Weapon tech supremacy, not white supremacy, is the problem

If the armies of Genghis Khan had Gatling guns and modern technology, then Europe would have been equally destroyed, fractured, poor and messed up today as African countries after they got occupied by psychopathic corporatists and bankers with Gatling guns.

If your going to link supremacy to skin color and culture at least get your history straight and talk about Mediterranean Supremacy, because that’s where the science (Democritus, Aristotle & Sextus Empiricus), banking, crusading religion, monumentalism and imperialism originated, ca (over) two millennia ago, before gradually infecting/occupying Northern Europe and all other continents.

If any ethnic group happens to (accidentally) develop superior weapons, the high-functioning psychopaths and black hat Machiavellians in that group will attack other ethnic groups, and justify the attack by opportunistically appealing to any religion or ideology that governs their own society back home, in order to more easily recruit cannon fodder and secure other kinds of domestic support.

Mediterranean imperialist powers like Spain and Portugal occupied other continents in the name of Christianity. When Mediterranean values and institutions (and architecture) spread North, and nationalism developed there in approximately 1810, corporatist psychopaths shifted more to ethno-imperialism, often disguised as nationalism, a disguise which still fools many uneducated people today who don’t know that nationalism is inherently anti-imperialistic:


I’m an idiosyncratic outcast, supporting hyper-individuality (not to be confused with the ism of individualism), so independently of all groups and tribes I’ve decided to be a moderate white-skin nationalist simply because I like it. If or when I like another ideology I’ll follow my own convictions and change to this ideology, again independently of what any group or tribe will think about my anomalous choice. I seldom change convictions however, at least not on a deep level, because I spend years on studying something carefully before committing to it.

After three decades of studies, since I read Heidegger as a teenager, I’m still critical of tech power, especially surveillance tech. Being a nationalist I will therefore cooperate with nationalists or cultural conservatives from all other countries on all continents who are equally determined to fight Big Tech.

Being pragmatic in international politics – with an attitude similar to Churchill who was willing to cooperate with Stalin to defeat Hitler (despite Joseph killing more people than Adolf did) – I’m willing to temporarily cooperate with any enemy of my own values as long as these enemies attack (libertine woke) Big Tech surveillance regimes.

So if you dislike me, or even hate me, I basically don’t mind as long as you fight the Big Tech tyrants who have occupied Western constitutional democracies.

For example, if you mistakenly insists on calling me a “white supremacist” I will deny it once but ignore such slander afterward and let you think, write and say whatever you want, especially if you focus on combatting the surveillance infrastructure of Big Tech. If you do that, you can be Antifa or heavy into critical race theory, without me focusing on it during the war between humans and AI surveillance machines.

Let’s first stop Big Tech Supremacy.

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