Those who control AI surveillance in Europe and America will forever control the West.

Technologies like WiFi SENS and Fusion AI surveillance will make it possible for libertine woke corporations to forever remain in power regardless of elections in constitutional democracies, or more correctly: regardless of whether RINOs or DINOs win elections. This means that moderate cultural conservatives will never again have a real chance of returning Western societies back to the old model where it was moderate liberals and moderate cultural conservatives that constituted the majority, the cultural middle class, while all left- and rightwing minorities existed freely in subcultures where each individual has the same judicial rights and legal protections as everyone else in society. Libertine wokeness will instead be the dominant mainstream culture, forever, because SENS Fusion AI surveillance will give corporate states – CorpStates – totalitarian power that can never be resisted by any other group. Moderate cultural conservatives are therefore in a real war against libertine woke Big Tech states, because of this surveillance power which is part of the military-industrial complex. But other groups, like genuine socialists or authentic communists and true anarchists who fight for economic justice and/or reject the state, have also reason to declare war on Big Tech.

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