covering the planet, including Russia. This cavalier attitude to the risk of a future manmade pandemic killing their own citizens in America reveals that the elites governing the West today are very reckless and irresponsible, blinded by woke ideology.

Today’s decadent elites are also nearsighted because of greed, a desire to profit from the libertine industry in California and other coastal states. Difficult to say in which degree corporations have been infiltrated by organized crime and therefore been influenced by libertine mobster values. Corporations are often controlled by psychopathic CEOs, according to research done by Kevin Dutton at Oxford:

The Top 10 Jobs That Attract Psychopaths

Moderate liberals were willing to start WW2 and risk WW3 to protect the main pillars of constitutional democracies. It was reasonable to risk everything to defend basic liberty and democracy against totalitarian regimes.

It’s not rational to risk a manmade pandemic for no other reason than to 1) profit from libertinism, and 2) spread the LGBT lifestyle, especially when this propaganda effort is counterproductive if you are actually concerned about the safety of LGBT individuals, as explained here.

But libertine woke corporations keep provoking rightwing radicals, as seen here.

When Russia observes the arguably crazy wokeness that blinds Western elites today, especially Big Tech companies producing military AI, it has good reason to fear that these zealots will eventually attack their cultural archenemy: Kremlin.

Libertine woke Biden said Putin was a killer. In America they execute killers.

The Aspergers and hippie Zen-loving creators of AI on the West Coast of America have ideologically more in common with the emotional reservedness of China and its meditative hive mind culture, cf NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman, AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee, and The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff. The culture in Russia is much more emotional and volatile, something that Apergers instinctively dislike. Russia stands in the way of secular Enlightenment. It has to go, if the goal is to realize libertine wokeness on a global level. And that’s the explicit objective of Big Tech in American coastal states, as described for example by MIT physicist Max Tegmark in Life 3.0.

Foreign Affairs recently published an article where we can read that Bill Clinton once said:

” … Clinton reminded his audience that he had set out to “do for the Eastern half of Europe what we helped to do for the Western half after World War II.” As for Russia, he argued, its “transformation has just begun. It is incomplete. It is awkward. Sometimes it is not pretty, but we have a profound stake in its success.””

U.S.-Russian Relations Will Only Get Worse

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