Libertarianism and free speech fundamentalism on a global scale can trigger WMD terrorism and mass surveillance to stop such attacks

Big Tech got their culture and surveillance tentacles (fiber-optic cables) around every small community once a municipality accepts that these cables are necessary to live a good life, which is wrong because we had a good life between 1950 and 2000, before the Internet became addictively popular. The Internet itself is inherently changing a culture. No tech infrastructure on a mainstream scale is without deep cultural significance. It’s never culturally neutral. Just by speeding up communication and/or travel it can totally change or destroy a culture.

The double-edged sword of our tech infrastructures the last hundred years is speed and scale. Faster travel facilitated troop movements, mass immigration (aka cheap labor), and outsourcing of industries to developing countries. These processes have created a global elite of billionaires while more or less destroying Western ethnic cultures, though not necessarily weakening democratic institutions, so far, in some states (depending on how you look at it).

Scale is another factor that determines whether tech is disruptive or not. For example, if libertinism and LGBT-influenced entertainment had been restricted to the West Coast of America, then that’s a relatively small scale that fits the cultural values in that region of the world. But when libertine woke culture is spread as entertainment propaganda to all continents, it will also reach conservative or traditionalist areas, which constitute the majority of all places on Earth, outside the West, and in these regions are some extremely dangerous individuals who react very poorly when getting exposed to ultra-liberal propaganda. Criminals however embrace a borderless world of travel and instant communication. It makes it easier for them to hide in the global crowd, engage in horrific crimes, accumulate wealth and use the money-laundered profit to go “legit” within lawful corporations that influence politicians through lobbying and election campaign donations. With all this crime and terrorism going on in a neoliberal borderless “global village” it’s of course necessary to create order out of this chaos by introducing mass surveillance.

The Guardian:

Facebook’s long-awaited content ‘supreme court’ has arrived. It’s a clever sham

The idea that a small committee of “experts” shall evaluate values and regulate the expression of 2.6 billion users, in 2021, is epistemological hubris, a form of megalomania and cultural imperialism.

Western democracies were stable when citizens and corporations between 1776 and 1986 generally accepted that freedom of speech is not a right to intercontinental freedom of reach. This modesty has disappeared today. Elon Musk feels unfree, he feels that his individual liberty is restricted if he cannot launch 12 000 satellites that will cover the planet.

You are not “out of time”, not anachronistic, if not accepting the power and reach of Big Tech, which has only lasted 20 years, a blink in human history. Wise people are not impressed by this fake enlightenment. They view it as a corrupt and primitive tower of Babel. Some want to destroy it. The morally insane ones will try to destroy it by any means. If you want to destroy something really big, you need a very massive weapon, but portable enough to be easily concealed when traveling here and there. 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) tech makes that possible, which can put us all in danger, in a worst case scenario.

Polarization, the quick erosion of conservative cultures and “random” Black Swan destruction in general are inherent in global travel and communication infrastructure. Surveillance is built-in too. It’s a package deal. You buy it, you get it all.

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