Why doesn’t China use its power in Hollywood to stop hyper-polarizing movie with Natalie Portman as Thor?

I’m an original feminist, unlike Gucci feminists, and I support that Africa should get its own Hollywood that make superhero movies based on authentic African cultures. My criticism of Black Panther was that it wasn’t African enough. And it was just bad compared to The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. Anyway, no surprise that I roll my eyes, two times, when seeing this:

Natalie Portman confirmed as Mighty Thor in Marvel sequel

The movie is distributed by Disney, a corporation that made Mulan in Xinjiang.

Disney remake of Mulan criticised for filming in Xinjiang

New book shines light on China’s influence over Hollywood

I’ve never been anti-China, even consider Taiwan and mainland China to be one country and think the West should withdraw from the East. But when seeing the above movie, and other woke superhero movies expropriating the Nordic culture, without China stopping this, then I’m beginning to speculate, without evidence, that China cares so little about authentic non-imperialistic traditional cultures that Beijing think it’s okay to mess with our conservative values only to split and weaken the West through hyper-polarization.

We are already seeing chaotic acts of political violence, perpetrated by individuals like Anthony Warner and Noah Green, and mass shootings done by people such as James Eagan Holmes are too frequent in the US. What if a Nazi or white supremacist get so angry that he does something similar, against the Disney headquarters for example?

Woke entertainment corporations either deliberately want to counterproductively provoke rightwing people or they live in an isolated rich bubble world on the American coasts where they are oblivious to the public danger they are creating when being one of the main actors contributing to hyper-polarization in the West.

In court, Anders Behring Breivik complained about libertine entertainment, and he whined about it in his manifesto. Search for “decadence”, “Madonna”, “Hollywood” in the manifesto here.

If you read the whole manifesto you’ll see it confirms my claim that corporations should not be cavalier about public safety in the age of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech. But maybe these corporations want to increase the risk of terrorism in order to increase the budgets of private intelligence agencies and surveillance companies?

I have stopped watching movies and tv series from the American coasts, and don’t miss it actually, because the absurdities of today’s high-tech international politics contain better and more hilarious stories that would make Samuel Beckett blush. My hobby now is to write articles like this one here. So keep making even more woke movies. It creates very interesting times.

For more info watch Timcast:

Woke Captain America Comic Makes Jordan Peterson The Villain, Insane Wokeness Is DESTROYING Comics

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