LGBT-influenced entertainment increases risk of violence and terrorism

CNN reports in this article here that violence against LGBT is on the rise:

“If the disappearance of safe and public LGBTQ+ spaces wasn’t enough to leave individuals feeling uneasy, this rise in open hostility towards the community has only added to the anxiety of having to depend on dating apps — which so often involve speaking to total strangers — in order to seek out intimacy.”

It’s based on mistaken psychology to assume that violence against LGBT individuals will be reduced if the entertainment industry uses movies, tv series and games to spread LGBT content in the mainstream cultures of states all over the world.

Using entertainment to spread political content is propaganda, cf the book Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro, or read this article here from The Independent.

People get angry when realizing that someone is trying to manipulate their emotions through hidden propaganda in entertainment they have paid for.

Using entertainment as a kind of exposure “therapy” and Pavlovian conditioning in favor of the LGBT lifestyle can make the average peaceful citizen more LGBT tolerant, or more willing to obey and comply, because common people are often sheep just following their leaders.

But let’s say that 1 out of 100 gets very angry when being involuntary exposed to LGBT content in mainstream entertainment. This means that there are over 78 million people out there who will get more hostile to LGBT when being exposed to it in movies, tv series and games.

If only 1 out of 1000 gets extremely angry because of LGBT propaganda, then the number of radicalized and more violent anti-gay people will be 7.8 million, worldwide. This radicalization increases the risk of terrorism.

For example, if a relatively militant religious conservative pays money to view a mainstream movie, only to discover that it contains LGBT propaganda, then it increases the chance that he will attack a gay person if encountering a LGBT individual right after being exposed to this propaganda. It also increases the risk of terrorist attacks, like the one in Orlando, 2016, but perhaps much deadlier today because of new (DIY) weapon technologies.

LGBT propaganda in mainstream entertainment is therefore counterproductive and dangerous if the goal is to reduce violence against LGBT individuals.

Let entertainment be entertainment. Don’t politicize it. But if you want it to contain a moral message, use movies and games to teach people to 1) not use violence, and 2) respect the basic judicial rights which all citizens automatically have in a constitutional democracy regardless of their group identity.

I support Glenn Greenwald and respect Chelsea Manning not because they are part of the LGBT group but because of their bravery as individual human beings. On the level of free individualism I respect every person regardless of their group identity, but on a cultural level I’m a conservative Christian and therefore naturally and logically opposed to libertinism and LGBT values being part of the mainstream culture while not caring about what LGBT individuals do privately in their own homes or in subcultures.

For example, if a finance minister is competent then I don’t care about what he/she does in the bed room, but if media makes a point out of his/her sexual orientation then I will start to be more opposed to him, because this focus on sex reveals bias, an inability to distinguish between economic matters and factors that are economically irrelevant. It’s like media making a point out of the fact that a finance minister is heterosexual or has white skin. That’s just weird and irrelevant from an economic perspective.

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