Digital vaccine passports are one more reason to start a real war against Big Tech

In order to see why, let’s start with this article from Reuters:

Passport to pubs? UK’s Johnson suggests landlords could ask drinkers for vaccine certification

The Intercept:


“TECHNOLOGY FIRMS ARE leaping at the chance to use the Covid-19 pandemic to ply dubious products, from useless thermal cameras to creepy tracking collars. The latest comes courtesy of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who entered the state into a partnership with IBM to put citizens’ Covid-19 vaccine and test data on perhaps the most over-hyped technology of all: blockchain.”


What Are Vaccine Passports and How Would They Work?

The Washington Post (owned by Amazon):

‘Vaccine passports’ are on the way, but developing them won’t be easy.

Naomi Wolf, a liberal feminist and former political advisor to the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and Al Gore, has now appeared on FOX to warn against the totalitarian surveillance caused by digital vaccine passports:

Naomi Wolf: Mandatory Vaccine Passport Could Lead To The End Of Human Liberty In The West

This is the most important video:



Naomi Wolf Joins Team Reality, And Leftists Lose Their Minds

“Nowhere in the Constitution does it say, all this can be suspended if there is a bad disease,” Wolf told Tucker Carlson. “We have lived through typhus, cholera, smallpox, HIV, tuberculosis, polio, the Spanish flu. We’ve lived through an attack on our soil. Never have there been months and months and months of emergency powers when we weren’t actually fighting a war. So this is completely unprecedented. Lockdowns have never been done before in free societies. And really, we are turning into a version of totalitarian states before everyone’s eyes. And I really hope, you know, we wake up quickly, because history also shows that it’s a small window in which people can fight back before it’s too dangerous to fight back.”

No matter how fake “leftwing” commentators and “liberal” corporatist journalists try to discredit Naomi Wolf they have to realize that anybody who takes it seriously what she said on FOX will think it’s now necessary to start a war, if no army of lawyers stop this passport, which I doubt. What might happen though is that Big Tech will first appear to accept an allegedly privacy-secure version of the passport but after it has become rolled out in all countries we’ll see gradual changes that allow Big Tech to collect more data. If you don’t trust Big Tech it will therefore be reason to start an actual war against these corporations.

Personally I only support nonviolent sabotage, but my subjective intentions and motives are irrelevant. Even the police and intelligence agencies can clearly see that the logic of Naomi Wolf’s arguments will lead to war, if 1) no legal means stop these passports, and 2) militias and other militant groups have the guts to combat Big Tech.

So, please don’t attack me. I’m retired, just a messenger, a presenter of facts and logic. The most important fact is how critics of libertine woke Big Tech surveillance will perceive the arguments of Naomi Wolf and act violently based on these perceptions, no matter whether there is somehow a way to objectively prove that their perceptions are wrong. And you can’t prove that when critics of Big Tech don’t trust the libertine woke elitists that rule the West today. Without shared values there is no trust, and without trust there is basically no way to agree on what are the facts in a very complex, opaque and chaotic situation that develops quickly, in real time, on an intercontinental scale.

I’m not dogmatically against digital vaccine passports however. If a country is 1) very tiny, with a compact population, and 2) in a war situation involving religious fanatics, then it’s rational in our age of 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) technologies to have as many defensive measures as possible. But this is the exception which proves the rule, and does not apply in other constitutional democracies.

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