Biden’s infrastructure plan, is it actually good for Big Tech?

Have earlier posted this:

First jobs with Biden’s infrastructure plan, then gradual AI robot takeover between 2024 and 2032

But now we see this:

Steve Forbes rips Biden’s $3 trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Bill

Following Thomas Bayes I update my temporary conclusions as I learn new facts, so the interview with Forbes may lead to a change of view in regards to what the Biden administration is doing.

For example, one may ask: are “progressive” or woke politicians just incompetent and blinded by ideology? That’s the most likely answer. Though perhaps they are lucky and manage to create millions of new jobs. However, if they destroy the American economy, how will that impact globalist Big Tech? Is is bad for the latter if the government of the US is more or less crippled? Perhaps. Maybe not.

If the opportunity is there one day in the future, the endgame for globalist corporations is that billionaires like Bezos, Musk and Gates become officially the new emperors of the West (or maybe the whole planet in a more distant AI future). This presupposes that the US government is a lame duck when or if such a Great Reset occurs.

On the other hand, if the Biden administration succeeds, the average American will be happy and too busy to notice or care about Big Tech simultaneously building a nationwide and global AI infrastructure of surveillance the next 10 – 15 years.

So, it appears like Big Tech may avoid losing the “Great Game” of power politics regardless of whether the Biden administration succeeds or not.

Because the global AI tech arms race will continue more or less undisturbed by whatever corrupt political party is in charge of a national government, unless someone sabotages this development toward a Brave New World.

The above shows that politics is very opaque today, but it’s clearly not a democracy when nobody knows what is going on. The whole system is just too big, too complex, too chaotic. Time to scale down. But don’t trust any woke libertine presenting plans for “local government” connected to a national, continental or global network of “new urbanism”. That’s astroturf (fake) decentralization.

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