Is wi-fi SENS the scariest surveillance technology ever developed?

Bruce Schneier, a tech security expert at Harvard:

Wi-Fi Devices as Physical Object Sensors

Schneier refers to an article in The Register:

Wi-Fi devices set to become object sensors by 2024 under planned 802.11bf standard

“SENS is envisioned as a way for devices capable of sending and receiving wireless data to use Wi-Fi signal interference differences to measure the range, velocity, direction, motion, presence, and proximity of people and objects.” (…)

“Restuccia argues the IEEE’s standardization effort, in conjunction with the many SENS systems that are apparently being developed, “will create the ‘perfect storm’ for the introduction into the market of groundbreaking applications that we cannot even imagine today.””

“We can, however, imagine some of the potential harms.”

“”Indeed, it has been shown that SENS-based classifiers can infer privacy-critical information such as keyboard typing, gesture recognition and activity tracking,” Restuccia explains. “Given the broadcast nature of the wireless channel, a malicious eavesdropper could easily ‘listen’ to CSI [Channel State Information] reports and track the user’s activity without authorization.””

“And worse still, he argues, such tracking can be done surreptitiously because Wi-Fi signals can penetrate walls, don’t require light, and don’t offer any visible indicator of their presence.”

It’s the perfect storm of surveillance when combining WIFI SENS and Fusion AI surveillance.

The New York Times writes this about vaccine passports that violate the constitutional right to freedom of assembly:

What You Need to Know About Your Vaccine Card

“In New York, for example, proof of vaccination or a recent negative test will be required for entry into large venues or catered events when they are allowed to reopen at reduced capacity on April 2. Proof will be required at events with more than 100 people, so anyone having a wedding or Sweet 16 with more attendees will have to ask guests for evidence that they are complying with the rules.”

The New York Times:

My Life in Israel’s Brave New Post-Pandemic Future

“Green Pass holders may dine indoors in restaurants, stay in hotels and attend indoor and outdoor cultural, sports and religious gatherings in the thousands. We can go to gyms, swimming pools and the theater. We can get married in wedding halls.”

Given the track record of Big Tech corporations one has good reason to assume that WIFI SENS and Fusion AI surveillance, plus vaccine passport apps, will be (secretly) used to detect and exclude those who refuse to obey. All this is yet another reason why we are at war with Big Tech.

WIFI SENS and Fusion AI surveillance are together also a (gradual) existential threat to the core values of cultural conservatives because the sacred institution of marriage, for example, will be relatively quickly eroded in the mainstream culture when a libertine woke high-tech panopticon makes it impossible to use elections as a means to restore a conservative culture in the West.

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