Is it online manipulation (divisive disinformation) to say Big Tech and conservatives are at war in the West?

This is the Internet, so don’t trust me. You don’t know me, so in principle always assume that:

1) I might have created this website as a FBI-related honey trap.

2) I might be working for Russia or China to spread disinformation to divide the US.

However, you don’t have to assume that I’m a crazy human being. You can take it for granted and view it as an axiom that I’m crazy, because life on Earth is crazy, so I’m crazy too, like everyone else. At least I’m aware that I’m crazy, and I don’t try to hide it, unlike those who seek power. In other words, view me as a jester. Being a jester, or the equivalent, is actually a traditional role in many conservative societies.

Instead of trusting me, double-check the facts I present, double-check the logic of my arguments.

Logic: if you say that a particular value is your first priority in life, but without being willing to fight and die for it, then it proves that this value is actually not your most important value. Instead you prioritize something else, like the value of being alive for example.

In 1939, moderate liberals in England said liberty and democracy were their most important values, and they proved it by going to war against Nazi Germany.

If you say freedom is your first priority then you and slave owners will always be in a state of war. Similarly, there is always a war between police officers and organized crime.

There is also a real war now between cultural conservatives and libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes, as explained in depth here:

Why we are at war

If you are a genuine moderate cultural conservative your first priority is to defend: 1) the orthodox religion of your own country, 2) traditional family values, and 3) your own ethnic culture. These values are as equally important as protecting the basic freedoms of classic liberalism in a constitutional democracy.

Libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes are an existential threat to moderate cultural conservatism because the totalitarian Fusion AI surveillance power of these regimes will secure that libertine wokeness will forever remain the ruling values in these regimes even when they are formally defined as “constitutional democracies”. Cultural conservatives don’t have a fighting chance to really change anything through elections in these “democracies”, because culturally conservative values will be overrun by much powerful forces:

1) Orthodox religions can’t compete in a secular society where the ruling elite uses top-down power (education and politicized entertainment aka propaganda) to not only teach kids that all worldviews must be tolerated in the name of diversity but also get children addicted to VR/AR or Neuralink games which turn them into entertainment junkies who never visit a place of worship.

2) Traditional marriage is per definition not a sacred institution in a mainstream culture if authorities allow libertinism and LGBT to enter the mainstream public sphere by using top-down power (entertainment and education) to teach kids that these lifestyles are equally valid in the mainstream culture as traditional marriage. Though moderate cultural conservatives tolerate that such lifestyles exist freely in subcultures.

3) Big Tech leaders are globalists who want to weaken peoples’ loyalty to the roots and cultures of ethnic nation states in order to get them addicted to everything that Big Tech offers in a borderless world governed by high-functioning psychopathic oligarchs.

Consequently, if you say that moderate cultural conservatism is your first priority it follows logically that you are in a state of war with libertine woke Big Tech surveillance regimes. That’s just a fact, simple logic.

However, if you are being honest with yourself and admit that you are actually not a genuine moderate cultural conservative, because your actions and behavior in real life shows that you prioritize other values and interests, then it follows logically that you are not in a state of war with Big Tech.

I’m therefore not engaged in “warmongering” and not inciting violence on this website. Nor is it a “divide and conquer” tactic in order to split and weaken the West. Just saying: be authentic. Walk the talk. Whatever you believe in, whatever is your real priority in life.

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