The fake fear of ultra-liberal corporatists, and the uncommitted faith/convictions of many cultural conservatives in the new domestic war

This article here is a followup and clarification of this one:

If the globalist elites governing the West today had actually been afraid of Covid-19 they would have reached out to cultural conservatives in order to restore trust by removing libertinism and LGBT content from all the platforms of large corporations while letting these minority interests exist freely in subcultures, like they have (always) done under the rule of law created by moderate liberals and moderate conservatives in constitutional democracies.

But globalists don’t reach out to cultural conservatives in an attempt to rebuild the traditional alliance between moderate liberals and moderate conservatives, even when knowing that this will contribute to depolarizing the culture war and re-create the trust needed for basically everyone taking vaccines and using tracing apps produced by Big Tech.

By the way, libertinism is widespread in the West because it’s available in all homes, via Big Tech Internet, but traditional marriage (and the secular copy of it) is still the mainstream norm, and Christianity is the main religion of conservatives in the US. Pew:

Conservatives | Religious composition of conservatives

It’s very tempting to interpret globalists’ refusal to compromise as they believing the spread of libertinism and LGBT in the mainstream culture is more important than stopping Covid-19. Because if they really feared Covid-19, they would have been willing to depolarize the culture war, immediately. Instead we are having a culture war in the middle of a pandemic, which proves that globalists are not really scared of the coronavirus. Even epidemiologists supported BLM protests in 2020. The Atlantic:

Public-Health Experts Are Not Hypocrites

“Health is about more than simply remaining free of coronavirus infection.”

However, I can assure you that corporate media would never have written a sentence like this:

“Health is about more than simply remaining free of smallpox infection.”

When globalist libertine woke corporatists don’t prioritize the containment of Covid-19 why should cultural conservatives sacrifice their own core values in order to prioritize it?

But the values of today’s cultural conservatives appear not to be something they are willing to die for. They are not like the Cold War generations from Eisenhower to Reagan. In the culture war they are basically willing to let Big Tech roll over them. The “culture war” is just a metaphor to them. Globalists are going to win this war if cultural conservatives don’t step up and really defend their own core values.

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