Democrats suddenly like the Wall

The New York Times published this opinion piece:

Biden Should Finish the Wall

The Independent:

Construction of Trump’s border wall may continue under Biden, administration admits

I wonder though if the new wall-building “Democrats” and their corporate overlords are now motivated to support high fences because they are worried about their own safety, after seeing reports like this from Timcast:

GOP DEMANDS Info On Terror Suspects CAUGHT Crossing Border, Biden Now Wants To Build Trump’s Wall

Wrote this on March 16, 2021:

A potential threat to Big Tech from south of California

It’s tragicomic that if a tribalist “Democrat” in DC reads this article, he or she may decide not to build the wall after all, just to make a point out of never surrendering to external pressure, to never admit that his/her political opponent was right. Doubling down, no matter what, even at the cost of shooting yourself in the foot, is the facepalm fate of many tribalists, regardless of which party they belong to.

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