The opposite of glorifying war

To understand the background of this article first read:

Why we are at war

Unlike warmongers or terrorists I’m not romanticizing violence, not glorifying war. In fact, as a cultural conservative who appreciate fine arts and the beautiful I’m viscerally disgusted by violence and war. I even think hunting is disgusting, because there is no aesthetic pleasure in destroying the beauty of a deer and ripping out its intestines.

War is 98% boredom, 2 percent horror (if you are in combat against a peer enemy). If you are unlucky, and many are not lucky in war, you will sooner or later experience pain similar to having your bones crushed in a car accident, but perhaps with nobody to rescue you, so you may then be stuck in excruciating pain for days, maybe a week, under a pile of rubble, until you slowly die.

Glorifying war is as stupid as glorifying a car accident. It’s ugly. War stinks so bad that it makes you puke. After a building is hit by a bomb, there is intestine and stomach content all over the place. And that stinks a lot.

Modern war is almost never real combat. Genuine heroic combat is a sword fight, which also is pure horror when seeing up close that you slice a human face in two. A crushed eyeball or brain matter is nauseating to watch and touch when removing it from your clothes. Modern war however is usually fought at a distance, around 100 – 400 meters, or 10 to 50 meters, often without (clearly) seeing the enemy. You just pull a trigger or hit a button. Machines do the rest. Airplanes, missiles and artillery from a distance do most of the damage in a full scale war. Modern war is therefore elemental. It’s a storm of steel. Basically the same as being in a hurricane where lethal debris are flying at high speed around you. And that’s it, except that the sound can be so loud it hurts your teeth.

If you want to test yourself, to see if you have what it takes to endure baptism by fire, you might as well travel to a city about to be struck by a category five hurricane and then walk around in the streets while glass and windows from skyscrapers are randomly hitting the pavement around you.

In one regard, war is not like being in a hurricane. If you survive combat you may end up with debilitating chronic PTSD after having accidentally killed children in a war.

Volunteering for war is like volunteering for a car crash. So if you are a moderate cultural conservative you have to ask yourself: is defending your core values in life so important that you rather risk ending up in a horrific “car accident” (war) than giving up the fundamental values that constitute your identity and give you meaning in life? Are you willing to surrender to a libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regime? Or will you fight like the WW2 generation? Only you can answer that question.

Since I openly support the Christian Empire of Russia instead of the imperialism of libertine woke corporatist NATO (the Western military-industrial complex) some may think I’ve lost the ability to remain scientifically neutral, when assessing the war in Ukraine for example. To prove that this is not the case, I recommend watching this documentary:

93: the Battle for Ukraine – first days of the war

93: the Battle for Ukraine – around Donetsk Airport, Part 2

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