Ukraine getting ready for NATO membership, may force Russia to occupy Ukraine first

Euromaidan Press (April 02, 2021):

Ukraine should focus on getting ready for membership – Head of NATO Representation

“The Head of the NATO Representation mentioned that in 2008 at the Bucharest Summit, NATO leaders decided that Ukraine will be a member of the Alliance. Bearing in mind that the Organization works on the basis of consensus among all members, the decision to invite a new member has to be agreed upon between all. Now, allies are looking forward to Ukraine implementing all the necessary reforms.”

““What allies are looking for now is that Ukraine focus on getting ready for membership,” Mr Vinnikov stressed.”

I’m a moderate ethno-nationalist, i.e. an anti-imperialist, so basically I support Ukraine, but when this country allies itself with libertine woke imperial forces, namely the EU and American coastal states, then the cultural conservative in me prefer to support Russia, as explained here:

Being a 70% political realist and 30% idealist I also share the view of John Mearsheimer, a professor at the University of Chicago who wrote in Foreign Affairs:

Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

NATO is breaking the promise it made to Russia about not expanding the borders of NATO, as seen in this article here.

Napoleon and Hitler lost the war against Russia because they had to cross Ukraine. Ukraine is a buffer zone that Russia has relied on historically to keep itself safe, just as Americans have relied on the safety provided by the stopping power of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Having a libertine woke NATO with superior AI power in Ukraine is an existential threat to Russia. In one way I will therefore be surprised if Russia doesn’t occupy Ukraine before the latter becomes a NATO member.

Do you really think Putin will be the first powerful Russian leader in (modern) history since the Mongol invasion to allow another great power, a nuclear AI superpower no less, to basically have military control over Ukraine? There is only 527.2 km between Moscow and Seredyna-Buda in Ukraine. I don’t think Putin will allow that on his watch. The history books will remember him for that.

The solution is to let Ukraine be neutral, like Finland during the first Cold War.

For the record: I considered it a necessity to once have NATO to conquer godless totalitarian communism during the Cold War. But NATO today is a globalist multicultural military entity that has betrayed ethnic nation states in the West. If the only choice is between this neoliberal imperial NATO and the Christian empire of Russia, well, then I find myself in the totally absurd and tragic situation of supporting Russia despite its authoritarianism. This however doesn’t weaken my support of heartland America. I support all cultural conservatives in the West. If Silicon Valley had been culturally conservative I support them too.

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